Treat Similar Stains the Same Way

Stains of A Feather Can Be Removed Together

Even with all of the things we can spill on our laundry, there are really only five types of stains - protein, oil-based, tannin, dye and combination. Once you learn the correct way to treat each of these groups, you'll be a stain-removal pro.

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    Combination Stains

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    Combination stains like ballpoint ink, crayon, gravy and makeup contain both an oily/waxy component and a dye/pigment component. Start by removing the oily portion first and then tackle the dye stain. Take your time and most will come out completely.
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    Sometimes stains appear that no one seems to know how or when they happened. Before you dive in, check a few clues and first, do no harm. Begin with the most gentle methods and ramp up the treatment as needed.