These Are the 5 Big 'It' Houseplants of 2022

Tropical 'Syngonium Podophyllum Arrow' houseplant in basket pot

The Spruce / Photo Illustration by Amy Sheehan / Getty Images

People love plants, simple as that. And that love doesn’t seem like it will stop spreading any time soon (thank goodness, because we couldn’t handle that). Over the last several years there has definitely been a boom when it comes to houseplants. People have filled every surface of their home with green leafy beauties. And with 2022 on the horizon, houseplant enthusiasts everywhere are starting to forecast what the big "it" houseplants of 2022 will be. With so many spectacular species to choose from it can be hard to narrow down the choices.

But lucky for us, we were able to speak to a few plant experts that had some insight into what specific plants are starting to get popular just in time for the New Year.

Meet the Expert

  • Ida Nordin and Elin Harryson are plant experts at Planta, an app to help plant parents care for their plants through features like step-by-step guides, a light meter, plant support, and more.
  • Stu Wilson is a plant ambassador for UK based online garden center, The Stem, and offers customers tips on how to care for their plants and make sure they keep growing and growing. He also runs the @plantastic_mr_fox Instagram account.

1. Hoya

hoya plants

Planta / Elin Harryson

Both Nordin and Harryson agree that the Hoya is having a moment. “We have noticed an increasing amount of Hoyas in Planta, both in the users accounts and in their wish lists. And we have to admit that the Hoya...has rubbed off on us too,” Nordin explains.

Hoyas are gorgeous plants and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also have the most beautiful blooms, if you’re lucky. When it comes to their care, they love bright indirect light, so place them somewhere they can get some morning sun. Allow their soil to dry out between waterings and your plant will be happy. Most Hoyas are trailing plants so hanging them or placing them on a tall shelf is the best way to really admire their beauty.

2. Syngonium 

Syngonium podophyllum albovariegata

Planta / Elin Harryson

Syngoniums are fast growing, easy to care for and are found in many colors. 'Strawberry Cream', Mottled 'Mojito', and 'Milk Confetti' are just a few examples of all the new gorgeous cultivars,” Harryson says. When a plant has a lot of varieties available, they do tend to be more popular (pothos and philodendron are great examples of this). People get excited when they see that the one they’ve bought is easy to take care of so they buy more and more.

Syngoniums prefer bright light but they are plants that can tolerate low light, it just may change the variegation and coloring of their leaves. Most people find that watering their syngonium one to two times per week is best, but make sure that the top two inches of soil are dry before doing so.

3. Phyllanthus Mirabilis

Phyllanthus mirabilis

@plantastic_mr_fox / Stu Wilson

“This Cordex plant with its surface mounted bulb is so cool. They are definitely becoming more popular. I love how their leaves open up during the day and completely fold back at night,” Wilson says. Plants that have personality are definitely going to be popular in 2022. And this one, which is especially unique because of its bulbous stem, takes a bit of care to thrive. You have to make sure you don't overwater it because the plant stores water well. If you water it too much, the plant will rot. Place it somewhere with good light and a fair amount of humidity.

4. Begonia Chlorosticta

Begonia Chlorosticta

@plantastic_mr_fox / Stu Wilson

We love begonias here at The Spruce. They’re really interesting plants and have some of the most beautiful leaf patterns. “There are so many beautiful begonias out there, and they are always so popular," Wilson notes. "This Begonia is becoming a lot more present due to its stunning coloration and spotty pattern." Begonia chlorosticta may look similar to the maculata because of its polka-dotted leaves. The difference in color demonstrates how different various species of plants can be.

If you're interested in getting one, remember that these plants love humidity. In fact, they're often found in terrariums for that reason. They need bright, indirect light and they like to dry out in between waterings.

5. Philodendron Micans

philodendron micas

@plantastic_mr_fox / Stu Wilson

“Last year philodendron sales rocketed due to the increased popularity in more unusual houseplants. They are popular as they are relatively easy to keep,” says Wilson. “The micans are particularly beautiful for their velvety leaves and variety of green and orange tones. [It's] definitely going to be more popular next year,” he adds.

While some plants in the Philodendron family may seem a bit more common, like the heart-shaped philodendron, the micans is unique yet still easy to care compared to some other uncommon plants. They need to be planted in well-draining soil that can dry out in between waterings and prefer bright, indirect light, although they will stay alive in lower light. They are trailing plants and create gorgeous vines so make sure to hang these plants up or place them on a shelf so their leaves can drape naturally.