4 Designers on the Trendy Items They Regret Buying

A modern living room with a green couch

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We’ve all been suckered into a good Instagram ad or tempted to hit ‘add to cart’ when that all-too relatable video message crosses our social media homepage.  

Maybe advertising is just getting better and better, or maybe we’ve just been stuck inside for the greater part of the past two years. Whatever the case, we all have a story and something we wish we wouldn’t have purchased. 

So, if you’re ready for something relatable, these five designers are weighing in on the trendy items they regret buying.

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    Abstract Line Art

    A piece of abstract art in a white living room

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    There’s nothing wrong with good art; if it matches, makes sense in your space, is affordable, and is actually something you’d like on your walls for the long-term.

    But for so many of us, the decision to purchase a piece of art shouldn’t be one that’s taken lightly. And Mackenzie Rifkin, Senior Luxe Designer at Modsy, quickly figured that out.  

    “[I bought] a simple black-and-white abstract line art a few months ago,” she says. “I love pieces like that in other people’s homes but it just doesn’t feel right for me. It doesn’t have any meaning, personally, to me and I’d much rather fill my precious wall space (one-bedroom apt over here!) with more unique/one-of-a-kind pieces."   

    While there is always the desire to keep up with the trends and have your apartment incorporate the newest trends, sometimes those things don’t quite make sense in the space. Or worse, they don’t really match you as a person.  

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    A ‘Selfie’ Light

    A woman in front of a selfie light

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    Christiane Lemieux, designer for Anthropologie is all too familiar with falling for Instagram ads.

    “[I bought] one of the ‘Selfie Lights’ for Zoom and Instagram live,” she says, “I used it twice and then shamed myself for being so concerned about my virtual lighting. (Maybe I am too Canadian or not Millennial enough to care!) It was big, ugly, and unwieldy in my office.” 

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    A Wingback Chair

    A wingback chair in front of a fireplace

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    Bret Sundberg, Director of Design at Guest House, shares about the trendy item she regrets buying—a wingback chair.

    I recently bought a leather wingback chair for my living room. Although it looks large and plush online, in reality it was far too tall, bulky and upright to be a functional accent chair at all,” she says. “It's one of those pieces that makes a really fun statement and looks great for staging but isn't actually the best decision for comfort.”  

    “I wish I would've went with something like a bench or over-sized ottoman to fill the space while still allowing it to feel open,” Sundberg says, “The wingback chair also cuts the room off drastically.”

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    Mod Glass Table Lamp

    An ultra-modern living room

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    Speaking of buying something that doesn’t quite fit, Karina Lameraner, Creative Marketing Stylist at Modsy, shares about a lamp she bought on impulse that doesn’t quite make sense in her room.

    “I jumped on the trend too quickly before considering other elements in my home,” she says. “Ultimately it just felt ‘off’ because my space doesn't reflect similar elements such as curves and that ‘mod’ vibe!"