Twin Eagles Infrared Salamangrill

Twin Eagles Salamangrill Gas Salamander
Twin Eagles Salamangrill Gas Salamander. Twin Eagles

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Order a steak in a fancy restaurant there is a good chance it will be cooked in a Salamander. A Salamander is a box with a powerful infrared burner on the top, focused down, that can heat to temperatures up to 1,500 degrees F. Several years ago the fine people at Twin Eagles developed this home version of this restaurant mainstay. The Twin Eagles Salamander is small enough to be practical for home use and large enough to cook a medium-sized pizza or a couple of steaks.

Of course, at a price above $1,900USD it isn't cheap, but you are paying for quality.


  • Complete 304 stainless steel construction
  • Capable of reaching extremely high temperatures
  • Four position cooking grate


  • $1,900USD price tag
  • Won't cook a big meal all at once, but does cook very fast


  • One 15,000 BTU infrared top-mounted burner
  • Four position cooking grate
  • Complete 304 stainless steel construction
  • Countertop unit is light enough to make moving it relatively easy
  • Removable cooking grate, side panels and drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Battery powered electronic ignition
  • Measures 24" X 17" X 17"
  • Weighs in around 70 pounds
  • Made in the United StatesĀ 

Guide Review - Twin Eagles Infrared Salamangrill

In many upscale restaurants, steaks are cooking not on a grill but under what is called a Salamander. A Salamander works like a broiler with a top down infrared burner producing temperatures above 1,500 degrees F.

With no risk of flare-ups, a Salamander is a perfect way to cook a steak hot and fast, very hot and fast. Now, Twin Eagles has produced the first commercially available, gas powered Salamander, the Salamangrill. This small outdoor cooker is perfect for grilling lots of things that can be cooked fast.

Everything from steaks to fish to pizzas is perfect in this unit and it does a fantastic job for producing amazingly high temperatures for cooking.

Built completely from 304-grade stainless steel, the Salamangrill is durable, powerful and even easy to clean. You can get it in propane or natural gas, as a standalone, counter top unit or built in. The 15,000 BTU infrared burner generates incredible heat, but since it focuses down from the top of the unit, grease cannot catch fire. The food grate is adjustable so you can put steaks right up under the burner or you can adjust it down for more delicate foods like fish and seafood.

This unit doesn't come cheap at around $1,900USD but it will replace many of the functions of your gas grill and its durable construction will keep it working for years. If you are serious about steaks, this is definitely the unit you should be looking at.