11 Ways to Turn Your Old Denim Jeans into Home Decor

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    Don't Dump Your Old Denims

    Ikea Skruvsta Denim Chair Hack

    If it's time to shed your favorite jeans, don't kiss them goodbye. While jean styles come and go, the denim they're made of is a workhorse fabric that's perfect for repurposing. So why not reimagine your old bottoms?

    To inspire you to get making, here are 11 stylish ways to repurpose denim jeans into something cute and useful for your home.

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    Denim Bench Cushion

    Dog sitting on a repurposed bench seat

    Dress up a no-frills bench with a comfy denim box cushion. To DIY, you'll need a sewing machine equipped with a denim needle.

    Here's the supply list:

    • Multipurpose foam for filling the bench cushion.
    • Several pairs of clean old jeans.
    • Sharp fabric scissors for easy cutting. 

    The first order of business is to transform your old jeans into a flat material you can work with. This DIY shares what you need to know. 

    Next, sew your box cushion. This tutorial breaks down the process into seven easy steps.

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    Denim Rag Rug

    Dog relaxing on a traditional denim rag rug

    Turn your old jeans into a shaggy treat for your feet.

    Rag rugs like this one made by Lana Von Haught, are simple to DIY using a utility fabric rug liner.

    So that you know, super soft denim works best. After cutting the fabric into two to four-inch strips, you'll loop each piece through a different hole in the rug liner and then knot. Here's Lana's tutorial

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    Easy to Make Denim Basket

    DIY denim basket

    You don't need ninja-like crafting skills to sink your teeth into this basket idea by Ama, the Belgian DIYer behind OhOhblog. While it takes a chunk of time to create, it's a great rainy day project that's easy peasy to weave. 

    You'll need a few things besides tailor's shears:

    • Container to use as a template for your basket. Ama used a small utility bucket.
    • One or more pairs of jeans depending on your basket's size. You'll cut the pant legs into long 1-inch wide strips.
    • Sewing machine or needle and thread. You'll be sewing the denim pieces end to end before weaving.

    For more details get Ama's tutorial.

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    Create a Denim Wall Hanging in Minutes

    Simple denim wall tapestry idea
    Make Tribe

    These lovely wall hangings are satisfyingly simple to DIY.

    To get started, gather the following:

    • Old denim jeans in different shades for creating an ombre effect. For visual interest, add another fabric to the mix.
    • Wooden dowel for each wall hanging. Most home improvement stores stock them in various lengths.
    • Twine for hanging the finished masterpiece.

    Make Tribe shares how to build.

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    DIY Denim Placemats

    No-sew denim place mat

    Ruth from Living Well Planner says if you can sew a straight line, you can turn a pair of denim bottoms into a placemat.

    Here's what to do:

    • Slice off the pant legs.
    • Cut the seam that runs across the crotch as if you were making a short skirt.
    • Separate the back of the jeans from the front by cutting the side seams.
    • Make sure your placement is rectangular by neatening up the three cut sides with scissors.
    • Sew a straight line near the edges you just cut to prevent excessive fraying.
    • Toss the placemat in the wash to fray the cut edges.

    Here are more photos of Ruth's project.

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    No-Sew Denim Wall Storage

    No-sew denim pocket storage board

    Sewing doesn't have to be a part of your DIY repertoire to make this denim wall organizer by Robin at Redo it Yourself. All you need is glue and a styrofoam board. Here's how to stick it all together.

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    No-Sew Denim Coasters

    No-sew denim pocket coasters

    Denim is a versatile and durable fabric that's easy to clean. That's why the folks at Funky Junky Vintage decided to repurpose jean pockets into coasters. 

    If you plan to do the same, here's a tip. Leave a half inch of material around each pocket when cutting them out. Afterward, wash to create lovely frayed edges. 

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    Denim Sunflower Rug

    DIY repurposed jeans rug

    Earn DIY bragging rights by transforming those denim bottoms you never wear into a wow-worthy sunflower rug. Even better, your friends will never guess that it's a snap to make.

    Basic sewing tools are required including a sewing machine with a denim needle and a trusty pair of fabric scissors.

    You'll also need the following supplies:

    • Seven or more pairs of adult-sized jeans. 
    • Craft paper for creating the "petal" pattern.
    • Extra strong upholstery thread.

    You'll use the pant legs to create the petals and the center circle in the middle. 

    So that you know, you'll need an anti-slip rug pad for your new showpiece.

    For additional DIY details visit, OhOhBlog.

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    Denim Bean Bag Chair

    Denim bean bag chair

    Not a DIYer? JeanBag will turn your worn out denims into a bean bag chair for $350 USD.

    But if you're an avid sewer with a stack of old jeans, you can make it yourself for $100 or less. These tips will give you a jumpstart:

    • Need a sewing pattern? We found a great one on Craftsy. It's available in four different sizes.
    • Before getting started, turn your old jeans into flat denim fabric.
    • Bean bag chairs need filler material. When it comes to comfort, polystyrene microbeads (they're plastic) are the gold standard. But if you prefer using an eco-friendly material, biodegradable packing peanuts are a very affordable option. FYI, they dissolve in water.
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    Denim Hexagon Pillow

    DIY hexagon denim pillow

    Here's a super easy sewing project by Kristyn, the crafty mama behind the blog Lil' Luna. To make, she cut up a bunch of old jeans into hexagon shapes. 

    To whip up you'll need the following:

    • Hexagon template
    • Canvas fabric for the pillow cover
    • Fabric glue 
    • Iron
    • Thread in different denim shades
    • Pillow form

    The tricky part is arranging the denim hexagons onto the canvas fabric before sewing. Here's more you need to know.

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    Denim IKEA Hack

    Ikea Skruvsta Denim Chair Hack

    Claire, the blogger who pens Pillar Box Blue isn't called the denim whisper for nothing. She has been upcycling discarded jeans for years. Her latest project is an upholstery hack that dresses up a rundown IKEA chair using an electric staple gun. She reveals how here.