Tuna Salad Sushi Roll

Sushi Rolls (Futomaki, Maki Sushi)
Tuna Salad Sushi Rolls (Makizushi). Maximilian Stock Ltd./Photolibrary/Getty Images
    30 min
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Tuna salad sushi rolls are long sushi rolls filled with tuna salad and wrapped in rice and seaweed. This style of sushi roll is known as makizushi or maki sushi, which means rolled sushi in Japanese. The sushi rolls are sliced and then dipped in soy sauce and enjoyed.

While tuna salad seems somewhat unconventional as a filling for Japanese sushi rolls, its actually a popular filling for onigiri and musubi (Japanese rice balls). The tuna salad is typically on the bland side, with a simple mixture of canned tuna and mayonnaise. Variations of this basic tuna salad might include onions, salt and pepper, but any type of tuna salad may be incorporated into this recipe. If you have a favorite tuna salad recipe, by all means test it in a sushi roll!

The preparation and cooking times for this recipe assumes that prepared sushi rice is pre-made and ready for use. Simply steam rice ahead of time and season with bottled sushi vinegar or prepared dried sushi vinegar mix, both of which are available for sale at Japanese grocery stores. Alternatively, a recipe for sushi vinegar is available here.

These tuna salad sushi rolls are assembled similarly to any other type of rolled sushi. A bamboo sushi mat is needed to roll the sushi.

Special Equipment:

  1. Bamboo mat for rolling sushi.
  2. Plastic wrap for covering the bamboo mat to prevent sticking and minimize clean-up.

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What You'll Need

  • 6 cups prepared sushi rice
  • 4 sheets of nori (dried seaweed)
  • 1 tablespoon finely chopped onion
  • 2/3 cup canned tuna
  • 1 tablespoon mayonnaise
  • Dash of salt
  • Japanese hot mustard (karashi), optional
  • Soy sauce for dipping sushi, optional
  • Gari shoga (sweet pickled ginger), for garnish

How to Make It

  1. Note, this recipe assumes that short grain rice is steamed and seasoned with sushi vinegar.
  2. Make tuna salad mixture.
  3. Mix chopped onion, tuna, dash of salt, and mayonnaise in a bowl. Alternatively, use your favorite tuna salad recipe.
  4. If you prefer spicy tuna salad, consider adding some karashi mustard in the tuna salad mix.
  5. Make the sushi rolls.
  6. Cover the bamboo mat with a piece of plastic wrap to prevent the seaweed or any stray rice from sticking to the mat.
  7. Place one nori sheet on top of the bamboo mat.
  8. Spread a quarter portion of sushi rice on top of the nori sheet.
  9. In the center, spread a line of the tuna salad horizontally across the rice.
  10. Roll up the bamboo mat, pressing forward to shape the sushi into a cylinder.
  11. Press the bamboo mat firmly and remove it from the sushi.
  12. Repeat process and make more tuna salad rolls.
  13. Wipe a knife with a wet cloth before slicing sushi. Cut the sushi roll into bite-size pieces.