Trend Alert: Bathroom Tile Mosaics

Floor tile mosaic bathroom
Kristian Septimus Krogh / E+ / Getty Images

Mosaics are one of the most ancient forms of decorative arts. When explorers discovered Pompeii under its ash and lava, they also found well-preserved Roman mosaics that forever changed our understanding of ancient architecture and decor.

Although I'm not sure we can consider bathroom tile mosaics revolutionary, they are still certainly very pretty, and actually trendy these days. Whether it's a traditional Moroccan design on the floor, or a pattern of flowers and plants on the walls, there are lots of beautiful and original things you can do with tile mosaics.

Setting the tone: Floor tile mosaics

A floor mosaic is a beautiful way to set the tone for your bathroom decor. They are unusual--people tend to use tile on the walls more than the floor--and definitely eye-catching.

Today's trendy floor tile mosaics come from a wide range of styles and influences: ethnic mosaic from Africa and the Middle East, modern geometric mosaics, and even the very popular "subway style" tile that reminds you, well, of the subway.

Some bathrooms feature a few mosaic squares at the entrance of the room, while others just go full-on with a complex, room-wide floor mosaic that is sure to impress any visitor.

More and more companies are now coming out with pre-made mosaic kits so you don't have to buy many different types of tile and put them together yourself. These are practical for those who want the beauty of a mosaic tile without the hassle of making the design yourself.

If you have an artist's soul, however, this is a great opportunity to show your creativity and get involved hands-on in your decor. 

All around you: Wall tile mosaic

If you really want to let your inner artist shine, however, wall tile mosaic is probably your best choice. Everything from geometrical and ethnic patterns to representations of animals, plants and things can happen on your bathroom's walls.

Wall tile mosaics can continue patterns started on your floor--this is a really popular trend right now. This gives your bathroom a nice sense of harmony and continuity. But if you'd rather just work on the walls and leave your floor alone, there are plenty of amazing possibilities too.

For a playful children's bathroom, design an underwater mosaic with plenty of bright blue, green and yellow. Invite your children to design fish and algae with tile, and then install it for them. 

Adult bathrooms can also benefit from beautiful mosaic murals. Whether you want to do something majestic and complex, or something beautifully simple, all you need is a little design savvy, a good eye for good tile, and some patience installing it.

Start by imagining your ideal bathroom. What designs and colors does it have? What kinds of patterns and images do you want to see on your wall? If you can draw, I suggest you make a quick draft of what you see in your mind. It'll help guide your shopping later.

Then, measure the surface you'll use as your mosaic. Are you just going to install tile in the shower or around the tub, or do you want to use the other walls as well? Knowing your surface will help your determine your budget.

The next step is purchasing the tile you need to bring your masterpiece to life. Make sure to determine the color, size and style of tile you need. Do you want them shiny or matte? Some big pieces and some small pieces, or everything the same size? 

Have fun with mosaics

Once you've purchased the tile you need, whether it's for your floor or your walls (or both), all you have to do is carefully install it according to your plans. If you need help, call on professionals--tile is a bit difficult to move after it's been glued and grouted!