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Twin Beaks Aviary Herb Salad. Twin Beaks Aviary

If you are like me, you’re a big believer in things that make sense. You want things in your life to work: your car, your air conditioning and your dishwasher. You want things to go right but you want stuff to work the way it was designed to work and have it be completely understandable.

Twin Beaks Aviary Herb Salad™ is one of those products that make sense. 

What Is it?

Herb Salad™ contains the things you really don’t think about feeding to your flock.

Birds in the wild commonly eat roots and shoots, bark and flowers of plants that you don’t find in the grocery store. While we aren't certain of all of the foods that parrots find in the wild, avian veterinarians are fairly certain of a companion parrot's dietary needs. And research on many of the ingredients in herb salad have been shown to be beneficial to people as well as animals.

Twin Beaks Aviary’s Herb Salad is 100% organic and it provides your bird with many required nutrients, minerals and vitamins they need and perhaps aren’t getting with most conventional food. It is all mixed together and it is served to your flock in a way where they may choose what they need and how much of whatever ingredient they select. 

This dried mix contains a wide and plentiful array of these ingredients and if you go to the website, you can see for yourself just how many different herbs and other items is in one bag.


Ingredients like dandelion root and leaves which are beneficial when fresh, are included in this salad. 

But wait, there’s more! There are some other pretty interesting items such as red clover, milk thistle seed, wheat grass, lavender flower, kelp granules, and elderberry flower. It’s quite an interesting product.

I’ve introduced it to people all over the country when they attend conferences and expos where I speak about nutrition. You will find that more and more independent bird supply stores carry it and of course it's available online at websites such as Amazon. It has gained acceptance by many who use it have it on their dry ingredient list when they prepare Chop as well as feeding it separately in a bowl for their birds.

An interesting aspect of Herb Salad™ is the fact that it gives our birds something that is very enriching in their lives: And that is the power of choice. 

The very nature of their lives as captive companion birds leaves little choice left in their lives. Providing them with this mix gives them a choice of the ingredients in the bowl and that’s a powerful tool. Choice is something everyone wants and this little decision they can make every day is something that I believe makes them happier. Just like people enjoy Sunday brunch buffets because of the many choices they have, Herb Salad™ provides your birds with a nice herb buffet where they can pick and choose what they want to consume. 

Twin Beaks believes that at times, birds instinctively know what they require in their diet medicinally and what they need to keep their systems working when they are not in top condition.

As it is a dry mix, it won’t go bad, get rancid or cloud up a water bowl like many additives do. Remember, when you put additives in a water bowl, you are feeding any bacteria that might enter the bowl. So leaving an additive in a bird’s water for any length of time might not be the wisest choice. 

I began feeding it to my African Greys years ago when I learned about the product and I’m comfortable with the fact that it offers yet another food item they seem to enjoy as well as providing them with the choice of which herbs to ingest. It doesn’t go bad as it is a dry product which is an advantage to those of us with busy lives. And it smells nice with an earthy, herby aroma. 

Simply place the salad in a shallow bowl in their enclosure and see if they take to it. No need to change their diet.

As a matter of fact Twin Beaks suggest that the diet remain the same and that you monitor your bird for any changes. 

Please visit Twin Beaks to learn more about Herb Salad™ and some other interesting products.

I recommend you give this product a try!