5 Patterns That Will Take Over Homes in 2023, According to Design Pros

Mixed materials room

Kathy Kuo Home

Design trends wax and wane, with what was once old becoming new again. Different styles—from retro to rustic—seem to keep coming back to life, often with a new twist on the old classic. In each style, you will find a blend of signature solid colors and patterns. Designers share what patterns they predict will dominate the decor scene for 2023.

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    Floral Prints


    Jessica Nelson Design

    Garden-inspired interior looks have been in favor for decades, always with a slightly different aesthetic. Think Laura Ashley’s wildly popular Victorian look from the 1970s and 1980s to the “Grandmacore” trend of the past couple of years.

    For 2023, there will be an evolution, designers say. “Whether they incorporate a variety of bold colors or neutrals, florals add more visual interest,” says Natalie Meyer, CEO and principal designer of CNC Home & Design of Cleveland, Ohio.

    Grace Baena, interior designer of Kaiyo, adds, “one of the most popular patterns will be florals and other nature-inspired prints. These patterns will mesh well with the warm neutrals that will be everywhere this year but will also cater to those embracing a maximalist design style. Soft, feminine florals will be popular."

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    Earth Themes

    Forest bedroom

    Room You Love

    Neutrals and earth tones can be a color palette of their own or provide visual relief from home decor with contrasting vivid colors and bold patterns. This year, the subtle tones are paired with themes that are also pulled from nature. 

    “With earthy colors being all the noise in 2023, even earthy prints like the leaves and trees will see a rise,” says Simran Kaur, founder of Room You Love. “Designs and motifs with earthy undertones make us feel grounded and safe. Who doesn't want that feeling in the home?”

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    Mixed Materials, Textures, and Accents

    Mixed materials room

    Kathy Kuo Home

    Gone are the days of purchasing an entire suite of furnishings that all match one another. Traditionally, you might find a dining set with a table or chairs that are all made of the same materials, finishes, and accents.

    That type of cohesive look has been very popular in years past and if that is your thing, it is still an available choice. The trend, however, leans more toward mixing different pieces that complement one another.

    “Mixed material pieces like dining chairs, sideboards, or beds crafted from wood mixed with cane, jute, rattan, and grasscloth will be go-to items for designing spaces that feel inspired by the natural world—as well as feeling on-trend and sophisticated,” says interior designer Kathy Kuo.

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    70s-Inspired Patterns

    Retro room

    Madison Modern Home

    Some of you might remember the popular TV show “The Brady Bunch,” with the Bradys’ home pretty much the epitome of 1970s decor. Wood paneling, orange, yellow, and avocado green furnishings and kitchen countertops. The decade had a very distinct style and we are going to be seeing it again. 

    “The '70s are back in design, but fortunately, that doesn't mean rayon,” says designer Beth R. Martin. “Instead, look for modern performance fabrics in mod-inspired patterns and colors. Not everything has to be white or neutral anymore, so be on the lookout for patterned sofas in daring designs.”

    It won’t all be getting back to groovy. Also making a splash this year will be the following decade, the bold, neon, and ostentatious ’80s, says Robin DeCapua, owner and designer at Madison Modern Home.

    Expect to see retro 1970s and 1980s pop art colors and patterns and Pucci-inspired silks in bright colors like aqua and pink. "They'll cover ottomans, pillows, and occasional chairs," says DeCapua. "The kaleidoscopic prints that are popping up on runways hold great promise to interior designers looking for something fresh in 2023.” Even wood paneling is back, albeit in wider panels of more chic types of wood. 

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    Global Textiles

    Mandala pillowcases

    Room You Love

    This year, designers are forecasting trends that play off the idea of global influence. When people move from another country and culture or return here from their travels abroad, they often bring the styles of that location with them. 

    “Traditional art like Rajasthani prints and Jaipuri designs with some intricate mandala prints in vibrant colors may be all the hype in 2023,” says Kaur. “We all understand how important keeping our traditional designs and heritage intact. Even the textile prints are going to see that.”

    The decor will focus not only on specific patterns but also on textiles and other materials that are ethically sourced, according to DeCapua. “Unapologetically bright and optimistic, the folkloric influence is seen in a resurgence of embroidered silk fabrics, fine detailing, and ethically sourced materials. Cactus silk pillows are a perfect example of this pattern. The medallion-shaped embroidery is like native art against a muted bright cotton background.”