18 Stunning Treehouse Ideas

Walkway to remote tree house

Adam Crowley / Blend Images / Getty Images

If you had a treehouse as a kid, you probably have fond feelings of hiding away in the trees, reading a book, or planning an adventure in your own secret world. But just because you're no longer a child, doesn't mean you can't enjoy the feeling of being up in the trees. From elaborate getaway cabins to quaint treetop cottages like this one from canopycrew, treehouses for adults are popping up everywhere.

If you're looking for jaw-dropping inspiration to build your own adult-sized treehouse, we've rounded up 18 of our favorites that we'd love to build in our own backyards.

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    A Stunning View

    Small house in the trees

    Nelson Treehouse

    An inside peek at this treehouse from Nelson Treehouse is the only proof we need that it's time to build a treehouse ASAP. Sure, oceanfront views are nice, but nothing compares to looking out from bed and seeing endless foliage without ever setting foot outside. We love the use of cool-toned neutral colors that still manage to make the space feel cozy. The nature-inspired textures within the space are also a perfect added touch.

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    An Abundance of Windows

    Tree house with lots of windows and a balcony

    sidebproductions / Instagram

    This stunning cottage from sidebproductions is set amongst the trees, but the elaborate windows in this treehouse are what truly allow it to become one with nature. It allows you to feel like you're right outside, even when you're cozied up inside. This also doubles as the perfect rental property.

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    A Cabin in the Woods

    Cottage in a tree with string lights on the balcony

    stonecityvermont / Instagram

    This adorable treehouse from stonecityvermont is the perfect home away from home. It's just large enough to hold a few overnight guests but quaint enough to feel wonderfully cozy. The little details like the cafe lights around the deck and the tree that comes up through the balcony make this treehouse the perfect tiny house.

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    A Backyard Paradise

    Tree house in the backyard

    Marc Cozza, CO Projects

    We love to inspire backyard DIYs, and this adorable little den in the sky from Marc Cozza, CO Projects is a great way to add extra usable space to a backyard and create the perfect hideaway for kids and adults. Sure, you'll probably have to share it with your children, but imagine sneaking away to this treehouse for some peace and quiet with your favorite book and a glass of lemonade. 

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    Two Treehouses

    Two treehouses with bridge between them

    Nelson Treehouse

    What's better than a treehouse? Two treehouses! These connected treehouses from Nelson Treehouse are the perfect escape for you and your BFF. Have two teenagers who need a den but can't agree on anything? Here's your perfect backyard solution. You can decorate the interior any way you like or cater to each teen or child's preferences. It's a win-win for everyone.

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    A Stunning Two-Level Treehouse

    Two level tree house for adults

    chrisvonholle / Instagram

    This picturesque dual-story treehouse from chrisvonholle is like something out of a picture book. Though it may be a little too elaborate for your standard backyard hideout, it's a stunning inspiration for your next getaway. Why stay in a hotel when you can spend the night with the birds, high above the trees?

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    A Glass House

    Glass house in the forest with hammocks

    joshuaedric / Instagram

    Another vacation inspo treehouse, this cottage from joshuaedric has everything you need to get a little R&R. From the swinging hammock chairs outside to the wide-open glass wall, this is the perfect spot to get away from the hustle and bustle and reconnect with nature. If you don't have the budget to build such an elaborate treehouse, a comfortable seating area can help create the perfect outdoor room. And, it still allows you to bring your interior tastes out into the forest.

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    The Perfect Home Office

    Inside a treehouse with a laptop computer

    tokky28 / Instagram

    Considering adding a home office to your house? Consider a workspace set in the trees, like this one from tokky28. As long as your work doesn't require a lot of equipment, an adult-friendly treehouse is the perfect spot to escape and write your next novel or whip out business emails without any interruptions (except for maybe the birds). Keep it simple or deck it out in decor that mimics and complements the nature surrounding you.

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    A Maze Through the Trees

    Large tree house with winding walkways

    treetopbuilders / Instagram

    The most exciting thing about this treehouse from treetopbuilders isn't even the house—it's the winding pathways that allow you to weave through the forest on your way to the treehouse. The large windows are also a nice touch for letting sunlight pour in after a refreshing night in the trees.

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    Unique and Fun

    Small house in a large forest

    jaleesaelf / Instagram

    This teardrop-shaped treehouse pictured by jaleesaelf is unlike any we've seen before, which makes it even more interesting. When coming up with a plan for your own backyard getaway, don't be afraid to think outside the box and repurpose everything from pallets to shipping containers and sheds. The shape of this space makes the interior feel extra cozy

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    Something for Everyone

    Wooden treehouse with a slide

    townsquarerlstt / Instagram

    This adorable perched cottage from townsquarerlstt is perfect for the whole family. The modern wood siding is attractive and will definitely add to your curb appeal. Plus, why use stairs to exit your treehouse house when you can slide right out instead? Adding a slide to nearly any treehouse is a great way to make it even more kid-friendly.

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    Colorful and Fun

    Large colorful treehouse for adults

    maryjomattea / Instagram

    The best thing about a backyard treehouse is that it's supposed to be fun, so you have the freedom to be creative and make it your own. This quirky backyard spot pictured by maryjomattea has everything you need to embrace the indoor-outdoor life. Deck it out with a boho interior for the ultimate calming getaway.

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    Add a Pop of Color

    Treehouse with pink balcony in backyard

    livesouthernnc / Instagram

    Even if you decide to stick to a more neutral treehouse, that doesn't mean you can't add a little splash of color. We love this simple-but-adorable treehouse from livesouthernnc, with a pale pink banister that gives it the perfect whimsical feel. You can also paint an accent wall or interior frames of the tree house for added chromatic effect. Plus, there are endless pink paint colors out there so you can find the one that makes you feel like a kid again (in a good way).

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    A Cozy Bed

    Cozy bed in a treehouse

    squirrelsnest_ / Instagram

    Imagine waking up and enjoying a cup of coffee or a great book in this cozy treehouse nook pictured by squirrelsnest_. Even if you're only building a treehouse in your backyard, adding a bed is a great way to give your kids a unique place to host sleepovers or a guest room your family will never want to leave. Adding some sort of divider, like the curtain in this treehouse, also gives you plenty of privacy if needed.

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    Simple But Sophisticated

    Treehouse with balcony and staircase

    treehousepete / Instagram

    This treehouse from treehousepete proves that sometimes simple is best. It has everything you need to create the perfect treetop getaway while being incredibly modern and mature. Iron accents and touches of white in the interior make this space a serene escape, perfect for those who are inspired by minimalism and Scandinavian style.

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    A Spot for Best Friends

    Cabin with two dogs in bed

    mycaninelife / Instagram

    Whether your best friends are covered in fur, like in this picture from mycaninelife, or not, a treehouse is the perfect spot to bond and connect away from distractions like TV and the internet. The light-soaked, wooden A-frame interior is complemented beautifully by the blue and white bedding choice.

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    A Treehouse That Blends In

    Rustic treehouse with wooden ladder outside

    sophiegardner / Instagram

    If you really want your treehouse to be one with nature, make it fit in! This rustic treehouse taken by sophiegardner gives us major fairy tale feels. The log cabin look is a great way to design a space that doesn't feel out of place against the trees and leaves. Have the interior reflect what you see outdoors by incorporating deep shades of green, natural wood, and wicker textures.