15 Terrific Rooms for Tweens

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    Tween Rooms: Finding The Perfect Balance

    Being a “tween” can be tough. Too cool for kiddo status but not quite ready to live the teen dream, tweens are caught in the middle. They long for more recognition and responsibility but still need the time and space to just be a kid. It’s a balancing act and a tricky one at that.

    Designing the right space for your tween can be just as tricky. With greater school demands and more social interests and activities, your child’s needs are changing, making things like homework stations and entertaining space a must. That said, you’re little one is not all grown up just yet! While you want to create a space that will see your tween through teendom and beyond, it’s important to keep the focus on fun.

    Need help striking the perfect balance? These 15 terrific rooms for tweens are guaranteed to inspire!

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    Give It a Little Glitter

    What girl doesn’t love a little glitter? This glitzy tween room spotted on Little Lovelies boasts a one-of-a-kind, glitter-paint accent wall, giving the space a playful sense of glam that’s all girl without being too cutesy.

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    Hang Out Space

    With its ceiling-mounted cargo climbing net and cool skateboarding/surfing theme, this amazing boy's room, designed by So-Cal artist and interior designer Caryn Owen, is the perfect place for an energetic tween to hang loose and chill with his friends. 

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    Swing It

    You’re little one may be maturing, but when it comes to having fun, swings never get old!

    This beautiful wicker rattan swing, featured in a fresh and bright tween room design by Honey Collins Interiors, is the perfect place for your soon-to-be teenager to log a little study time or even just curl up with a good book. 

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    Dream Theme

    Want to create a space your tween is guaranteed to love? Start with something they already have a passion for.

    A stunning black and white horse mural makes a bold statement in this unique and colorful girl’s room featured on Project Nursery, setting the scene for an equestrian-themed dream room. 

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    A Galaxy Far, Far Away

    This Star-Wars-inspired tween room, created by Mallory and Savannah of Classy Clutter, takes the understated approach, blending fun themed elements such as movie quotes, characters portraits, and cool collectibles into one clean, sophisticated and contemporary design that this tween-aged Jedi will love for years to come. 

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    Sharpie Art

    Have a blossoming artist on your hands? Put that pent-up creativity to work with Sharpie Paint Pens. These inexpensive, water-based pens come in a variety of colors and finishes and can be easily covered with a fresh coat of paint, making them the perfect tool for your tween to expresses their personal style.

    This easy-to-recreate, black-and-white Sharpie accent wall, spotted on A Beautiful Mess, adds a healthy dose of personality to a simple grey and yellow space, turning a first-draft design into a masterpiece for under $10.

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    Secret Passage

    Want to give your busy kiddo a place where she can get away from it all? A secret attic hideout should do the trick!

    This one-of-a-kind space designed by Jenny Tamplin Interiors, features an envy-inducing passage to a private retreat. Cut and framed into the attic above the room, this little bonus room is the perfect place to read, study, or entertain friends—no adults or younger siblings allowed!

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    Game On

    This creative sports-themed space, seen on Architecture, Art & Design, looks more like a championship basketball court than a bedroom! With its polished wooden floors, flush interior lighting, and wall-mounted hoop, this home-turf court brings your tween’s favorite sport to life, earning style points while offering plenty of action-packed fun. 

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    Oh, So Boho

    Simple, yet stunning, this beautifully Boho girl’s room, designed by Urbanology Designs has everything the chic tween-on-the-rise needs: An elegant workstation for staying on top of those ever-more demanding homework assignments; a private dressing table for working the kinks out of that blossoming beauty routine; and plenty of room for hosting sleepovers and entertaining friends.

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    Pretty and Practical

    This bright and cheery tween room by Sarah Gunn of Sarah Gunn Style makes great use of a relatively small space. A chic yet minimalist desk offers plenty of space to study or work on the computer, saving plenty of real estate for a comfy, visitor-friendly wall bench that double as extra storage for that growing shoe collection. Genius!

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    Tween Play Zone

    This private attic get-away, spotted on the architectural design site, Aranzacje, is the perfect fit for a tween with energy to burn. There’s a swing, a climbing rope, and a rope ladder leading to a suspended hammock. A sturdy wooden desk with a net frame backing doubles as a soccer goal and comfy beanbag chairs offer extra seating for friends and fellow sport-enthusiasts. 

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    Chic Canopy

    Think you tween girl is too old for a canopy bed? Think again!

    This chic and sophisticated take on a classic princess canopy by Christine Elliot Designs is anything but childish! From the bold navy accent wall and bright, energetic accents to the cornice-crowned canopy with its peek-a-boo pop of floral fabric, this gorgeous space has ladies young and old positively swooning.

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    The Great Frame Up

    A gallery wall, like the one pictured here in this sweet yet sophisticated girl’s room from Clean Eating, Clean Living, is a perfect fit for your tween, allowing her to change her décor on a whim without breaking the bank.

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    Skateboarder's Paradise

    Skateboarding-themed tween or teen room
    Toll Brothers / Pinterest

    What extreme tween wouldn’t love this skateboarding-themed room posted to Pinterest by Toll Brothers?

    Colorful skateboards decorate the walls and a clever half-pipe-tribute window seat makes space for friends to hang, making this cool tween-friendly space the place where all the action goes down.

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    Chalk Wall

    Add an element of play to your tween’s space with some inexpensive and easy-to-use chalkboard paint. A quick coat can transform a bare and boring wall, door, or even desktop into an imaginative canvas, putting the decorating into your tween’s hands.

    This fun and funky space by Jen of Tater-Tots and Jell-O features a bold, black chalkboard accent wall paired with black-and-white graphic prints and hot pink accents.