Troubleshooting Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Problems and Repairs

Cabrio Washer Problems
 Courtesy of Whirlpool/Maytag

The Whirlpool brand, maker of the Cabrio model, is a leader in washer and dryer sales in the United States. However, as with any appliance, there can be problems and a need for repairs. Through the years, The Spruce readers have shared their issues with Cabrio washers and asked for help. Perhaps these solutions will help you as well. 

Whirlpool also offers troubleshooting tips online along with other product information.

My Cabrio Washer Sounds Like an Aircraft Taking Off

Reader Question: My Cabrio Washer, Model # WTW7800XWO, makes a very loud noise, like an aircraft taking off, during all spin cycles. The washer is three years old.

This started about 4 weeks ago and is a consistent problem, not intermittent. There are no vibrations and the spin cycle does work as it should, apart from the noise.

The Spruce Laundry Repair Suggestions: The Cabrio has a shaft that runs between the wash plate and the rotor located under the washer. There may be crack or the bearings are going bad. To repair this usually means replacing the washer tub as well as the connected shaft/rotors.

A reader shared this information about his solution to a similar problem with a Cabrio Washer: I have a Cabrio washer, model WTW5600XW2 I purchased in 2012. It made a loud (but not terrible) noise while it was washing our clothes. I thought the worst, as you described, a bearing going bad.

I downloaded and examined the parts from the Whirlpool site and figured it was either the motor bearing or more likely the main bearing.

After disassembling to inspect prior to ordering parts, I discovered that the nut (part No. W10163336) for the pulley came loose and was resting on the foam insulation at the bottom of the washer.

The noise was not from the bearing, but the grinding of the pulley on the Shield, Pulley Cover (part No. W10006383). The solution is to remove the shield, tighten the nut. That simple! No parts to buy. Noise gone.

Problem with Cabrio Washer Start Button

Reader Question: I have a Whirlpool Cabrio washer and the start button is not working. Whirlpool is saying I need a new control panel but it is very expensive. Is there a way to take the panel apart and fix that one button?

The start button won't click or work. All of the other buttons still work and light up. It is Whirlpool Cabrio Washer. Model # WTW6500WW1 Serial # CY3271378. We tried to look at the control panel but we can't seem to get the circuit board out of the brackets to even look at it.

The Spruce Laundry Repair Suggestion: Obviously, if the start button isn't working then the rest lighting up really doesn't matter! It could be that your control panel has a short or there is a small piece of plastic behind the start button that can break. Since you seem to have power to the washer and no error code has been mentioned, it may also be that your timer/main controller/CCU has failed. To help you remove the control panel, you can find a repair manual here and parts can be found here.

Problem with Cabrio Washer Door Lock

Reader Question: My washing machine won't work. When I press the start button the power door locks but then unlocks so the washer cycles won't begin. It is a Whirlpool Cabrio model wtw5500xw2 ser c12632679 type588-01. I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in.

It sounds like the machine is trying to work as it makes a noise like it's going to start the cycle, then it stops and the door unlocks. I have tried changing to different cycles to see if one would work but the same thing happens. The sensing light also stays on; then when the door unlocks the sensing light blinks. I noticed a small problem a few days ago that the when the cycle was finished the items were still soaking wet. 

The Spruce Laundry Repair Suggestion: If your washer is getting power, run this a diagnostic test to help you determine the problem.

With the list of problems you mentioned, it may be more than a faulty door lock.

Here's how to run the test: Put the machine in standby mode by plugging it in with all indicators off, or with only the Clothes Clean or Done indicator on. Select any one button except POWER, START, or STOP then follow the steps below, using the same button.

Press/hold for 3 seconds, release for 3 seconds, press/hold for 3 seconds, release for 3 seconds then press/hold for 3 seconds and release. All indicators on the console will be lit for 5 seconds with 88 showing in the Estimated Time Remaining two-digit display to indicate that the diagnostic mode has been entered successfully. If indicators do not display as described, the press/hold and release procedure may not have been performed within the time frame necessary for successful entry. Repeat the procedure and you may use another button to ensure this was not the cause.

The program then checks for saved fault codes. After the diagnostic test, you can compare the error code displayed to determine what repairs are needed.

As you already know, if the lid switch/latch will not engage the washer will not start. If the only problem is dirt or lint preventing the latch from working, dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol. Clean all contact areas on the lid and the washer. If the door lock mechanism is not making good contact then the washer won't start.

How Do I Remove a Cabrio Washer Agitator

Reader Question: How do I take out the agitator from my Cabrio Whirlpool washer. I have taken the bolt out, but now the agitator won't come budge. The washer is six years old.

The Spruce Laundry Repair Suggestion: Remove the agitator top cap and unscrew the mounting bolt part way. Pull up on the agitator by both sides of the rim, then finish removing the bolt after the device is loose. This will make it easier to pull out with less brute force needed.

What Does the LD Error Code Mean on a Whirlpool Cabrio washer?

Reader Question: My washer will not always go through last spin cycle.

It displays an LD code when it stops. It has been doing this for about a year. It happens with all types of clothing, towels, sheets, regular everyday wear, and so on.

The Spruce Laundry Repair Suggestion: The "LD" error code refers to long drain. The washer stops because it is taking too long to drain out the water. This is usually caused by a clog in the drain line or something obstructing the pump. You need to take the time to clean out any lint or obstruction (coin, small button) that is clogging the pump filter. If the problem continues, then you may have a pump that is going bad. If you need a user or repair manual, you can find it here and replacement parts here.

Bookmark this article for more help deciphering Cabrio Codes.

Why Does My Cabrio Washer Leave Deposits on My Dark Clothes?

Reader Question: I bought a Whirlpool Cabrio WTW5640XW3 washer about 1 year ago and consistently have issues with white powder being left on dark fabric and having to "rewash" my clothes. I have used the correct detergent (he) based on color and water temperature and still get the marks. Very frustrating to spend the amount on a "good" unit and have issues. Any help would be appreciated.

I use liquid detergent in small amounts (at times less than the recommended suggestion) and still get the marks on the clothing. I have used different liquid detergents, used different cycles, used different water temperatures, and nothing seems to make a difference.

The Spruce Laundry Repair Suggestions: One of the downsides of high-efficiency washers versus standard washers is that there isn't a huge amount of water to flush away detergent and soil residue that clings to the washer. Think of it as the soap scum that can accumulate in the shower. You must clean the washer to get rid of the accumulation that is redepositing on your laundry.

Follow these tips to give your washer a good cleaning every three months.

What Does a Burning Smell From the Washer Mean?

Reader Question: My Cabrio washer recently began giving off a burning smell after starting and then turned off. My concern is that we recently replaced our water tank in our house from our well, as well as, the hot water heater. Would there be anything that could make this issue related to the recent replacement of my house systems?

It is a Whirlpool Cabrio washer, wtw5700ac0. The machine started a small load just fine and then began to smell like something was burning. Have had this washer hooked up the same way for about two years and have never had any issues.

The Spruce Laundry Repair Suggestions: A burning smell cannot be ignored. It will be helpful to determine if the odor is more like rubber or an electrical burning. Unplug the washer and open it up. Look for any discoloration. It is quite possible that the problem is the rubber drive belt. If the belt slips, stretches, or breaks, it can cause friction and a burning smell, most likely a burning "rubber" smell. The belt should be replaced.

If the belt looks fine, then you have an electrical problem with the motor, transmission, or control panel. This is a much more extensive problem and will require replacement of the burned out components. In either situation, do not use the washer until you have made repairs to avoid a hazardous fire.

How Can I Remove Rust From Washer?

Reader Question: Have a Whirlpool HE Cabrio Washer and on the inside lid of washer there are a few small rust spots. I would like to do something so they will not get bigger. Not sure if appliance paint would help solve the problem. Would appreciate any advice.

The Spruce Laundry Repair Suggestions: You are smart to catch rusty spots when they are small. First, remove as much of the rust growth as possible with a paste of baking soda and distilled white vinegar or lemon juice. Make a paste, apply it over the rusted area and then use a soft cloth to rub away the rust. You may need to do this several times, rinsing with clear water after each treatment. Once you have removed all the loose rust, you will need to repair the rusted areas with an appliance paint or they will rust every time you wash clothes and could transfer the stains.