9 Transforming Furniture Solutions For Small Space Living

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    9 Transforming Furniture Solutions For Small Space Living

    For the past several years, living in small spaces has been the growing trend in American housing markets. From micro-loft apartments to entire houses that consist of no more than a few hundred square feet, small spaces offer a streamlined, minimalist approach to life and possession along with the added benefit of a much smaller carbon footprint. And while the micro-lifestyle might seem at odds with the American tradition of big homes and wide open spaces, the fact is, we kind of love these tiny...MORE spaces. We're fascinated by them and the thought that it might be possible to fit our entire lives into such small spaces. The challenges that such a life offers haven't only sparked the imagination of the design-loving public, they've captivated the minds of furniture designers as well. The key, it seems they've found, is to find ways to create things that are also something else. And as expected, what they've come up with is pretty incredible. So if you've ever thought about making your own foray into the world of micro-sized living, or if you've got a small space at home that could use some customization, here's a look at 8 transformable pieces that will make it possible for you to live big while living small.

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    Resource Furniture Nuovoliola 10 Queen Sized Murphy Bed

    Any of us who have ever lived in a studio apartment are likely familiar with the constant struggle of deciding whether we want to allocate what little space we have to either the living room or the bedroom. To say nothing of the time it takes to get used to the fact that visitors are constantly trying not to sit on our beds. Enter Resource Furniture, which is pretty much the go-to for anything you might need when it comes to transforming furniture pieces for every room in the home. To help clear...MORE up this age old conundrum, Resource offers the Nuovoliola 10 Murphy Bed. Hidden away in a cute little 3-seat sofa, this queen-sized bed not only disappears seamlessly into the decor, it also transforms with a minimum of hassle. The shelf that sits above the sofa even transitions smoothly into becoming the foot of the bed, offering additional nighttime storage without any extra attachments or transformations. Now the space where the bed used to go is the perfect place for some additional seating, and you can have a complete living room as well as a full bedroom without an inch of extra space. 

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    Studio Dror Pick-Chair

    If you've got more wall space than floor space, yet you still find yourself in need of extra seating whenever company comes, Studio Dror has just the thing for you. Just one of a number of transforming miracle works by the ingenious designer, Dror Benshetrit, the Pick Chair takes just a second - and only one hand - to morph from captivating wall art to comfortable seating and back. And if you feel like you need just as many transformable pieces for when you're leaving your apartment as...MORE you do when you're in it - don't worry, Dror's got you covered. The rolling Tumi suitcase expands by stages, ending up twice as large as its original size. And in just a few snaps, you're back where you started - with a modestly-sized carry-on that's easy to store without taking up too much extra space in your micro-loft or tiny home.

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    Expand Furniture DIY Loft

    The great thing about an industrial loft space, even a small one, is, well, the space. The floor plan is completely open, you can arrange your rooms however you'd like, and with their nice high ceilings, you're sure to have an amazing amount of space overhead. The issue with that last part, of course, is that you can't really use any of it. But that's about to change. The Vancouver, Canada-based brand, Expand Furniture, specializes in transformable small space solutions of every...MORE sort. But perhaps their most intriguing offering is the do-it-yourself loft space that not only promises open plan denizens everywhere more space in which to live, it offers them more floors on which to enjoy it. Now it may not turn your loft into a duplex, but one or two of these in a loft could add a home office, a bedroom, or even just extra storage space, all while helping to give definition and separation to the rooms beneath. Pair one of these with the right size of murphy bed on the ground floor and you could have a multi-bedroom home in no time - and with room to spare. 

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    Hiddenbed Majestic Desk-Bed

    Even though transformable furniture pieces are perfectly suited for small space living, that doesn't mean that you have to live in a small space to fully appreciate them, or that the small space you use them in has to be the only space you have. Here's a problem that might sound familiar to the full-sized homeowners among us: You have a spare room, and you have a decision to make - either turn it into a guest bedroom, or turn it into the home office that you've been needing. With the...MORE right transformable pieces, this dilemma quickly becomes no problem at all.

    Instead of pairing a bed with a sofa, The Majestic from Hiddenbed puts a queen-sized bed inside of a classic-looking, secretary-style writing desk. Once the desk folds down into a bed, the writing surface slips easily beneath, offering under-the-bed storage. Even more impressive, bringing the bed down reveals a pair of useful shelves that sit over the bed for holding any nighttime necessities. Now, whether you need a dual-use space that can serve as a spare bedroom as well as an office, or you would just like to be able to catch a few Z's in the middle of an all night work session, you can have twice the room for half the space.  

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    Goci Foldable Kitchen

    Finding or creating sufficient seating and sleeping space aren't the only concerns in a small home. Kitchen space is also at a premium, which can make preparing a full-sized meal challenging to say the least. One truly interesting solution to this issue has been posited by Goran Goci Bjelajac, a Helsinki, Finland-based designer who has both completed projects for Audi, and designed an inflatable bbq grill for Whirlpool. With the foldable kitchen, Goci offers the best of all worlds - a fully...MORE functioning kitchen that conveniently folds up into a stylish looking box that can sit quietly in the corner until you need it again. And if you're thinking that a kitchen this small can't possibly give you what you need, you may want to think again. This convertible culinary station features a refrigerator, oven, cooktop and even a dishwasher. The expanded kitchen can also be placed into several different configurations, all taking up various amounts of space, in addition to returning to its original, space-saving box form. This is a perfect piece for anyone looking to convert a basement into a separate apartment or add kitchen functionality to a small container house or other tiny home.

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    Dizzconcept PIA Pop-Up Kitchen

    9 Transforming Furniture Solutions For Small Space Living

    Another incredibly clever kitchen option, the PIA Pop-Up KItchen from Dizzconcept is designed to give every appearance that it is a modern and stylish entertainment cabinet. It can even hold an actual television on a wall mount located on the inlet at the front of the cabinet. But when its doors open to their 90 or full 120 degree span, they reveal an astonishingly well-appointed kitchen, which in its most basic configuration holds a dishwasher, waste disposal cabinet and integrated...MORE refrigerator, along with a fully integrated hood, LED lighting, electrical outlets, and an open shelf that can hold a free standing microwave oven. The doors themselves are 6 inches deep and can be used to store dishes as well as utensils, bottles and other cookware. As if that weren't enough, the 6 foot long countertop includes a sink, faucet and stove top. This just might be the portable kitchen that convinces you to retire the kitchen that your apartment came with. 

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    Nendo Nest Shelf Bookshelf

    Not every small space solution needs to perform miracles. Sometimes it's just as simple as creating a little extra storage when you need it and giving you a few feet of extra space when you don't. Unrivaled masters of elegant minimalism, Japanese designers have been meeting small space questions with innovative answers for years and years. Such is the case with this simple expanding bookshelf by Japanese design company, Nendo. Beyond its simplistic appearance, however, is a carbon fiber...MORE frame coated with larch veneer. When opened, the shelf expands from a collapsed size of just over 2 feet to a fully extended size of just over 4 feet. There are also two other size adjustments in between, making sure that whatever your storage needs are, the Nest Shelf will help you meet them with a minimum of fuss.

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    Resource Furniture Goliath Expanding Table

    You might not believe it at first, but trust us when we tell you that the small desk in the foreground of the room seen above, and the dining table seen in the rear, are in fact the same table (and if you look back at the first image of this article, you'll see the same trick again). Another amazing offering from Resource Furniture, The Goliath extends from a small writing desk to a full dining table, with plenty of stops in between. Available in both indoor and outdoor materials, as well as...MORE a sturdy, reflective glass construction, this 17.5 inch desk uses lightweight aluminum leaves to expand to just over 9 feet, with enough room to seat 10 guests comfortably. True, it might not be as mysterious as making a person disappear, but if one table can turn a small living space into a comfortable dining room for 10 - that's our definition of magic.