20 Tween Room Ideas They'll Be Impressed By

hanging chair

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There comes a natural point where your child may feel as though they've outgrown their room's current decor. If your tween is itching to redo their space but you're just not sure what direction to go in when it comes to choosing colors, furniture, and accents, we're here to help. There are so many inspiring design ideas out there when it comes to tween rooms. We've rounded up our 20 favorite bedrooms that play to tweens' favorite things, like personalization, bright colors, and funky patterns. And don't worry: You're sure to appreciate these design ideas, too, by no means do they involve anything too outside the box.

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    Try This Setup Above the Bed

    neon art above bed

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    Not sure what to hang above the bed? Consider paying tribute to your tween's favorite band or musician in a way that's cute and cheerful. Here, a framed magazine cover featuring singer Harry Styles, along with a neon sign with one of his famous song lyrics, add pep to a blank wall.

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    Swing Along

    clear hanging chair

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    Why kick back on the bed when you can lounge in a cool swing? This acrylic hanging chair is the perfect place to sit while reading or listening to music.

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    Make Work Feel Like Play

    tween desk

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    Homework time will feel so much more enjoyable with a desk setup like this one. Letter boards, photo clips, and framed artwork will take a basic work station to the next level and allow your tween to express their personality.

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    Pick a Fave Phrase

    tween room with pouf

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    Bring on the good vibes. Choose throw pillows with some of your child's favorite sayings to make their room feel more unique and full of tween energy. Don't forget that tweens love to have friends over and considering extra seating options is always key. Here, a pouf can serve double duty, acting as a footrest some of the time while serving as seating when needed.

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    Think 3D

    flowers on wall

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    Make it colorful! Hang faux flowers on the wall for a three-dimensional, eye-catching display. This look can be replicated by visiting your local craft store and selecting blooms that speak to you and your tween.

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    Create a Chalkboard

    chalkboard wall

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    If you're repainting the walls in your tween's room, consider coating one of them with chalkboard paint. Your tween will love having the chance to express herself and write down meaningful quotes, important reminders, or collect notes from friends or siblings who stop by.

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    DIY Some Pillows

    pillow with words

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    Once again, pillow word art is the name of the game. If you're feeling crafty, you can sew your own throw pillows and include embroidered patches or other personal accents.

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    Go Geo

    painted geometric walls

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    Have fun with the walls in your tween's room—solid paint colors are great, but why not create a cool pattern? This geometric display doubles as art and brings in several bold colors.

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    Go Black, White, and Pink

    pink and polka dots

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    Get dotty. Paint polka dots on the walls yourself or install polka dot patterned wallpaper. This print is a classic and will always add pep to any space. If you go the black and white route, note that pink looks wonderful as a third hue, and you can have fun layering in a number of shades.

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    Roll With It

    rolling cart as nightstand

    @jordecor / Instagram

    Your tween may prefer using a rolling cart instead of a traditional nightstand. A three-shelf solution like this one makes it easy to stash away craft supplies, books for school, and any other essentials while keeping these key items within reach.

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    Get Personal

    rainbow name plaque

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    Tweens love anything personalized. If you can hang letters spelling out their name or initials, this is always a winning decor tactic! Here, a rainbow colored plaque above the bed adds some punch to this space.

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    Pick a Chic Headboard

    rattan headboard

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    Here's another example of a personalized name plate above the bed—but wait, there's more! The headboard in this space is stunning, too. Rattan pieces like this one are youthful and blend will with so many decor styles.

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    Tackle the Floors

    layered carpets

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    Tweens like to spend time lounging on the ground, so a plush carpet or rug is a must. Consider taking a cue from this space and layering a softer area rug over a larger jute for some added cushion.

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    Go Green With Vines

    hanging vines in bedroom

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    Vines are having a major moment in tween rooms, and they're an easy, affordable accent that will really take any space to the next level. Hang them behind the bed, on a blank wall, or even beside the windows.

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    Fix a Blah Fixture

    beaded chandelier

    @escape_home / Instagram

    Swap out a builder grade light fixture with one that will really speak to your tween. This beaded one is elegant and full of charm. Who hasn't dreamt of having a chandelier in their bedroom?

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    Light It Up

    neon name light

    @woodlandsstylehouse / Instagram

    Neon lights aren't just for restaurants and bars. They're having a major moment in rooms all throughout the home, and we can bet your tween will be pretty jazzed about seeing their name spelled out in lights. You could also select a favorite phrase or number, too.

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    Try a Theme

    horse themed room

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    Children's rooms are often theme-heavy, but you may wish to go for something more subtle when designing a tween's space. That said, if there's a specific sport, color, or animal that your child loves, you can still incorporate this element creatively into their space. Here, a horse pillow and horse themed artwork look elevated, not cheesy.

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    Make Storage Fun

    striped furniture

    @the_idle_hands / Instagram

    This striped dresser system is way cooler than your average wooden option. This is a great example of a way to add color and pattern into your tween's space while still prioritizing functionality.

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    Hang a Gallery Wall

    gallery wall around tv

    @rholisticinteriors / Instagram

    If your tween is lucky enough to have a TV hanging in their bedroom, make the wall around it appear more kid-friendly and less hotel-like by hanging up some other art pieces and creating a gallery wall. These animal-themed prints are colorful and sweet.

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    Install a Barn Door

    pink barn door

    @kelly.e.stone / Instagram

    What could be cooler than this barn door? Paint, new hardware, and a little creativity can go a long way in making your tween's space feel more custom.