Expecting Parents' Trivia Game for a Baby Shower

Throwing a Couples' Baby Shower

Women having fun at a baby shower

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"Jack and Jill" or couples' baby showers are growing in popularity and for good reason. By inviting both genders, the soon-to-be parents are surrounded by all of their friends and family and the party can turn into a very festive occasion. 

Tips on Hosting a Couples' Baby Shower

Recruit a male and female co-host. They can be a couple or don't have to be. This is a great way to make sure the father's male friends are involved, as they may be new to the baby shower scene. Have food and drinks on hand for all the guests. Just because the mom-to-be doesn't drink, doesn't mean you should avoid alcohol. Finally, pick a theme that appeals to both genders or involves both future parents. 

Trivia Game for Couples' Baby Shower

Party games are can be one of the best parts of a Jack and Jill baby shower. Games often revolve around new parenting challenges or how well guests know the mom or parents-to-be. They are easy to set up and involve all the guests. Prior to the party, the host has the parents-to-be answer a list of questions. At the shower, distribute copies of the questions to all of the guests. After everyone has had a chance to complete their answers, the host reads the questions out loud and everyone calls out their guesses. Each person gets a point when their answer matches the mom or dad-to-be. The guests with the most correct answers win. It can be fun to provide the winner with a gag gift.

Trivia Questions for Expecting Parents

Here are some sample trivia questions to use for the next baby shower: 

  • How did the expecting couple meet?
  • What do they plan to name a baby boy?
  • What do they plan to name a baby girl?
  • What is the color they have picked for baby's room?
  • What is the exact due date for the baby?
  • Where did the mom grow up?
  • Where did the dad grow up?
  • What is the mom's favorite food? The dad's?
  • Does the couple have any pet names for one another? If yes, what are they?
  • What did mom crave during the pregnancy?
  • What was the first thing dad did when he found out they were expecting?
  • What's the first thing mom bought for the baby?
  • How many kids does the couple plan to have?
  • Which parent was the messier eater?
  • What was expectant mother's first word?
  • How did mom tell dad they were expecting?
  • How much did mom weigh when she was born?
  • Who is more likely to forget the baby someplace?
  • How many godparents will the baby have?
  • Which parent was the early baby?
  • When will dad let the baby go on a date?
  • Which grew faster, mom's belly or her butt?
  • Is mom carrying low or high?
  • Who is more likely to get up in the middle of the night with the baby?
  • Did dad gain weight during the pregnancy too?
  • Who was right about the baby's sex?
  • Who will be more nervous when labor starts?
  • Who will be stricter with the baby?
  • Who will the baby most likely to look like?
  • Who will ask for pain medication during labor first?
  • Who is more likely to enforce the rules?