Trendy Antiques for Your Stylish Home

Ideas for Decorating with Collectibles While Staying on Trend

A beautifully illustrated “intuitions and predictions” article shared in the December/January 2016 issue of House Beautiful magazine focuses on decorative trends for the coming year. While contemporary furniture and upholstery fabrics garner attention as you might expect, a number of other ideas in this feature provide encouragement for incorporating antique and collectibles into a home while staying on trend.

This may mean digging in the back of your cupboard to pull out some things you haven’t...MORE used in a while (amazing how they can become “vintage” as the years fly by), asking grandma for part of your inheritance a bit early, or scouring thrift stores and antique shops to see what you can haul home.

Considering finding a way to incorporate some, or all, of these items into your humble abode in the coming year:

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    Footed Dishes

    Quezal Art Glass Gold Lustre Footed Bowl
    Quezal Art Glass Gold Lustre Footed Bowl. - Photo courtesy of Morphy Auctions

    Amid the “dust it off or buy it fresh” recommendations, footed dishes make a welcome appearance. These range from sherbet dishes and small compotes to large fruit bowls on pedestals like the Quezal art glass version shown here. And, of course, footed cake stands have been the darling of decorators for a number of years now. Yes, there are many, many versions of all things footed when it com antiques and collectibles and they can fit in with most any decorating scheme.

    Make a scoop or two of ice...MORE cream seem extra special by serving it in a colorful Depression glass dish, or pile your apples into a footed bowl for an instant centerpiece. Online auctions abound with options, as do most any antique mall or show you happen to visit.

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    Gravy Boats

    English Silver Gravy Boat - Daniel Smith & Robert Sharp London
    English Silver Gravy Boat - Daniel Smith & Robert Sharp London. - Photo courtesy of Morphy Auctions

    It might take hosting a meal for one of the feasting biggies to make you long for a gravy boat. No respectable Thanksgiving spread would be complete without giblet gravy, and don’t forget the au jus for your holiday rib roast. But once you get in the habit of keeping one handy, you’ll realize they’re perfect for serving all kinds of sauces and gravies all year long.

    Use a china matching service to find one to coordinate with grandma’s heirloom china for special occasions, and look for plainer...MORE options in solid colors or metals that will go with a variety of table setting styles. Keep whiteware in mind as a great go-with-anything option that can be found reasonably priced.

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    Delft Pottery

    Delft Pottery Polychrome Charger Made in Holland, c. 1750-1800
    Delft Pottery Polychrome Charger Made in Holland, c. 1750-1800. Photo courtesy of

    Dutch pottery in the form of Delft is also said to be a trendy option for both dinnerware and decorative objects these days. This is actually a carryover trend recommended by House Beautiful in the recent past, but for many antique lovers Delft never goes out of style.

    The magazine seems to currently favor blue and white versions of this hand painted pottery with a country flair, and they show fabrics and ceramic tiles that coordinate beautifully with it. There are also many antique versions...MORE available like the piece shown here if you like even more color in your life. 

    More options from Holland:

    Gouda Pottery

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    Gustav Stickley Desk. - Photo Courtesy of Morphy Auctions

    “The honeymoon period for working on your laptop in bed is officially over ...,” according to House Beautiful. The article references “high-gloss” styles, but it also mentions “high-power” versions. Many antique desks certainly fall into that high-power category, and nothing makes a statement like a piece of furniture with a story to tell. Instead of just getting your everyday tasks knocked out using your desk as a workhorse, it can also be a wonderful conversation piece in your office when you...MORE seek out the perfect antique.

    From stately Arts & Crafts pieces to fancily carved examples, you’ll find lots of choices in varying price ranges when you forage both online options and in local antique shops. And don't forget to look at handsome tables, if you prefer a more sleek option without storage space.

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