Trash to Treasure Makeovers

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    Chandelier Makeover Before

    Before and After Photos of Trash to Treasure Projects

    Enjoy before and after photos in this trash to treasure makeover gallery. See thrift store, yard sale, and flea market finds restyled into stylish home décor, and get some ideas for your own trash to treasure makeovers.

    The dramatic chandelier from Memphis Interior Decorator Wayne Shielly's spooky study started out as a builder's basic brass fixture, similar to this one.

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    Chandelier Makeover After

    ugly chandelier transformed with masking tape and paint
    The chandelier was supposed to be temporary, but Wayne liked it so much he's still using it. Photo &copy Wayne Shielly

    The chandelier makeover was intended as a temporary fix, just until the owner found a new one. But, he liked the result so much that it’s still hanging years later, although the stuffed raven is a recent addition.

    The transformation is amazing, but the process was quite simple. Follow the easy instructions for your own chandelier makeover.

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    Cabinet Door Makeover Before

    lower kitchen cabinet doors
    Before the makeover, the upper cabinet door panels looked just like the lower ones. Photo &copy Wayne Shielly

    Interior Decorator Wayne Shielly wanted visible storage in his Memphis kitchen, so he replaced the wood panels in his upper cabinet doors with chicken wire. When he bought the house, the upper cabinets had plain wood panels, just like the lower cabinets in the photo.

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    Cabinet Door Makeover After

    collection of dinnerware Old Britain Castles by Johnson Brothers
    Cabinet doors with chicken wire panels are perfect for displaying favorite dinnerware. Photo &copy Wayne Shielly

    Wayne displays part of his huge collection of Old Britain Castles dinnerware in one of his transformed cabinets.

    Though he replaced panels on fitted kitchen cabinets, you can follow the easy cabinet door makeover instructions to transform yard sale and flea market finds.

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    Victrola Cabinet Before

    Decorator Wayne Shielly found an old Victrola cabinet in the barn at his family’s farm and decided to transform it for use in his Memphis living room.

    His cabinet was similar in size, shape, and condition to this one. Though Wayne’s cabinet had intact double doors on the front, the top was missing.

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    Victrola Cabinet After

    old victrola cabinet after makeover
    The restyled victrola cabinet sits in the living room, and provides storage for dining room linens. Photo &copy Wayne Shielly

    Wayne sanded the cabinet, painted it a glossy black, and then highlighted construction details in gold. Because the original top was missing, he replaced it with a piece of black marble.

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