10 Fall Wedding Decor Ideas

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    Unique Fall Wedding Ideas

    The fall, October in particular, is one of the most popular times to get married in many cities throughout the United States and beyond. The weather, though sometimes cool and crisp, is still more favorable than the summer’s hottest weeks. Outdoor ceremonies, lawn games during cocktail hour, and receptions feel more enjoyable for you and your guests. There are still plenty of flowers available and in season. Menus can change, new drinks are welcomed, and bonfires feel fun and festive. And, color palettes, whether they’re bold and bright, moody and darker, or inspired by the foliage that’s changing in the landscape, truly make fall come alive.

    This season is more than pumpkins, Halloween, and black, white, and orange. Fall is about gathering, layering, rich tones, and plenty of texture. From invitations and bridesmaids’ dresses to tablescapes and late-night treats, we’re sharing 10 ways to welcome fall into your wedding day.

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    Burgundy and Gold Wedding Invitations

    Your wedding invitation sets the tone for your wedding day by offering a peek inside your celebration’s style, colors, and even textures. When we think of fall, burgundy and gold always come to mind. As a result, we’re drawn toward this burgundy and gold wedding invitation that would be as fitting for a romantic bohemian fete as it would be for a black-tie soiree thanks to the rich textures and elegant calligraphy.

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    Bouquets of Fall Foliage

    Fall foliage is the hallmark of the season, and we’re inspired by bouquets that include leaves in their design. It allows the bouquet to feel seasonal and texture-filled, and it also leaves plenty of room for additional greens and berries, like what’s shown above. You could also opt to include in-season flowers, like dahlias and garden roses for a lusher design. 

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    Moody Bridesmaid Dresses

    Jenny Yoo designs bridesmaids’ dresses the ladies in any wedding party can and will want to wear again. This off the shoulder design feels appropriate, since the sleeves add a little more coverage, and the burgundy hue is just right for autumn.

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    Fall Ceremony Arch

    As featured on Brides, this arch is stunning! Thanks to the leaves incorporated throughout, it will make your wedding ceremony instantly feel like fall. Not to mention it’s a beautiful piece that could be transitioned throughout your event. It may start in your ceremony, but then it could also act as the backdrop to your sweetheart table if your space is serving double-duty.

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    Apple Cider-Inspired Signature Drinks

    Temperatures can dip during the fall, and apple cider feels like the most festive drink! Think about serving apple cider before your ceremony if you’re welcoming guests with refreshments. You can incorporate cider into a signature cocktail, or serve apple cider as part of a late-night treat.

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    Cozy Cool Accessories

    We can almost guarantee a light coat will look (and feel!) like a great accessory at a fall wedding. Rather than simply adding a leather jacket or a jean jacket, have it customized just like this bride! A custom jacket is also a great gift idea for your bridesmaids.

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    Leaf Escort Cards

    Skip the typical wedding escort cards! Calligraphers can write on nearly any surface, leaves included, and the brown tones paired with the white ink looks fantastic in these escort cards. Tip: Make sure to tape (or clip!) your leaves onto a surface to protect them from the wind.

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    Apple and Pomegranate Wedding Cake

    We love the red, green, and white color palette of this cake, which was photographed by Landon Jacob, and we also love how the design incorporates in season apples and pomegranates. Tip: Adding greens and additional fruit presents more of a display than simple placing your cake on a table.

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    Flower and Gourd Centerpiece

    Fall wedding centerpieces
    Jessica Lynne Studios

    This centerpiece from Wedding Chicks features in season burgundy blooms as well as plenty of greenery. However, what sticks out the most to us is how it beautifully incorporates gourds and pumpkins. The candles and mustard glasses help to tie the fall palette and look together.

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    DIY S'mores Bar

    It wouldn’t be a fall wedding if we didn’t mention s’mores! Whether guests are invited to make their own by a bonfire or your bakery provides them for everyone, s’mores are a late-night snack favorite! Tip: If you don’t like cake, s’mores offer a great alternative!