A Thanksgiving Turkey Handprint Art Project for Kids

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    Thanksgiving Art from the Tiniest Hands

    A picture of the Thanksgiving turkey handprint art project for kids
    Choose from two versions of this Thanksgiving turkey handprint art project for kids, one with feathers and one without. Photo © Apryl Duncan

    Create Thanksgiving turkey handprint art with your kids that's also a keepsake. A turkey handprint makes a lasting impression you can repeat each year to watch your children's hands grow.

    There are two versions of this craft. Show off your child's full handprints (pictured left) or add feathers over your child's fingers (pictured right). These instructions have you covered, no matter which style you prefer.

    Before you get started:

    While the smallest hands can participate in this craft, some steps...MORE require the use of scissors. Adult supervision is required.

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    Your Supply List

    All supplies needed for the turkey handprint craft
    Supplies Required for the Turkey Handprint Craft. Photo © Apryl Duncan
    The supplies you need to complete this Thanksgiving project will cost around $10:
    • Two Wiggly Eyes (One if you are only making one handprint turkey)
    • White Acrylic Paint
    • Light Brown Acrylic Paint
    • Red Acrylic Paint
    • Yellow Acrylic Paint
    • Thick Light Blue Paper (12x12 Used for This Project)
    • Thick Green Paper
    • Thick Yellow Paper
    • Thick Orange Paper
    • Pen or Pencil
    • Scissors
    • Paintbrush
    • Glue
    • Cotton Ball
    • Wax Paper or Paper Plate to Use as a Paint Palette
    • 8 Feathers (Optional)

    Note: Verify all...MORE paint is non-toxic before your children put their hands in it.

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    Dip Your Child's Hand in the Paint

    A Hand is Dipped Into Paint
    Lightly Cover Your Child's Palm and Fingers in Non-Toxic Paint. Photo © Apryl Duncan
    Squirt the light brown paint onto a piece of wax paper or a paper plate. Spread it out enough to cover the width and height of your child's hand.

    Place your child's hand, palm down, into the paint. Make sure the entire hand is coated but not over-saturated. You want to make sure the sweet lines of your child's fingers and palm show up on the paper instead of gloppy paint.

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    Make the Turkey Bodies

    Small hands make the turkey bodies of the handprint craft
    Create the Turkey Bodies for Your Handprint Craft. Photo © Apryl Duncan
    Help your child place his left hand flat on the light blue paper. Repeat with the right hand so the turkeys face each other. The thumbs will act as turkey necks and heads.

    For older children or a smaller paper size, two hands may not fit on the page. Instead of making two turkey bodies, your child can make one in the center of the paper.

    Allow the paint to dry.

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    Paint the Turkey's Waddle

    Turkey handprints with a red waddle
    Give Each Turkey a Red Waddle. Photo © Apryl Duncan
    Use the paintbrush and red paint to give each turkey a waddle. Paint should be completely dry before moving on.

    Note: For more fun, let kids who can use a paintbrush add the turkey's body parts themselves. This Thanksgiving craft doesn't require a professional-looking paint job.

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    Paint the Turkey Legs and Beak

    This turkey craft has a body, beak, legs and a waddle
    Give Each Turkey Legs and a Beak. Photo © Apryl Duncan
    With the yellow paint, add the turkey's legs and beak. Paint on turkey toes but don't stress over making them perfect. The feet will mostly be covered up with grass.

    Let the paint dry.

    Tip: Give the turkeys character. Paint long legs and a skinny beak on one, chubby legs and a short beak on the other. You can't mess up this turkey craft.

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    Make the Sun

    Scissors cut a yellow sun
    Cut Out a Yellow Circle for the Sun. Photo © Apryl Duncan
    On the back of your yellow sheet of paper, draw a circle freehand or sketch around the bottom of a toilet paper roll. Cut out the sun.
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    Draw the Sunbeams

    Triangles are drawn around the sun for sunbeams
    Create Your Sunbeams. Photo © Apryl Duncan
    Place your sun on the back of the orange paper and draw triangles all the way around the circle. These will become your sunbeams.

    Cut out the orange sunbeams.

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    Finish the Sun

    A sun and sunbeams are glued together
    Glue the Sun to the Sunbeams. Photo © Apryl Duncan
    Flip over the yellow sun and orange sunbeams so any pen or pencil marks from your drawing don't show. Glue the yellow sun in the center of your orange sunbeams.
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    Draw the Grass

    Grass is drawn on the back of a piece of paper
    Freehand Short and Long Lines to Draw the Grass. Photo © Apryl Duncan
    On the back of the green piece of paper, draw zigzag lines of various heights and widths. This will become your grass.

    Just use your pen or pencil marks as a guide. The scissors will make straight lines for you.

    Cut out the grass. Turn it over to hide any pen or pencil lines.

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    Glue the Scene Together

    The sun, grass and turkey eyes are glued into place
    Glue the Sun, Grass and Turkey Eyes in Place. Photo © Apryl Duncan
    Glue the sun with sunbeams onto the light blue paper. Glue the grass across the bottom of the light blue paper.

    Also glue one wiggle eye on the turkey near the top of your child's thumb imprint. Repeat for the other turkey.

    Allow everything to dry.

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    Paint the Clouds

    A cotton ball is used to paint puffy clouds
    Use the Cotton Ball to Paint White, Puffy Clouds. Photo © Apryl Duncan
    Dip the cotton ball in white paint. Dab the cotton ball onto the light blue paper to make clouds.

    Try not to smear the cotton ball across the page. Simple up and down movements will give your clouds a puffy appearance.

    Let the paint dry.

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    The Turkey Handprint Without Feathers

    A completed turkey handprint without feathers
    Version One is Finished. Photo © Apryl Duncan
    This version is complete if you would like your child's turkey handprint to show off his entire hand. Or you can continue through two more steps to have an alternate turkey handprint with feathers.
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    Cut Feathers

    A feather is cut with scissors
    Trim 8 Feathers to Cover Your Child's Finger Imprints. Photo © Apryl Duncan
    For version two of the turkey handprint, you'll be adding feathers. Cut a feather to be about the same length of one your child's fingers on the turkey handprint. Repeat until you've finished all eight feathers.

    Note: You will only need four feathers if you just have one turkey handprint on the page.

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    The Turkey Handprint With Feathers

    A turkey handprint with feathers
    Glue the Feathers and Version Two is Finished. Photo © Apryl Duncan
    Glue a feather over each finger until you've finished all eight. Wait for the glue to dry.

    You've now completed version two of the turkey handprint. Be sure your child signs and dates the back after the glue dries.