Trunk or Treat Decorating Ideas for Halloween

13 Trunk or Treat Themes for Any Size Vehicle

Participating in trunk or treat this Halloween? Dress up your car or truck with these trunk or treat ideas for any size vehicle.

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    Halloween Fun

    A picture of a trunk decorated for Halloween
    A spooky theme is a popular trunk or treat decorating idea for any size car. Photo © Ben Jenkins / Flickr

    Non-scary pumpkins and ghosts are usually fine at trunk or treat events. And there's no shortage of these supplies as you plan out your trunk's Halloween decorations.

    Inflatable decorations, happy pumpkins and friendly ghosts can make your trunk non-threatening for younger trunk or treaters. A Halloween ghost and pumpkin tree is a unique decoration that will liven up your trunk and can even be used to give your trunk or treaters candy. You can also make a Halloween window decoration on a smaller scale that lights up your windows. See a picture of this theme.

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    Noah's Ark

    Since churches usually hold trunk or treat events as part of their children's ministry outreach programs, any Bible-related theme is perfect for your trunk's decor. A Noah's Ark theme is kid-friendly and is very simple to design.

    Have an adult wear a long white beard to represent Noah and use stuffed animals to represent the animals on the ark. Use cardboard to make a mini ark around the back of your trunk or use plywood to make a larger ark to sit on the ground behind your vehicle. See a picture of this theme.

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    Pirate's Treasure Chest

    Ahoy, matey! Pirates are always a hit with the kids. Your trunk is a treasure chest in itself for this theme. Since pirates are a popular birthday party theme, it's also very easy to find pirate-related items at your local party store.

    Make a weathered map, fly a pirate flag, use an old wooden box as a treasure chest, buy a plastic sword and hook as well as gold coins. Don't forget your pirate hat and a patch to complete the theme as you hand out candy. See a picture of this theme.

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    Mad Scientist's Lab

    Madness. Madness, I tell you! What would trunk or treat be without a mad scientist on hand?

    Use poster board to make crazy gauges for your mobile lab. Set up a table and let your trunk or treaters try kid-friendly science experiments or conduct your own demonstrations. Be sure to wear your crazy hair and your lab coat. See a picture of this theme.

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    Fall Colors

    You can't go wrong with a fall colors theme. It's also a great choice if you plan on offering festival games at your trunk.

    Pumpkins, hay, scarecrows and any other fall-related decorations will work for any size trunk. Dress up in your overalls as you pass out candy and be sure to wear a straw hat. See a picture of this theme.

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    Spider Web

    Get tangled up in this trunk or treat trunk idea. Your trunk has been overtaken by a giant spider who's spun a web.

    Take a black sheet and gather up the ends to form a circle. Stuff it and fasten the ends so that you have a large black ball. This is your spider's body. Glue brightly-colored pipe cleaners or felt to form the eyes and mouth of your spider. Attach the body to the top of your car. Complete your spider with legs made from pool noodles spray painted black or flexible black plastic tubing you can find at any home improvement store. Use rope or string to make a spider web across your trunk and put candy inside for kids to get. If you have a larger vehicle, you can sit inside the trunk (on the inside of the web) and hand out candy. See a picture of this theme.

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    Bake Shop

    Impress trunk or treaters by baking your sweet treats ... or at least look like you are. Turn your trunk into a bake shop with its own assembly line.

    Decor for this trunk or treat trunk idea is pretty simple. Use pedestals to display giant muffins and cupcakes, which can be made from felt. Cover a small ladder with cardboard and attach banner paper over it to make your assembly line. Put on a baker's hat and your apron to pass out candy fresh from your assembly line. See a picture of this theme.

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    Candy Utopia

    Guarantee you'll have lots of trunk or treaters visiting your trunk. Transform your trunk into a candy utopia.

    Cut shapes from poster board to represent candy. Secure skinny white PVC pipes into large Styrofoam balls. Wrap the balls in cellophane wrapping paper and attach a thin piece of rope to tie it off. You've just made giant lollipops. Use pastel colors, balloons and confetti to finish off your own candy utopia. See a picture of this theme.

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    Step right up. The carnival has come to town.

    You can usually find carnival-related supplies at party stores, including games, decorations and quirky prizes. Dress up as a clown or an unusual carnival act to give kids the ultimate carnival experience. See a picture of this theme.

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    Flower Garden

    Brighten up trunk or treat! Stuff your trunk with flowers and you'll have the prettiest trunk in the parking lot.

    Use fresh or artificial flowers for your decor. If you have garden gnomes or other garden accessories, use them within your design too. Dress up as a gardener, bumble bee or lady bug to hand out candy. See a picture of this theme.

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    Safari Animals

    If you have children, you have more than enough supplies for this theme. You'll be going wild with this trunk or treat trunk idea.

    Gather your children's stuffed animals, such as giraffes, tigers and lions. Arrange your trunk as if it's a wild animal safari. If you have an SUV or large trunk, you can use a baby gate to keep the animals in their cage so your trunk or treaters will be safe. See a picture of this theme.

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    The Menacing Mouth

    Open up and say ahh! Your trunk's got a big mouth and you don't need much to pull off this trunk or treat trunk idea.

    Use poster board to create some teeth for your menacing mouth. If you have a larger vehicle, like an SUV, you'll have plenty of room to add eyes if you want. A red blanket can spill out from the trunk to look like a lolling tongue. You can even put candy in the trunk on the red blanket so kids have to walk up the tongue to get their treats. See a picture of this theme.

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    Surf Shop

    Surf's up in your trunk. Fight those fall temperatures and open up a surf shop.

    Grab the surfboards or make mini boards out of cardboard. Make a surf shop sign out of cardboard too. All you need now are your beach accessories -- plastic sand pails and shovels, beach balls, umbrellas, songs blaring beach music, beach attire and, of course, your sunblock. See a picture of this theme.