Transcendental BTB Feng Shui Cures

Have you looked into any esoteric feng shui cures for your home or office?

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There are many schools in feng shui - from compass school to landscape to flying stars and Western schools. However, it is also accurate to say that there are two main schools of thought - the Classical, or traditional feng shui schools  and the Western schools / BTB feng shui school.

The BTB school is less explored, as well as sometimes ridiculed by the seasoned feng shui practitioners, especially the traditional feng shui consultants. As compared to classical schools, the BTB (and the Western feng shui schools based on it) are a bit more esoteric, in a way, and more inclined to deal with the spiritual aspect of feng shui. 

The Western/BTB school is not so much based on calculations but rather on more subtle energy aspects, the invisible feng shui, so to speak. It is also true that over the years the BTB/Western school has expressed a lot of a wishful thinking/new age stereotypes that are quite superficial and even naive.

Overall, many feng shui applications can be considered naive if you do not look at deeper levels. You have to understand that a body of knowledge with over 5,000 year history can be easily misinterpreted, so patience and intelligence are both needed if you want to apply feng shui successfully.

So, how can a feng shui beginner choose the right  feng shui school to practice? While you can certainly apply a variety of feng shui cures from many schools, you have to base your work on one school because the bagua - or the feng shui energy map -  is applied very differently in Classical and Western/BTB.

These resources will help you:

Now, if you decide to work with the classical feng shui bagua school, we have numerous feng shui tips and cures, as well as info & resources on all possible aspects - from annual flying stars to the popular peach blossom cure (and so much more!).

How about exploring some of the more esoteric, BTB  (Black Sect Tantric Buddhism) school cures? Called transcendental cures, or adjustments, they contain a lot of power if you can connect to their true essence, or meaning.

According to Professor Lin Yun, the founder of BTB feng shui school, the effectiveness of a mundane solution is about 10 to 20%, while the transcendental solution has an almost 120% power.

Sounds intriguing, doesn't it? Let's explore some of the most popular transcendental BTB feng shui cures and adjustments* so you can decide for yourself.

While exploring the transcendental cures, keep in mind that in BTB this info is guarded by honouring the tradition of red envelopes. Since you and I are communicating on-line and you cannot really give me 9 red envelopes, the next best thing is for you to read about it and acknowledge the BTB tradition of 9 red envelopes. 

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Here are the most popular BTB feng shui school transcendental cures and adjustments:

Six Stage Uplifting Chi Method

Exterior Chi Adjustment

Tracing the 9 Stars

Yu Nei Interior Blessing

Receiving Auspicious Chi

The Red Carpet Cure