Troubleshooting Samsung Washer Problems and Repairs

Courtesy of Samsung

If you have a washer and dryer most likely there will come a time when a repair is necessary. Through the years, readers have sought advice on how to troubleshoot and solve their Samsung washer issues. Perhaps these troubleshooting solutions will help keep your Samsung working smoothly.

Problems with Samsung Water Pump during Spin Cycle

Reader Question: After my Samsung fully automatic 8 kg top loader washing machine drains all the water and enters the spin cycle, the pump keeps operating trying to pump water out causing the spin cycle to cut in and out.

The machine is only 2 years old and in good condition.

The Spruce Laundry Response: My first question is, does this happen with every load or only smaller loads? Large capacity washers are wonderful for families that wash large loads. However, this may continue to occur when you wash small loads.

Today's washers have out of balance protection installed to protect a washer from damaging itself during the spin cycle. Some Samsung washers actually add more water during the spin cycle to attempt to correct the imbalance of the load.

Problem with Bleach Spotting after Every Use

Reader Question: I have a Samsung front load steam washer. When I use bleach to clean the washer and/or clothes, I have a problem with bleach spots on future loads even after an extra rinse cycle. I tried not using bleach but in order to fix the mold build-up I find that only bleach and a hot water cycle will get rid of the mold.


I am also not sure when to use the steam cycle for the washer and the dryer which also has a steam cycle.

The Spruce Laundry Response: I took your problem to the Samsung answer lady (Ms. Samsung) and this was the reply:

"Be sure that you are not overfilling the bleach dispenser. Do not exceed the MAX line in the cup.

You may have drips that harm the next load because your washer is not level. If it is tilting to one side or forward or backward, the dispenser cups do not empty completely and you will get drips in the next load."

I would also suggest that after you clean your washer, take out the dispenser cup and rinse it well or dry it out with a rag to prevent drips.

The steam cycle in the washer can only be used during the wash cycle. It is meant to be used with very heavy soil that needs higher heat to remove the stains. I am thinking something like red mud or very oily stains. The steam cycle on the dryer should be used to remove heavy wrinkling and odors in clothes that have been worn but not washed.

Samsung Washer Trips Power when Turned On

Reader Question: While doing a wash, the power went out. The washer was the last thing I turned off before the safety switch would let me turn it back on. I turned the safety back on and then the washing machine, and the power tripped again. What's wrong? It is a 2007 Samsung front loader model no J8451W1/XSA.

The Spruce Laundry Response: There has been a recall on Samsung front load washers because water leakage onto the electrical connections of the washing machine's thermal sensor could cause an electrical short and ignite a circuit board, posing a fire hazard to consumers.

My best advice is to STOP using the washer until you can check into the recall and/or have the electrical system of your washer checked. If you need a user or repair manual, you can find it here and replacement parts here.

Water in Samsung Detergent Dispenser after Every Wash

Reader Question: I recently upgraded my washer and dryer to a Samsung front load pair. I fill the soap tray at the beginning of a cycle, when the wash is finished and I want to start a new load, the soap tray is full of water. I have to empty the tray to start a new load. Is that normal?

The Spruce Laundry Response: Depending on your model, it is not unusual for water to be left in a dispenser. The detergent is dispensed by flushing it out of the tray with a stream of water. It is possible that the water stream is not cutting off as quickly as it should (faulty solenoid which is easy to replace) and that is causing the excess water.

If the water is clear (not actual detergent), then your clothes are getting clean. Be sure that your dispensers are cleaned regularly.

Samsung Washer Leaves Purple Streaks on Delicate, Cold Water Loads

Reader Question: I have a Samsung front load washer.Why am I getting purple stains from my washing machines in my delicate, cold loads? I put in 3 tablespoons of HE Tide Detergent, turn my washer on to a delicate, cold cycle. I did not overload and I am getting purple spots on some of my clothing.

This washer is fairly new I've only used it for 3 weeks and this happened once before! (I even tried to put in a color catcher but it obviously didn't make a difference) I really don't know what is causing this. Please help! these delicate loads are my GOOD clothing!

The Spruce Laundry Response: The purple streaks are happening because you are using too much laundry detergent. Two teaspoons of concentrated HE detergent is the recommended amount for a small, cold water load. Actually, you never need more than two teaspoons in an HE washer no matter the load size or water temperature.

Samsung Washer Leaking during Rinse Cycle

Reader Question: My Samsung washer is spilling out water from the bottom of the machine. This only happens when it's adding the rinse water. It's a Samsung front loader. The model number is WF219ANW/ XAA 01. From time to time the washer will just start releasing the water as it enters the rinse cycle. The water not making it to the hose. It's coming immediately out the bottom. This has happened 4 - 5 times over the last 6-8 months. I do several loads daily and haven't noticed anything specific that's causing it.

I cleaned out the washer's lint tray and checked the hose.

The Spruce Laundry Response: If a leak is going to happen with a front loader, it is most often during the rinse cycle because more water is used at that time. The cause is most likely a leak or hole in one of the interior lines. Such as a puncture/hole in either the DRAIN HOSE or the soft/black BELLOWS HOSE next to the DRAIN MOTOR/PUMP assembly.

If you need a user or repair manual, you can find it here and replacement parts here.

Samsung Washer Stops during Spin Cycle

Reader Question: Every time I do a wash with my Samsung aqua jet VRT smart care front load washing machine, the clothes don't complete the spin cycle. the machine sends off bells, and I have to rearrange the clothes, and then put them on spin cycle. I can't understand the manual.

The Spruce Laundry Response: If possible, you should run a diagnostic test to see if any error codes appear. The failure to complete the spin cycle can be caused by a slow drain. Open the bottom panel of your washer housing. You will see a plug on the lower right. Have some towels ready to catch a gush of water and remove the plug. Clean out the filter. You may find lint, coins, buttons or other gunk that is obstructing the flow into the pump.

Also, be sure that you are not overloading the washer. Take time to read the manual when you are not in a hurry to learn which cycle to select for different size loads.

Samsung Washer Will Not Start

Reader Question: My Samsung WF365 will not start. I have had zero problems with it for the past year. We have just exceeded our year warranty. This morning I went to do a load and it would not start. It allows me to select a cycle and the screen adjusts as normal. The arrows at the top of the screen indicate it is about to start and the door locks. But then it is as if the load is paused and it just sits and does nothing else.

There is power since I can see the time on the screen. The first of the three arrows at the top is blinking, there is also an hourglass symbol, a key, and a shirt with a plus sign. We checked the filter screens and water line and nothing is different. We took all the clothes out to make sure nothing was caught. We've gone through the whole manual and searched through websites and haven't found an answer. Help!

The Spruce Laundry Response: Start by cleaning the contact points of the door latch with a bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab. Even though it indicates that it is "locked", there must be full contact. If that doesn't work, here is the technical manual that will help you put the washer into diagnostic mode to better determine if you have a mechanical, computer or electrical problem.