4 Tuscan Colors You Can Duplicate With Ordinary House Paint

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    Tuscan Paint Colors

    Tuscan Colors

    Tuscan paint colors: timeless and ethereal...or a dated trend?

    Tuscany had its great day in popular culture. Around 2000, sparked largely by popular books from Frances Mayes (Under the Tuscan Sun), suddenly "Tuscany" was on everyone's tongues.

    Yet Tuscany has been around for thousands of years, and it goes far beyond mere cultural blips and fads. With its rich culture, art, people, food, and natural surroundings, the colors of Tuscany are here to stay.

    Getting the colors right is important if you are remodeling your kitchen in the Tuscan style.

    Four Basics

    1. Ocher/Reds
    2. Oranges
    3. Greens
    4. Blues

    I used a tool called Easy RGB to match Tuscan colors to existing paint colors from major manufacturers.

    Keep in mind that Tuscan paint "colors" are as much about surface treatment and finish as the color itself. Valspar has a two-step process called Tuscan Accents which duplicates an attractive textured style, though it seems to have discontinued its line of Tuscan colors.

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    Tuscan Paint Colors: Ocher and Red Family

    Tuscan Colors Ocher
    Tuscan Colors Ocher. Morguefile

    One of the most defining Tuscan paint colors is ocher, a brownish-red hue derived from clay.

    Paint Manufacturer(s)

    Dutch Boy

    Your Choices

    • Vermillion
    • Chinatown
    • Bitterroot
    • Pottery
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    Tuscan Paint Colors: Orange Family

    Tuscan Paint Color Orange

    Faded oranges give Tuscan paint colors the feeling of a fading sunset.

    Paint Manufacturer(s)

    Dutch Boy

    Your Choices

    • Gold Coast
    • Carved Pumpkin
    • Hit the Jackpot
    • Orange Pushup
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    Tuscan Paint Colors: Green Family

    Tuscan Paint Colors Green

    Tuscany borders the Tyrrhenian Sea, and thus draws many of its color influences from the ocean.

    Paint Manufacturer(s)

    Dutch Boy

    Your Choices

    • Fingerlakes
    • Crusoe Island
    • Moraine Hills Blue
    • Columbus Day
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    Tuscan Paint Colors: Blue Family

    Tuscan Blue Colors

    Tuscany's great, wide blue sky inspires the wide range of blues found in Tuscan paint colors.

    Paint Manufacturer(s)

    Dutch Boy

    Your Choices

    • Blue Marlin
    • Go Blue
    • 2-B-4 Pacifica
    • Uncle Sam's Blues