Tuxedo Cats Picture Gallery

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    Tuxedo Cats Picture Gallery

    Picture of tuxedo cat Tuck
    May Cats Picture Calendar Featuring Tuck Tuck. © Ron

    May Cats Picture Calendar

    Black and white cats are like snowflakes: you'll never see any two with identical markings, but Tuxedos usually have some form of a white "V" on the chest-- very formal and striking. Our May Cats Picture Calendar is dedicated to Tuxedo cats and other black-and-white cats because... well, just because. Maybe for the Spring Prom tuxedos, although I'm sure my readers can figure out some better justifications. Enjoy these pictures of striking tuxedo cats.

    Tuck,...MORE and his adopted "sister," Starburst, were featured in the Cat Rescues Gallery. Tuck is a magnificent example of a tuxedo cat.

    When my wife, Kathy, and I first moved into our mountain home, it was apparent there was a large feral cat population. I began to TNR. By the second year, there were few fertile ones left, but we knew there was still one black queen which was pregnant. I was working out of town when Kathy called to say there were six wild kittens in our yard with no sign of the mother. I told Kathy to put out food and water. By the time I got home a week later, there were only three left and one of those disappeared before I could move them into the garage. The two remaining ones, a tuxedo cat, and a tortie were very wild. It took a long time to tame them down, but Starburst, the tortie, is now a confirmed lap cat and Tuck is the sweetest cat on earth.

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    Tuxedo Cats Picture Gallery

    Picture of tuxedo cat Sakkie
    May Cats Picture Calendar Featuring Sakkie Sakkie. © Liz Thorpe

    This is Sakkie the cat in my life. We do almost everything together ( sleep, bath, play ); he is my partner in life, a soul mate if you wish. He is turning two this Feb. 2006 and has the heart of a lion! and the claws too. Sakkie enjoys reading the FHM magazine, lying on the couch, eating (a lot), biting and attacking me (lovingly), and is very germ conscious about his toilet ( meows till I clean his doo-doo). He loves dogs (has a Labrador sister and brother); they don't really want to play,...MORE so he gets a cheap shot, or claws when they walk past him. Like all cat lovers, he makes my world/life special. Thank you for the letters - we also enjoy the pics very much (Sakkie especially like the ones of the girls)

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    Tuxedo Cats Picture Gallery

    May Cats Picture Calendar Featuring Ella Ella. © Paul

    My cat's name is Ella, she is a Black and White British short haired domestic house cat. She doesn't like store purchased toys and instead prefers to play with Pens, her tail, and marbles. Ella is 1 year and 8 months old yet remains a really cute and tiny cat, who never really grew that much. She is a very photogenic cat and I enjoy capturing her at her best as in the photo above. She even has her own website, which I made to showcase her beautiful photos.

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    Tuxedo Cats Picture Gallery

    Picture of tuxedo cat Bogie
    May Cats Picture Calendar Featuring Bogie Bogie. © Debra Walker

    Bogey is a 14-year-old tuxedo. I've had him since he was 4 years old. He's a chubby, weighing in at around 18 pounds. Bogey loves simple toys - empty boxes, shoe laces, and the tv remote left sitting on the table. He also likes to lay across the stairs then call me down to find him. He's a great companion and his personality makes me laugh all the time.

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    Tuxedo Cats Picture Gallery

    Picture of tuxedo cat Lucy
    May Cats Picture Calendar Featuring Lucy Lucy. © Rick Moscola

    Lucy is a beautiful 3-year-old tuxedo cat who loves to complain about everything. We call her "Miss Priss" because she gets very annoyed if things aren't going her way. Especially if she doesn't get her full ration of Salmon canned food every day. She and her brother Fuzzy are beautiful cats.

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    Tuxedo Cats Picture Gallery

    Picture of tuxedo cat Sylvester
    May Cats Picture Calendar Featuring Sylvester Sylvester. © Kristin Mornar

    Ahhhh...what tuxedo cat picture gallery would be complete without a Sylvester?

    Sylvester is a 2-year-old black & white cat, and always ready to play. He talks to the birds and squirrels as he watches them outside my window. He sounds like he tries to almost imitate the bird sounds. It's quite comical!

    This cat is spoiled like a baby. I have a full cabinet of ALL cat toys! He never gets bored. And sometimes he even gets into the cabinet to pull out a toy, he's a smart one!

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    Tuxedo Cats Picture Gallery

    Picture of tuxedo cat Taz
    May Cats Picture Calendar Featuring Taz Taz480x360. © Valarie Bedard

    Taz is 7 years old. I call him the mighty hunter. I don't think he too happy about our new addition to the family. I think he rather has Pretty Girl for Lunch!

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    Tuxedo Cats Picture Gallery

    Picture of Tuxedo cat Ziggy
    May Cats Picture Calendar Featuring Ziggy Ziggy. © Natalie

    Ziggy is a tuxedo munchkin and is named after the cartoon character since he is very short and weighs 6.5 pounds. He still acts very much like a kitten and drives his brother and sister crazy. He runs around the house and loves to climb cat trees and play with almost any toy he can get his little paws on. He has no problem keeping up with his brother and sister. In fact, he is usually a few steps ahead of them.

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    Tuxedo Cats Picture Gallery

    Picture of tuxedo cat Oreo
    May Cats Picture Calendar Featuring Oreo Oreo. © Natalie

    "Oreo" also lends itself to a name for a tuxedo cat.

    Oreo is also a Tuxedo and is Ziggy's stepbrother. He is a momma's boy. He loves to sleep and as a kitten fell asleep standing up all the time. I got Oreo 2 months before I adopted Ziggy. They look so much alike except for the white spot on their faces being on opposite sides. Their sister is a silver tabby and she would hiss at Oreo thinking it was Ziggy. They all became very close and love to take naps together.

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    Tuxedo Cats Picture Gallery

    Picture of Casey, a Tuxedo cat
    May Cats Picture Calendar Featuring Casey Casey. © David

    A month after losing my dear Maine Coon, Abby, to cancer, a friend asked me to go with her to the SPCA to help her look for a dog. She didn't leave with a dog, but I saw Casey, and after coming back to him repeatedly, they brought him to the "get to know you" room, and the chemistry was instant. He is my little boy, now 9 years old, and still as mischievous and into everything as ever. He absolutely loves catnip, and every time I open the pantry door, he's in there sitting on top...MORE of the trash can pulling out the zip top bag of catnip. He sleeps with us, plastered against one or the other of us all night, but only after he gets his evening "sink" time. I go into the bathroom to get ready for bed and turn around to find him lying in my sink. Once he gets up, he then sits on the edge of the sink and drinks the water as it runs. He detests having the blinds closed at night, and has some deep-seated need to destroy every lampshade he can get his paws on. He is a snuggler and a big time kneader. He gets the most hilarious little glazed "smile" on his face when he is kneading my partner's stomach. As the photos show, he knows how to turn on the charm. A friend who cat-sat him once put it better than anyone else ever has: "He is just so busy!"

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    Tuxedo Cats Picture Gallery

    May Cats Picture Calendar Featuring Dallas Dallas. © Shari

    Dallas was found hiding in the bushes late one evening. He is my first cat. He is very gregarious and outgoing, as I've found most tuxedos are. He loves his cat sister Rosie and his dog brother Rusty, and occasionally, the foster cats. Dally has spurned my great love of tuxedos!

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    Tuxedo Cats Picture Gallery

    May Cats Picture Calendar Featuring Socky Socky. © Lizette

    This very lazy cat is named Socky. She is an indoor/outdoor cat; she goes on a leash and loves it! That's her spot where she is lying; she watches everything from her perch. Socky is a very playful and sometimes naughty cat. But in a good way like most cats are.