18 Smart Tupperware Organization Ideas

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Tupperware is essential for any household; it's key when you have leftovers or are bringing food to a friend. But Tupperware is also notoriously difficult to store and organize. Everyone's been there—once you finally find the container that's the right size, there's no lid in sight. Fortunately, these helpful Tupperware organization tips will help you organize your food storage containers with ease, so finding the container you're looking for is easy breezy.

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    Use a Pull-Out Drawer

    pullout drawer of tupperware


    To save space in your Tupperware cabinet or drawer, stack your containers in ascending order with the biggest on the bottom. Tupperware of the same size nestles together, so it makes sense to have a bunch of the same type if you are starting from scratch. This method will work even if you have containers of slightly different shapes and sizes. Store lids vertically instead of horizontally. Each lid will be easy-to-see, so you can grab the one you need without digging through a messy pile.

    The key to maintaining a system like this is to be mindful of the size of each container when you're putting them away. It can feel like an extra step but it pays off.

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    Install Built-in Dividers

    tupperware with built in dividers


    It can seem like there's no good place to put Tupperware lids: click them on top of each container and you run out of storage space, but storing them under containers gets messy and disorganized (and is a recipe for losing lids). These built-in drawer dividers keep lids seamlessly divided yet easy to spot while the bottom of the drawer is home to stacked containers.

    Dividers are helpful, but if you don't have the space for them, even just storing the lids vertically in size order makes a big difference in Tupperware organization.

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    Create a Tupperware Shelf

    wire shelf for tupperware


    If you have a big family, order takeout regularly, or entertain a lot, you probably have a lot of Tupperware and it may not all fit in a drawer. Consider creating a designated shelf in a pantry or on wire shelving for grouping Tupperware by size; it's easy to find and looks aesthetically pleasing. Just don't be afraid to purge any containers that don't have lids or have warped in the dishwasher.

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    Divide Drawers Horizontally

    bamboo drawer organizer


    Use a drawer organizer to divide your Tupperware drawer horizontally instead of vertically. This creates two equal compartments: one for lids and the other for containers. This organizer is adjustable and will fit most drawers, even particularly wide or narrow ones.

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    Stack Vertically

    tupper stacked in cupboard


    If you have abundant space to store Tupperware like this full cupboard, it makes sense to keep the lids on the Tupperware and stack each separate container on top. Not only does this create a visually pleasing system, but you only have to grab one thing and you'll have both the top and the bottom ready to go.

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    Use Wire Shelves

    tiered tupperware storage


    As with most small space organization ideas, it always makes sense to create space through the use of tiers. Here, a wire cooling rack with legs makes a shelf where storage containers can rest below and on top. Pop-top storage gets its own shelf and bigger containers stacked.

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    Divide by Size

    tupperware drawer with dividers


    Food storage containers and lids come in all shapes, and sometimes it seems like the ones you have available don't fit together. Do yourself a favor and install drawer dividers in your Tupperware drawer (most kitchens have a designated space for Tupperware, it just may not be organized...yet). Custom wooden dividers like this look lovely and will last a long time, but you can achieve the same idea on a budget by using plastic dividers you install yourself.

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    Consider a Custom Organizer

    revashelf pull out


    How aesthetically pleasing is this pull-out Tupperware shelf? It uses clip-on lid dividers and customizable chrome U-pegs to keep everything in its place, so nothing slides or topples over when you close the drawer.

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    Add Wired Storage

    wire storage tupperware bins


    Wired bins are great for Tupperware organization because they keep everything contained while also allowing you to see each lid. Clear acrylic bins also, work well for this type of organization.

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    Arrange Lids by Color

    tupperware lids arranged by color

    @nycneat_louisa/@neworleansneat ⠀⠀⠀

    Tupperware storage, but make it rainbow. This peg organizing system will also work well for pot lids or baking sheets, but keeping Tupperware lids separate is a clever use, too. Because it looks fun and playful, you'll actually be excited to see your plastic food containers.

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    Declutter Your Cabinet

    tupperware the drawer organizer


    First things first, it's not worth it to try to organize Tupperware that's mismatched. Don't be afraid to get rid of anything that doesn't have a match or is no longer in good condition. Once only useful containers remain, add drawer dividers, and tidy what's left.

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    Organize With Bins

    wire bin tupperware storage


    If your cabinets are filled to the brim as is, you may need to purchase additional storage for Tupperware. These wire bins with easy-to-pull handles nestle on an island or pantry shelves. You can fully pull them out and even place them on a counter to find what you need.

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    Use a Bin for Stasher Bags

    stasher bag storage


    If you use Stasher bags or other flexible storage in place of Tupperware, try storing them in a structured bin somewhere you can easily reach. A sturdy woven bin fits well in a pantry and it's easy to pull out and put on a counter so you can dig through it.

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    Arrange by Type

    tupperware storage


    You don't need fancy dividers and only one type of Tupperware to make an organized system. Simply stacking food storage containers of similar sizes and arranging the lids can make a big difference. With a few easy tweaks like sorting each item by use, this Tupperware storage cabinet went from chaotic to organized.

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    Get the Same Type of Tupperware

    vertical storage


    If you have the bandwidth and the budget, it can be helpful to only use storage containers of the same brand. That way, you have a bunch of bases and lids that fit together, so you spend less time rummaging around for the right one. The lids that latch at four points keep food extra fresh, and they're great to pack in school or work lunches because the tops don't budge.

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    Nestle Lids Together

    tupperware drawer that has extra space


    A Tupperware drawer that doesn't feel stuffed to the gills? Yes, please. When starting an organization system from scratch, it makes sense to leave extra room for additional containers that you know you'll acquire. This way, when your takeout comes in plastic containers, you'll have room to save and reuse them instead of feeling guilty about throwing them away.

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    Use Your Tupperware in the Refrigerator

    organized refrigerator


    It seems obvious, but you won't have as much Tupperware to store if you actually use it. Instead of just for the occasional leftover, use glass containers to store food you have on hand: put lemons in water in a big round container (this helps them keep for longer) or other cut veggies somewhere where you'll see them.

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    Store Tupperware in an Upper Cabinet

    tupperware storage cabinet


    You may not think "stunning" would be a word to describe Tupperware storage but this neat cabinet defies all odds. The lid storage holder is a great idea, and notice how the lids that don't fit are matched with their bottom. If you have the room, using an upper cabinet as plastic container storage is effective because, unlike a lower drawer or cabinet, you can't just throw things in there— each item has to be placed.

Tupperware is essential for every home cook, and it can quickly get disorganized. These clever ideas for how to store food containers will make your Tupperware cabinet, shelf, or bin so much easier to navigate.