How to Order Tree and Shrub Catalogs

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Many nurseries are only able to stock a certain number of varieties of trees and shrubs due to the cost of retail space. Tree and shrub catalogs present a whole new world of choices and a much wider selection. It's also convenient if you have limited time and need to shop from home.

The following collection of reputable tree and shrub businesses feature catalogs available upon request. Some companies have chosen to only have digital catalogs, which will be indicated next to their name.

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    Adams Country Nursery

    Adams County Nursery Online offers trees and supplies that are useful for both the home gardener and commercial orchardist. They have a wide selection of fruit tree varieties, including some that are not as easy to find.

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    Angelgrove Tree Seed Company (Digital)

    This website offers over 250 different varieties of tree seeds. They also give you at least one free packet of tree seeds with each order. For example, past choices have included Goldenchain tree, Julian hackberry, Washington hawthorn, Eastern redbud, black ash, beautybush, Oyama magnolia, Zumi flowering crab, Pekin lilac, and a Japanese wisteria cross.

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    Daley's Fruit Tree Nursery (Australia)

    Be jealous of friends Down Under, as Daley's will only send their catalog to Australia. This catalog features a lot of the fruits featured in this Tropical Fruit Gallery.

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    Fedco offers several different types of catalogs. In addition to their tree catalog, they offer one for general seeds, one for bulbs, and one called Moose Tubers and Organic Growers Supply

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    F.W. Schumacher Tree & Shrub Seeds

    This catalog is meant more for commercial nurseries; seed packets come in large quantities. Luckily, home gardeners can still order an inexpensive small trial packet. They have an impressive selection of tree and shrub seeds.

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    Gurneys sells an assortment of fruit trees, nut trees, shade trees, and shrubs.

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    Henry Field's Seed & Nursery

    Henry Field's Seed & Nursery sells trees, shrubs, perennials, bulbs, and seeds.

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    High Country Gardens

    High Country Gardens specializes in plants that are native to their zones and require very little watering. If you are looking to create a low-maintenance perennial garden, this is the perfect place to start.

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    Jackson & Perkins

    This company is best known for its exclusive and extensive rose collection. They sell just about any color or variety you can imagine. You will also find a wide variety of trees, shrubs, bulbs, and perennials.

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    Logee's specializes in tropical container plants for both the garden and the home. They offer both heirloom varieties as well as new introductions.

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    Nature Hills Nursery

    Nature Hills Nursery has an impressive offering of high-quality live plants and related products. Their site is also incredibly resourceful if you want to learn more about plant care. Also, they have been recognized for their excellent customer service, which is always reassuring when purchasing plants without seeing them first.

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    Park Seed

    If you prefer paper catalogs as apposed to digital, you'll love the gorgeous full-color prints from Park Seed. If you're a bulb lover, be sure to check out the Dutch bulb selection.

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    Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply

    This company's catalog is so extensive, it is nicknamed "The Bible" by its loyal customers. It's quite thick and features over 4,000 products and offers tips and guidance for organic gardening.

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    Plant Delights Nursery

    If you want to purchase rare and unique shrubs, trees, and other perennials, Plant Delights Nursery is one of the best options. They also strive to keep their prices competitive while maintaining a high-quality product.

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    Raintree Nursery

    Raintree specializes in fruit trees, berry bushes, and other unusual and edible ornamentals. Fruit trees beautify your yard and produce delicious food—a double win for any landscape.

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    Sandy Bar Ranch & Nursery

    This California company offers an extensive list of fruit and nut trees, amongst other plants and bulbs. A smaller nursery by choice, Sandy Bar Ranch has very high-quality standards for their plants, shrubs, and trees.

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    Stark Bros Nursery

    Founded in 1816, Stark Bro’s is the world's oldest continually-operating nurseries. They offer small trees, shrubs, berry, and other garden plants.

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    Trees of Antiquity

    A small family farm that specializes in heirloom fruit trees. One of their top sellers, Spitzenburg apple trees, produce a tart and sweet fruit—perfect for eating directly after picking.

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    Van Well Nursery

    If you want to start your orchard and purchase fruit trees in bulk, Van Well Nursery can fulfill an order of almost any quantity. With an inventory of over one million new plantings each year, there's no shortage of products.

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    Wayside Gardens

    Wayside Complete Catalog for Spring Planting is an excellent resource for perennials, shrubs and trees, ornamental grasses, and vines. If you want to purchase a wide variety of plants and shrubs, this company has all the bases covered.

Stock up on one or more of these catalogs and enjoy paging through their beautiful photographs and articles. Sometimes deciding what to plant is almost as fun as the actual gardening! Whether you're looking for a specific tree or you're still not sure what you'll be planting this year, take your time and enjoy the shopping process right from your home.