7 Home Trends Designers Can’t Wait to Say Goodbye to in 2023

neutral bedroom decor

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While there are some design trends that will always be considered timeless, there are others that the pros are more than ready to say goodbye to when the clock strikes midnight on January 1, 2023. So what exactly are the looks that designers are sick of at this point in time? You'll want to read on! We asked seven experts to chime in and share the styles that they're more than ready to see go in the new year.

1. Neutrals Everywhere

Whites, grays, blacks, and beiges...they can all go for now, some designers say. Textile designer and artist Caroline Z Hurley has personally had enough of such neutrals. "I am sick of the all neutral everywhere with zero pattern," she says. "Don't get me wrong, I love my whites and subtle textures in the same hue, but I've been into richer bolder patterns recently and hope to see more color in 2023!"

Laura Irion of Laura Design Company agrees. "We are looking forward to seeing more pattern on upholstery and less solid neutral fabric in 2023," she says. "Neutrals are always classic, but we love it when clients are willing to experiment with a bold floral or an interesting pattern on a large piece."

neutral bedroom

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2. All of the Arches

Arches have made their way into hallways, have been painted on walls, and in general have had a large presence over the past couple of years. Designer Bethany Adams of Bethany Adams Interiors says that she is "kind of over all of the arches everywhere." This interior feature should only be used in special circumstances, the designer believes. "They just don't make architectural sense in most spaces, and once the trend has fully passed they're going to look so 2022," she adds.

3. Grandmother-Inspired Style

Coastal Grandmother and grandmillennial styles definitely made waves in 2022, but designer Lauren Sullivan of Well x Design is done with these types of looks. "Honestly, I think I’m ready to say goodbye to grandma (chic)," she says. "It’s beginning to feel overdone and a bit frumpy and I believe it’s quickly going to date." Feeling like you can't say goodbye to these styles forever? Sullivan offers a few tips. "A touch of grandma? Sure—but be sure to balance it out with a few modern elements as well," she suggests. "Otherwise, we may wake up soon wondering why we went back to 'Little House on the Prairie' days in 2022."

4. Anything Farmhouse

Farmhouse style interiors have reigned supreme throughout the 21st century, but designer Jessica Mintz of Jessica Mintz Interiors couldn't be more ready for this aesthetic to make its way out the door. "I personally hope 2023 is the year the farmhouse finally dies," she comments. "Shiplap and rooms built around the same muted rusty tones and rugs you see everywhere—it's overdone."

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5. Synthetic Rustic Materials

 Annie Obermann of Forge & Bow is ready to part with synthetic rustic materials—for example ceramic plank tiles that have wood impressions. "I appreciate the durability of tile, but I love and admire natural materials too much to find some synthetic alternates as a favorable substitute," she explains. "It is awkward to replace hand-hewn vintage flooring with machine-printed floor tile. It is out of context and those who experience it immediately identify that it doesn’t belong." A smart alternative? Using natural materials, which Obermann says is "simply more tasteful."

6. Sparsely Furnished, Monochromatic Rooms

For some, these types of spaces may feel calming, but for others, enough is enough already! "The trend of 2022 I'm glad to say goodbye to is the overly simple sparsely furnished monochromatic room," comments Amy Forshew of Proximity Interiors. "We are so excited embrace a more colorful and layered look." Plus, Forshew adds, this allows her as a designer to help bring out a client's individual personality by selecting custom pieces. "Bring on the color and pattern," Forshew proclaims.

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7. Wavy Mirrors

This is a decor trend that Dominique Fluker of DBF Interiors is ready to part with ASAP. "Although it’s trendy due to TikTok, the squiggly-shaped mirrors have run their course," she comments. "It’s too kitschy and borderline tacky."