21 Cute and Stylish TV Console Decor Ideas

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Erin Francois

If you're not sure exactly how to style your TV console, we're here to help. Whether you're looking to display some of your countless coffee table books or have a simpler setup in mind, you can't go wrong no matter what you choose. We're sharing 21 well styled TV consoles that reflect every design aesthetic: rustic, boho style, coastal, you name it!

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    Look to Your Walls

    tv console

    Kimberly Duran

    If you choose to hang your TV on the wall with other artwork, jazz up your console with accent pieces that correspond with the prints you've selected. Here, a vase full of flowers and other white and gold accents complement the hanging frames perfectly.

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    Display a Collection

    tv console

    Jenny Chohan

    If you have sculptural items—whether they are either part of a collection or are simply pieces that bring you joy—consider displaying them on your TV console where they'll be appreciated every day.

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    Utilize Cute Baskets

    tv consoles

    Danielle Moss

    Chic storage bins are excellent for corralling everything from magazines to kids' toys. It's worth investing in baskets that reflect your overall design aesthetic and keep clutter hidden from sight. Save those see-through bins for the pantry and opt for sophisticated woven pieces in the living room.

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    Store Books Underneath

    tv consoles

    Erin Francois

    Don't be afraid to make use of the space underneath your console for additional storage. Just keep piles of books streamlined, as shown here, so that the overall look appears intentional, not scattered.

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    Keep it Simple

    tv consoles

    Caitlin Swanson

    If neutrals are your thing, keep your console styling within that color scheme. Small baskets and sculptural pieces will add intrigue and function to your space. They're great for storing remotes and other necessary cords and wires, too.

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    Go Vintage

    tv consoles

    Sarah Phillipps

    Note that your TV console doesn't even have to be a traditional media stand—here, a vintage dresser does the job wonderfully. If you choose to introduce an antique looking piece like this one into your space, consider decorating it accordingly. Here, leather bound books complement the dresser perfectly.

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    Add a Plant Friend

    tv consoles


    Even if you wish to keep your console styling simple, don't underestimate the power of a plant or two. You can't go wrong adding a green friend to your setup.

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    Show Off Your Books

    tv consoles

    Kevin O'Gara

    Make use of your TV console to display some of your favorite coffee table books. These make for instant conversation starters and are easy to grab if you find yourself needing a bit of a break from all that screen time.

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    Choose Some Special Trinkets

    tv consoles

    Tasha Agruso

    If you hang an expansive gallery wall above your TV console, it may make sense to leave the surface largely clear in order to prevent things from looking too chaotic. Simply displaying a few trinkets will make the setup look nice and complete without being overwhelming.

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    Make it Matchy

    tv consoles

    Carrie Waller

    If you have a TV that displays art, keep whatever theme you choose going in accessory form. Here, plants pair beautifully with this cactus backdrop and result in a cozy, boho setup.

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    Use Floor Space

    tv consoles

    Christina Higham

    Once again, stacks of books look nice and intentional under this TV console. The under-console area can also be an excellent place to stash a basket or two if you find yourself in need of some hidden storage solutions.

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    Light it Up

    tv consoles

    Chrissy Hunter

    Candles add ambiance to any area of the home. Placing a few—or even just one large candle—on your tv console will instantly make your family room feel more cozy. Light them up, turn off the overhead lights and bundle up for a scary movie night!

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    Stash Your Stuff

    tv consoles

    Savanna Nave

    A small storage system can make for a wonderful TV console if you need to tuck your television into the corner of a room and don't have space for anything too large. As a bonus, this makes it easy to tuck away everything from DVDs to remotes to blankets.

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    Style Those Vases

    tv consoles

    Cami Graham

    If you choose to install your TV so that it hangs above the fireplace mantel, you can forgo a console table altogether. We suggest outfitting your mantel as you would even if the television wasn't there in order to ensure this special feature remains the center of attention in your space. Styling it with a few vases or candles is always a winning solution.

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    Set Out an Easel

    tv consoles

    Jayne Gorman

    Even though you're primarily glancing in the direction of your TV to watch your favorite shows, you still want your console to look nice and pretty when the screen is turned off. Consider setting out a favorite piece of artwork on a small easel so that you'll have something to admire even when you've finished binging that final season of Grey's Anatomy.

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    Let Bold Paint Do the Talking

    tv consoles


    A brightly painted dresser like this one makes a statement on its own. Thoughtfully placed book stacks look right at home atop the piece, but what's really commanding our attention is the beautiful shade of blue used in this furniture makeover.

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    Get Seasonal

    tv consoles

    Jessica Kirby

    Switch your TV console decor up with the seasons to add a festive touch to your home. Small gourds are affordable and adorable come fall.

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    Include a Rustic Touch

    tv consoles

    Justin & Chelsi Shaw

    A large bin filled with firewood and tucked under the TV console instantly brings a rustic touch to this living space. It's extremely functional, too.

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    Plug in a Lamp

    tv consoles

    @elizabeth_malm / Instagram

    If you prefer to watch TV with the overhead lights turned off but still need some extra brightness, place a lamp on the console—better yet, choose a funky piece that doubles as art.

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    Try a Bit of Everything

    tv consoles

    @caroline_mmullen / Instagram

    This TV console features all of the essentials: plenty of books to enjoy, a darling sculptural piece, and a mini mister to keep nearby plants hydrated.

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    Lean Your Artwork

    tv consoles

    @sarahlyon9 / Instagram

    Leaning pieces of art can be a great solution if you're looking to fill some space on your console but don't have room to nail frames into the wall. As a bonus, layered art also results in a more laid back, collected look.