Growing trees is a longer term project but anyone can do it. Consider height and foliage when selecting varieties for you yard, and get tips for maintaining healthy trees.
White oak tree at sunset at the edge of the woods.
How to Grow and Care for White Oak Trees (Quercus alba)
Closeup of the leaves and berries of the camphor tree
How to Grow and Care for Camphor Tree
Japanese cedar tree with peeling bark and thick needle-like foliage
How to Grow and Care for Japanese Cedar
Bald cypress tree with jade needle-like leaves in forest
How to Grow and Care for Bald Cypress Trees
Close up of Blackthorn Blossoms
How to Grow and Care for Blackthorn
Summer Foliage of the Japanese Pagoda Tree
How to Grow and Care for the Japanese Pagoda Tree
Empress tree with light purple flowers hanging from bare branches
How to Grow and Care for Empress Trees
Atlas cedar tree with long drooping branches with whorls of powdery blue needles
12 Cedar Trees That'll Add Visual Value to the Landscape
Shingle Oak
How to Grow and Care for Shingle Oak Trees
Back-lit maple seed / samara fruit / helicopter seed
11 Types of Trees with Helicopter Seeds (Samara Fruit)
Lipstick palm with red crownshaft and palm leaves in sunlight
How to Grow Lipstick Palms
Tree of heaven (Ailanthus altissima)
How to Identify and Remove Invasive Tree of Heaven
dwarf cypress tree
18 Best Medium-Sized Trees for Your Yard
cream-colored starburst-shaped flowers with smooth ovate green leaves
How to Grow Lightwood Trees
Eastern Redbud tree with blooming pink flowers surrounded by other trees
The Common Reasons Why Your Ornamental Trees Aren't Flowering
Apricot tree with tan apricot fruit on branches with bright green leaves
How to Grow and Care for an Apricot Tree
Kousa eurostar dogwood tree branches with white flowers
How to Grow and Care for Kousa Dogwood
Chinese chestnut fruit growing on a tree.
How to Grow the Chinese Chestnut Tree
African milk tree succulent plant with new growth and buds
African Milk Tree Plant Profile
Almond tree trunk with light green leaves and stone fruit hanging from branches
Growing Almonds Are Easy With the Right Climate and Knowledge
Weeping cherry trees with light pink flowers.
These Weeping Trees Will Have You Jumping for Joy
Flowering dogwood tree with red flowers.
Top Landscape Trees for Year-Round Color
Maple tree with orange foliage
Best of the Best: Maples for Great Fall Color
Cinnamon trees
How to Grow Cinnamon
Pine bonsai tree on pedestal with rock on top next to other bonsai and trees
9 Popular Types of Bonsai Trees
Japanese lilac
Learn All About the Gorgeous Japanese Lilac Tree
Close up of a satsuma on a tree
How to Grow Satsuma Trees
Katsura tree as a multi-stem variation with green leaves
Katsura Is an Uncommon Tree That Is Sure to Impress
Boxelder tree branches with bright green irregularly toothed leaves
Boxelder Tree Plant Profile
Weeping willow
15 Best Fast-Growing Trees
peach tree
How to Grow Peach Trees
Trees and flowers in front of a house
8 Places to Get Free Arbor Day Trees
top of a lemon tree
16 Citrus Fruit Trees to Know About
Pink flowered bushes planted under cone shaped green and pink evergreen trees
What to Know About Planting Under Trees
ficus tree on a patio
13 Best Small Trees for Patios
Pinus Taeda
40 Species of Pine Trees and Shrubs
American beech tree with sprawling branches and green leaves below sunlight
Five Common Beech Trees for Your Landscape
weeping tree in a park
Add Grace to Your Yard With These 19 Weeping Trees
closeup of a maple tree
Try One of These 13 Excellent Maple Trees in Your Landscape
illustration of tree varieties that grow in full shade
Struggling to Find Trees for Full Shade? Try One of These 11
illustration of species of fir trees
12 Fir Trees to Consider for Your Landscape
dogwood tree with fall foliage
12 Beautiful Dogwood Trees and Shrubs
Green ash tree with gray-brown bark and medium-green leaves
13 Types of Ash Trees—and the Impact of Emerald Ash Borer
English elm tree with thick tree trunk and branches with green leaves
Discover 10 Different Elm Tree Species To Grow
weeping willow
Learn How to Grow and Care for a Weeping Willow Tree
Tricolor beech tree with copper colored leaves in middle of red and yellow tulip garden
The Tricolor Beech: Pink, White, and Green Leaves
Purple leaf plum trees in landscape with pink flowers
How to Grow the Purple Leaf Plum
black gum tree (nyssa sylvatica) in autumn color
How to Grow Black Gum Trees
Dawn redwood tree with feathery bright green needles on branches
The Dawn Redwood Makes a Big, Beautiful Landscape Statement
Dwarf Alberta trees shaped as cones in middle of garden
Learn How to Grow and Care for a Dwarf Alberta Spruce
Leyland cypress trees in middle of field and in front of bare tree
Leyland Cypress: A Great Option When You Need Privacy Fast
Canadian hemlock
How to Grow and Care for Canadian Hemlock Trees
Sunburst honey locust tree branches with bright green fern-like leaves and yellow-green panicles hanging
'Sunburst' Honey Locust Is a Great Thornless, Seedless Lawn Tree
Palm tree growing from seed in a pot
The Correct Way to Sprout Palm Trees From Seed, Step by Step
dracaena marginata on a side table
Dracaena Plant (Dragon Tree): a Perfect Houseplant for Beginners
Norfolk Island Pine
How to Grow Norfolk Island Pine Trees
Meyer lemon tree
How to Grow Meyer Lemon Trees
cherry blossom branch
Add Fragrance to Your Yard With These Aromatic Trees
Weeping cherry prunus tree with pink flowers in branches
Front-Line Trees for Your Front Yard
dwarf tree cultivar
15 Popular Dwarf Trees for Use in Landscaping