Fall Wedding Decor Ideas

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    Incorporate Fall Colors

    Fall Wedding Color Palettes
    Fall Wedding Color Palettes. The Perfect Palette

    If you're looking for amazing fall wedding ideas and inspiration, you're in the right place! Trending fall wedding decor is all about paying homage to the season without being too literal. You don’t necessarily need to incorporate pine cones and leaves in your wedding decor to make it feel like a fall festive occasion. You can absolutely feel free to incorporate fall colors without literally bringing in elements of the outdoors.

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    Use Leaves and Pumpkins in Your Decor

    Fall Wedding Tablescape with Taper Candles
    Fall Wedding Tablescape with Taper Candles. 724southhouse

    Consider using leaves, berries, and pumpkins in your decor. Pair them up with tall tapered candles and shorter pillar candles for a centerpiece that plays with height for some contrast. These would look amazing on long tables for your wedding reception. 

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    Go with a Lighter Look

    White pumpkins, candles, flowers
    White pumpkins, candles, and flowers make a chic centerpiece. Tone on Tone Antiques

    You can still have a chic all-white wedding while also incorporating fall accents! Consider pairing white candles with white pumpkins, lace, white flowers or even baby's breath for a stunning and classy look. 

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    Hints of Metallics

    White and gold pumpkins
    White and gold pumpkins. Megan Clouse Photography

    Incorporate hints of metallics in your wedding decor, such as by painting some mini pumpkins a champagne gold color. Mix them in with larger white pumpkins for a subtle and classy decor arrangement that would be perfect as a centerpiece, along your aisle, or even as decoration near the cake table.

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    Floating Candles

    Floating apple candles
    Floating candles in apples are a unique detail for a fall wedding. Polka Dot Bride

    Floating candles are a popular choice for wedding decor, but for fall, you can get creative by incorporating natural elements like fruits and veggies! Consider creating your own floating candles by hollowing out pumpkins, apples, or other veggies to use as a vessel for a unique take on this wedding staple.

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    Jewel-Toned Hues

    Jewel-toned and metallic wedding inspiration
    Rich jewel-toned hues mixed with metallics make for a lovely fall centerpiece. Dolce Designs

    If you're not into using a distinctly fall color scheme of oranges, reds, browns, and golds, you can always opt for jewel tones. Incorporating gem-inspired hues will give off the vibe of the changing seasons without using what are typically considered to be fall colors. Deep blues, purples, and reds mixed with metallic accents will bring a sense of warmth to your table. 

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    Non-Floral Foliage Options

    Fall centerpiece idea
    Fall centerpiece idea. New House to Home

    If you aren’t a flower person, add other natural elements like tree branches, vegetables, acorns, pinecones, etc. For a rustic look, try wrapping candles in burlap and surrounding them with fall elements. 

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    Use Fall Elements Sparingly

    Fall weather centerpiece inspiration
    Fall Wedding Centerpiece Inspiration. Kari Me Photography

    You can use fall elements sparingly and still invoke the feelings of fall, by choosing beautiful colors, flowers with various textures, wooden elements, metallics, etc. Choosing the right mixture of details can pull together a look that feels cohesively and beautifully fall, without being overly obvious. 

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    Repurpose your Pumpkins

    Use your pumpkin as a vase for a fall centerpiece!
    Use your pumpkin as a vase for a fall centerpiece!. Michael Partenio

    Consider using your pumpkins in a unique way, Instead of just displaying them as-is, hollow them out and use them as vases for your fall wedding centerpieces! You could incorporate any sort of flower or foliage to mix up the look, from chic white hydrangeas to wheat, dusty lavender sprigs to baby's breath, to dark and moody maroon roses! 

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    Incorporate Fall Textured Fabrics

    Flannel weddig details
    Flannel scraps make an adorable accent to your wedding favors and decor. Jenny Cookies

    Create a sense of warmth and comfort with your table designs by incorporating cozy textures into your decor. Everything from furs, velvet, and flannel can make a really cozy addition to your tables and other wedding decorations. We love these flannel scraps used on these miniature pies from Jenny Cookies – such a darling idea for a wedding favor!

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    Use Leaves as Place Cards

    Leaf place cards
    Leaf place cards. KARI ME PHOTOGRAPHY

    These leaf place cards are a unique and colorful detail to add to any table. Extra points if you find colors that are not typical orange, yellow, or green. We love these jewel-toned leaves with calligraphy for adding a pop of color to your place settings in a chic and natural way.

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    Repurpose Fall Foliage in Unique Ways

    Metallic leaf chandelier
    This metallic leaf chandelier is a gorgeous and budget-friendly idea to infuse a wedding with fall details. Brklyn View Photography

    Consider finding unique ways to incorporate fall foliage into your wedding decor such as repurposing. We love this metallic leaf chandelier created by Michelle Edgemont. Leaves are free! Gather some leaves, spray paint them gold, string them together, and hang them from the ceiling to create a gorgeous metallic leaf chandelier! Such a gorgeous idea and very budget-friendly, too!