How to Get a 5-Star Hotel Mattress for Your Bed

Bedding From Luxury Hotels to Your Home

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Checkout time already? If only you could take home the luxurious mattress you slept on when staying at that five-star hotel. Well, now you can. In addition to all the other amenities, hotels also offer you the best night's sleep on beds made exclusively for the chain by well-known manufacturers.

Simply head to the hotel's website and order one. In no time at all, you can have the same sleep experience at home as you did during your stay. Here are four of the most popular chains that offer the same style mattresses, box springs, and frames for sale which are used in rooms. You'll learn on each website what mattresses hotels use and the construction that goes into making them so comfortable.

Ritz-Carlton's Mattresses

The Ritz-Carlton is the jewel of Marriott International's luxury hotel chain. The Ritz-Carlton offers the same style of custom-made and exclusively designed bed sets through its shops on The Ritz-Carlton website. In addition to having access to the same mattress and box spring set, you'll be able to decorate your bedroom in The Ritz-Carlton style of linens, bath and spa products, plus glassware, and other decorative items you'll spot at the hotel chain.

Westin's Mattresses

Westin Hotels & Resorts is another premium brand of Marriott International. Its well-known mattress can be bought from the chain's online store, along with the same pillows, sheets, duvets, duvet covers, and even the mattress pads you've fallen in love with while staying at the hotel.

Hilton's Mattresses

Hilton Hotels offers an unforgettable night's sleep on its custom-designed mattress. You'll also find the chain's bedding sets and featherbeds for sale to complete your dreamy night's sleep.

Kimpton's Mattresses

The Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant Group, known as a global boutique chain, can be found in cities worldwide. The hotel's designs are bold and playful, but its signature Kimpton mattress is said to be exceedingly calming and restful. The hotel's bedding, featherbeds, and down pillows can also be purchased online.

Here's a tip to help you remember what you slept on or enjoyed using while at the hotel: While you're in the room, jot down details or snap a picture of labels on the bedding, pillow, towel, and linens you're interested in buying so you can match the exact item.

A Cautionary Note

Take into consideration that the heavenly sleep you had on a hotel bed may simply indicate that your mattress at home (or pillows) may need to be replaced. You might find a similar feeling of comfort on a mattress in your local bedding store.

If you still want to order a hotel-style mattress, don't shy away from checking into the costs of replicating the five-star bedding experience at home. Many items rival the prices of beds and sheets you'd find at your favorite retailer. Once your hotel haven is set up, plan on more staycations so you can enjoy your own five-star amenities!