The Trendy Decor You Need, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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A stylishly decorated room with chair and console table

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Choosing home decor items can be a fun, if not sometimes difficult, decision. Finding pieces that suit your preferences while also staying on trend can feel at odds. However, with some of the newest trends in home decor—from bold colors to retro-chic designs— there are so many pieces to choose from.

Our zodiac sign can often be a great reference to the things that suit our personalities and preferences. Check out your zodiac sign below to see which trendy decor item you should absolutely buy next.

Etta Avenue Euclid 26'' Wide Tufted Velvet Side Chair

Etta Avenue Euclid Upholstered Side Chair



Let's be honest; you're never one to shy away from bold trends. You set the tone of any room you walk into, and you choose decor accents that do the same. Velvet and bold colors are remarkably trendy at the moment, so why not combine them? This tufted velvet accent chair is a statement piece in itself but still serves a functional purpose, which feels pretty aligned with your personality.

Jungalow Kaya 2-Piece Ceramic Bowl Planter

Kaya 2-Piece Ceramic Bowl Planter

Courtesy of Jungalow


It's always beneficial for you to stay grounded and surround yourself with earthy styles—but with a chic touch. While adding plants to your home can always brighten spirits, choosing planters to keep them in can really set the tone for a space. These two-piece ceramic planters from Jungalow come in various colors that can fit in with any color scheme and elevate your carefully curated houseplants to another level.

SONAGIII Rainbow Color Acrylic Flower Vases

Rainbow acrylic flower vases



Home decor trends have taken a turn towards the nostalgic lately, which you certainly can't get enough of. Retro 70s vibes are taking a stronger hold—like these see-through rainbow vases from Etsy. Truthfully, these vases could stand alone as funky, playful decor pieces even without any additional florals. Yet throw in a few select flowers and place it in a place where direct light can hit, and you'll have an absolutely captivating piece you'll love to show off.

Jungalow Peel + Stick Suz Wallpaper by Justina Blakeney®

Floral peel and stick wallpaper



We love an easy-to-apply decor trend—so it makes sense to be drawn towards peel and stick wallpaper. You love to add warmth and comfort to your home, but you don't really want to go overboard. This gorgeous floral wallpaper from Jungalow is pretty and colorful, without the same level of commitment as regular wallpaper or layers of paint. It's inviting without being overbearing, which is just the type of vibe you want to set in your home.

KUZZULL Mid Century Modern Wall Lamp White Marble

Marble wall lamp



"Let there be light!" definitely applies to you in your decor choices. You love open, bright spaces that can contain the energy you bring into a room, but you can be pretty particular in your selections. Marble is always a classic accent but has made its way back into decor in newer ways than just backsplashes and countertops. This marble Edison bulb wall sconce is a perfect combination of vintage styles with a modern twist—a piece that draws attention yet looks effortlessly sophisticated. What could be more on-brand for you, Leo?

Mono Living Cactus Ring Holder

Cactus ring holder



You enjoy things that are subtle, purposeful, and personable. You like your larger decor selections to serve as a basic backdrop with items you can interchange, so a smaller piece like this cactus ring holder is a perfect addition to your nightstand. On its own, it's already charming, but it also serves as the perfect place to keep track of your rings and other jewelry you would like to have on hand.

Feyarl 11.2 inch Vintage Makeup Mirror

Tabletop makeup mirror



No cracks about you being vain here, Libra—most of us would love to have a vanity mirror if we're honest. With your sign ruled by the planet of love and beauty, aesthetics certainly can play a larger role in your decor choices. This vintage-style makeup mirror in bronze adds an elegant touch while doing your makeup in the morning and is undoubtedly Instagram-worthy.

AllModern Seagrass Basket

Woven seagrass basket



You enjoy your comforts, but you don't like keeping things out for everyone to see. You already have baskets and other storage items to keep your space clear, but a woven seagrass basket somehow adds something a little extra. It's perfect for keeping your blankets and other items out of sight and out of mind but still manages to be sleek and understated.

Lusnika Sun and Moon Wall Art Set of 2

A set of 2 sun and moon wall art



One thing that reminds true for you, Sagittarius, is that you want your decor to stand out—something you can't easily find in most places. While you may already have some distinct decor selections, adding wall art is always a great way to change up your space. Choosing a set from a seller on Etsy will likely leave you with pieces that aren't as easily found from other retailers, so you can enjoy decorating with items that feel unique and personal to you.

Ruggable Sierra Natural Navy Re-Jute Rug

A jute rug



When choosing decor, you may not be as interested in trends as much as something practical that will last. However, that doesn't mean the two can't overlap—like with this collection of jute rugs by Ruggable. With a variety of patterns and styles to choose from, all the pieces are made from durable, jute-like material that will easily last.

Vasagle Tree Bookshelf

Vasagle Tree Bookshelf



It's no secret that you likely have plenty of books lying around, Aquarius. While there are plenty of ways rot display and store your books, you have a soft spot for things that are a little bit out of the ordinary. These tree bookcases from Amazon are a perfect way to showcase those books you've been reading in a unique way.

Project Dlight Round Bamboo Rattan Woven Serving Tray with Handles

Woven decorative tray



Boho chic decor styles have been making a comeback lately, so it makes sense that you would be the sign to jump on the train. This gorgeous bamboo and rattan decorative tray from Amazon is perfect for serving as a catchall for important items, but its wood base can also turn it into a makeshift table you can place on the couch (or carry to another room). Its natural materials allow it to work in any room, but we know you won't have an issue finding a place for it.

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