How to Transform Your Bare Attic for a Higher ROI

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    Your Attic Could Yield a Higher Return on Investment

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    Homeowners usually think of attic space as an area to store holiday decorations and other storage items- that is, if they think about the unused space at all. Yet the square footage of your attic can be converted into an additional bedroom, living room, home office or bathroom. If you are fortunate enough to have a loft space that is yet untouched, we recommend it’s time to make better use of it. Not only will it provide much needed extra space while you are living in there, but you can also be sure to get higher ROI while selling. Follow our guide to transform your bare attic from cluttered storage ground into an attractive, practical extra room that will surely appeal to buyers.   

    Have a Professional Inspect the Structure

    While there are plenty of other minor things about design and decor that you can compromise on, the strength of your loft space is simply non-negotiable. As finished attic will weigh much more than boxes of non-seasonal items, your attic floor really needs to be stronger than usual. So, before jumping into the renovation, make sure to get an expert opinion on the foundation and structural strength of your attic to ensure it can carry that extra load. At a minimum, you will need to reinforce the joists and install the subfloor before moving any further. 

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    Is Your Attic Easily Accessible?

    Bedroom Attic Ideas
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    Ensure Your Attic Is Easily Accessible

    Once your attic space has been approved for renovation, the next step is to assess the access. Pull-down stairs won’t work for the loft area, so you must build a permanent staircase. This brings you to the question of what remains below or from where the stairs will begin. How much living space will be compromised when adding the staircase and will it interrupt any room’s flow. For instance, if your attic pull-down is in the corridor, you might have a great option to build the permanent access, whereas if it begins in the bedroom, it might mean quite a lot of work to make the attic space livable.

    Invest in Quality Insulation

    One of the most important parts of transforming a bare attic is ensuring that you properly insulate with quality insulation while conducting your attic renovation. As your attic space is located directly under the roof, you will find it feels much warmer or cooler than the rest of the house depending on the weather outside. If you are unsure about the best type of insulation for your area, seek advice from a local home improvement professional.  There are several types of insulation from batt insulation to rigid insulation - ask a contractor what will work best for your attic.

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    Bring in Natural Light to Your Attic Space

    Bathroom Attic
    Converting your attic into a bathroom is a good idea. Getty Images

    Bring in Natural Light

    One of the greatest advantages of turning an attic into a living space is the availability of ample natural light into your home. And trust us, buyers love it! As many homes don’t have skylights, dormer windows located in the walls of the attic are a great option. Alternatively, solar tubes can be installed to bring in natural light into the attic space. Additionally, let the artificial lighting fixtures such as recessed lights and sconces enhance and complement the natural illumination.

    Choose a Simple Color Scheme

    When designing a small space, as a rule of thumb it’s best to stick to a color scheme that is as simple as possible. And this is an absolute must in case of an attic. Consider covering the sloped ceilings of your loft space with a neutral shade such as white or cream. This will lend the space an uncomplicated yet stylish look reducing visual fragmentation of the area and will allow your transformed attic to appear much larger than it is. We recommend using at the maximum one of two accent colors and keeping the palette as monochromatic as possible.

    Transforming your bare attic is a great way to expand the square footage of your home without building a new addition. And trust us, for many homeowners; the cost of conversion is minimal in comparison to the benefit of the added space. Remember this initial investment means maximum chances of higher ROI.