How to Hide All Your Cords, According to Organization Pros

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We get it: Cords are everywhere throughout the house—in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, study, and beyond. While it's all too easy to let cords get jumbled up and become eyesores that you're too overwhelmed to fix, taking a half hour or so to get things in order once and for all really will make a difference in your day to day at home. No more shifting furniture in order to camouflage an unsightly web of wires before guests stop by or worrying that unplugging one gadget will power off the internet and disrupt your entire household!

To help you get started rearranging those wires for good, we spoke with professional organizing experts who weighed in on the best ways to conceal cords. They also share what products to stock up on for different rooms of the home. Get ready to say goodbye to tangles for good.

Meet the Experts

Take Inventory

According to professional organizer Kathryn Lord, this is an important place to start. "The first tip is to reduce," she says. "Many times we have more wires plugged in than we need of things that we actually never use anymore." So if, for example, you have your DVD player prominently featured in your living room but only use streaming services these days, it may be time to say goodbye to this electronic.

Additionally, be mindful of other items that are rarely used and be sure to store them away, rather than keeping them plugged in at all times. 'Unplugging and coiling things when not in use for things that you only use every now and again means those wires do not end up getting tangled with the others," Lord states.

Position Things Accordingly

Special cord covers and contraptions are a great way to conceal unsightly wires. "You can get neat plug boxes which hide the wires," Lord says. But if you're looking for an ultra quick fix, she offers another tip. "Carefully positioning furniture can also help hide those wires," Lord adds.

For smaller items like coffee machines or beauty supplies that need to be plugged in, you can get creative in other ways. "[The Reds Wood Design Appliance Cord Box] from West Elm is so stylish it can live in any area of the home," professional organizer Erica Thompson says. 'Use it on a credenza, a dresser or in a kitchen and keep your cords out of sight. It’s a well constructed riser made out of quality hard wood with a nook carved out in the back of it to run cords through and can sit flush against the wall."

Best For Hiding Cords

West Elm Reds Wood Design Appliance Cord Box

cord hider from west elm

West Elm

Try A Charging Tray

These can be useful for smaller electronics and serve a dual purpose: There's no need to reach behind your bed each evening to plug your phone into its charger, and there is no risk of tangled cords at play. "Keep things you access every day and that need charging often looking tidy on this [Courant Classics] leather valet tray available," Thompson recommends. "Hold everything you need before you walk out the door charged up, looking neat and kept all in one place."

Best Charging Tray

Courant Classics Catch Valet Tray & Wireless Charging Station

Courant Catch 3 Essentials Wireless Charging Pad


Use a Cable Wrangler

And even though laptops involve fewer cords than traditional computer monitors, they still may lead to unsightly setups. Professional organizer Joanna Wirick swears by her charger fuse reel. "Laptop charger cords can be a pain to roll up even with cord ties," she comments. "Gently pull on each cord to unravel and turn the center wheel to roll the cord back up in seconds." This device is easy to bring on the go, too. Wirick adds, "It packs away perfectly in a work bag."

Best Cable Wrangler

FUSE Side Winder Cable Organizer for MacBooks

side reel cord winder