How to Turn Old Windows into Furniture

Repurpose Old Wood Windows as Cabinets, Tables, and More

man making table out of discarded old window

Flickr / roger_mommaerts / CC BY-SA

Decorating with old wood windows adds vintage charm to your home, even if you live in brand new construction. Windows with divided panes of glass look particularly charming, and you can turn old windows into furniture, such as cabinets and tables. Here are five ideas to inspire you:

1. Curio Cabinet

Attach four identical rectangular windows to a framework to make a four-sided curio cabinet.

Use hinges to attach at least one of the windows to the frame with hinges so it serves as a door. Add a vintage glass or porcelain knob so you can open it with ease. Fit your cabinet with a glass shelves, and add a top made of glass or wood. Attach legs to the curio cabinet, or make a table to serve as a base.

2. Shadow Box Cocktail or End Table

Turn an old window into the top of a shadow box table if you need space to display small collectibles. Depending on the window size, you can make a coffee or end table.

Start by building an open-topped wooden box serve as the shadow box. The box should equal the length and width of your window.

The shadow box can be as shallow or deep as you like, depending on what you want to display. Trim the box with mitered molding for a finished, professionally made look, or leave it plain if you prefer a primitive or rustic effect.

Add hinges to one side of the box, and then attach the window to the hinges. The hinges let you raise and lower the window to rearrange the collectibles on display.

Finally, add legs to your table to complete it. If you made a cocktail table with a deep shadow box, consider bun or spool feet. Otherwise, choose sturdy legs that raise your table to the desired height.

3. Other Old Window Tables

Even if you don't need the display space, you can still enjoy the vintage-inspired look of a window-topped table.

You can make a console, end, cocktail, or small dining table; it all depends on the size and shape of your window. Use a window with a grid of muntins if you like the divided pane look. Opt for a single-pane window if you need an even surface for dining or display.

For the simplest construction, fasten your table legs to the window rails with brackets, with or without adding an apron. Or, build a frame out of wood, and then secure the legs and the window to the frame.

If you're concerned about safety, replace the original window glass with safety glass.

4. Headboard

Making a DIY headboard is an ideal way to turn old windows into furniture.

The simplest method is mounting windows to the wall behind the bed. Use one large window for a single bed. Mount a row of grid containing multiple windows for full, queen, and king beds. You can remove the glass for safety, especially if you're using your window frame headboard in a child's room -- or if you live in an area prone to earthquakes.

If you want to add color or pattern to your bedroom, install fabric panels in the openings that originally held the glass panes.

If you have some basic carpentry skills, you can fasten the windows together and add legs that attach to the bed frame, or even build a frame to house the window.

5. Glass-Fronted Cupboard

If you want to display books, dishes, or accessories behind glass, you can make a wall-mounted or freestanding cupboard with glass doors made from old windows.

Choose one window or a pair with multiple panes divided by muntins, and then build a bookcase-style cupboard to fit. The depth is up to you, but align the cupboard shelves with the horizontal window muntins.

Attach the single window or pair to the cupboard with hinges, and add knobs or pulls so you can open the door.

Finally, secure the cupboard to the wall, or add sturdy legs or bun feet to use it as a freestanding piece.