8 Steps to Turn Your Bedroom Into a 5-Star Hotel Room

Made bed with organized bedding next to side table with flowers and candle

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Sure, everyone wishes they could settle into a five-star hotel permanently and never look back, but there are plenty of ways to replicate the ambiance of a luxe guest room back home, too. We spoke with experts who offered insights on how to design a sleep space so that it feels as comforting and sophisticated as possible. Read on for eight tips that you can begin to implement in your home today.

Meet the Expert

  • Charles Almonte is an architect and interior design consultant with his own company.
  • Candace Plotz is the founder and principal designer of Candace Plotz Design.
  • Doris Roberts is the owner and principal interior decorator at Doris Roberts Interiors. She has multiple professional certifications.

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1. Don't Skimp on Bedding

Many people look forward to snoozing in a cushy hotel bed when traveling, swearing it helps them sleep better. Whether you require a solid nine hours per evening or can squeak by on just six, you'll want to maximize your sleep time at home by making your bed ultra comfortable and soothing. "Purchase the best bed linens you can afford," designer Charles Almonte urges. "Beddings should be soft and feel luxurious as it touches your skin. It should make you feel like you are being embraced in a soft cocoon." Linen bedding is a popular choice at the moment, and there's a good reason as to why. "Linen bedding creates a refined yet lived-in-look that never goes out of style and is temperature regulating so it’s perfect for year round use," designer Candace Plotz explains.  

Silk pillowcases are also becoming more and more mainstream (and are said to have a number of hair and skin benefits, too!). Talk about putting the beauty in beauty sleep—what's more luxurious?

Bedding and pillow cover being replaced

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2. Address Lighting

Think about the atmosphere you'd like to create in your sleep space. Notes Almonte, "Lighting should be moody and soft and can sometimes be sexy, too!" Not sure where to begin? "Indirect lighting such as lamps with soft fabric shades or cove lighting are great options," he explains.

End table with a lamp next to a bed

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3. Streamline Accessories

High-end hotel rooms are never filled to the brim with accessories and knick-knacks; rather, they're thoughtfully curated with just the right amount of decor, so you'll want to take this approach with your own bedroom, too. "Minimize visual clutter," Almonte states. "A personal touch, such as a small vase of flowers, an elegant clock, or a sterling silver jewelry dish on the bedside table is sometimes enough." Choose items that you'll be happy to admire as you wake up each day, and toss or donate anything that doesn't make your space feel more zen.

Erin Williamson

Erin Williamson Design

4. Be Your Own Housekeeper

One of the best parts about staying in a luxe hotel? Not having to worry about making your bed each morning and returning to a pristine room after a long day of eating, drinking, and exploring a new city. But, Almonte says, you should certainly make every effort to tackle this chore as soon as you wake up each day. Not only will it get you up and moving, it will make your evening routine feel a bit more special. "Come bedtime, you’ll feel like you just walked in to a five-star hotel bedroom that offered a turndown service," he adds.  

Brown blanket being adjusted on bed

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5. Hang Mirrors

Hotel rooms don't have to be large in size to feel beautiful and inviting, and neither does your bedroom. But if you do want to make your space feel more expansive, consider this tip from designer Doris Roberts. "Strategically place mirrors in the space to help reflect light and to make the room feel larger," she offers. We suggest leaning one atop a desk to create a makeshift vanity—this will also help make your bedroom feel like it belongs in a boutique hotel—or hanging mirrors above each bedside table.

White framed mirror being placed on wall

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6. Display Art

Artwork is what gives a bedroom extra personality and is a key component of luxury hotel rooms, too. Here, take the opportunity to display a large canvas or framed piece. Gallery walls, while a favorite for other rooms of the home, don't look quite as luxe in the bedroom. If you're drawn to a modern aesthetic, a large abstract piece is an excellent choice. If your style leans more traditional, consider hanging a framed landscape. Black and white figure drawings are also quite chic; lean a few atop a dresser for a casual, Parisian vibe.

Pure Salt Interiors

Pure Salt Interiors

7. Add a Rug

Roberts encourages placing "a comfortable, plush rug" in the bedroom. Why not set a soft sheepskin (faux is fine, too!) by your bedside? Your feet will get the royal treatment as you emerge from your cocoon each morning. Moroccan rugs are also extremely cozy; choose one in a black and white hue if you don't wish to overwhelm your space with color.

Tan rug with gray slippers on top underneath bed frame

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8. Don't Forget About the Bathroom

Everyone appreciates a spacious, spotless hotel bathroom. Finish the hotel vibe by making your own loo as sleek and streamlined as possible. Tuck beauty products away into drawers or bins to keep the sink area free of clutter. Display just a few everyday essentials in a petite basket and set it atop a marble tray. Ensure your space is well-stocked with everything you or a guest might need: washcloths, extra toilet paper, plenty of hand soap, and the like. Just add a candle or a chic bottle of perfume and you're all set.

Bathroom essentials placed in wicker basket next to rolled towels

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