These Candle Holders Are the Perfect Travertine Accent

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travertine candle holders

The Spruce / Amy Sheehan / Sarah Lyon

Like many other design enthusiasts, I've been swooning over travertine pieces of all kinds for the past several years, when the material began to make a major resurgence. I've admired travertine coffee and dining tables in particular, but unfortunately, many such items come with a pretty hefty price tag attached. Additionally, as much as I do love travertine furnishings, they lean a bit more modern than my usual decorating style. I would say that my base pieces, like my sofa, coffee table, and bar table, are more traditional in nature, and introducing a full-sized travertine element into my apartment may throw things off course a bit.

travertine candles on marble mantel

Sarah Lyon

That said, I am all for the concept of decorating with travertine accents and enjoying this trend on a smaller scale. While browsing Amazon recently, I came across some travertine candle holders that caught my eye (and made their way into my shopping cart) immediately. First things first, let me share a quick note on the power of simple, unscented candles. Since setting up a faux fireplace mantel in my apartment, I've loved outfitting it with taper candles of all kinds. There's nothing I love more than lighting a few of them while I work on my laptop across the room or wind down with a TV show at night. Even in the summertime, I really enjoy the moodiness that candles add to my space. All that to say, I knew right away that I would definitely make use of these aesthetically pleasing and functional candle holders.

WORHE Travertine Candle Holders

travertine candle holders


When the candle holders arrived, I was impressed with their weight and overall high quality. Since my mantel is marble, I love how the travertine looks with that material; I feel like I'm living in the French girl-inspired apartment of my dreams. I've enjoyed moving the candle holders around my living room and trying them out in a couple of different spaces; they looked super chic on one of my side tables, too.

travertine candles on side table

Sarah Lyon

If the white finish isn't your thing, keep in mind that these candle holders come in a black finish as well. It could also look neat to get one set of each and break them up so that you place one tall white candle and one short black candle in one room of your home, and do the opposite in another area. This type of setup would be particularly perfect for the neutral lover who really only decorates with shades of white and black.

Whether you're looking to add a current, European style touch to your apartment or just want to switch up your candle holders in honor of cozy season, I really couldn't recommend these more. Stay tuned as I continue to try them out in new areas of my home... I'm thinking my white set would look pretty fabulous atop my black bedroom nightstand!