Dreamy Doubles: 18 Inspiring Twin Nurseries

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    Making Room for Two

    Boho chic twin nursery with nature theme
    Photo: Nash Styling via Instagram

    Designing the perfect nursery for your little bundle-to-be can be intimidating. Add a second pea to the pod, and the idea can be downright stressful. Feeling a little overwhelmed? Don’t worry. Designing a nursery for two is not that different from designing any other space. There are just a few things to keep in mind.

    When it comes to twin nurseries, less is definitely more. Having twins should mean double the fun, not double the stuff. While it’s hard to get around having two cribs, you’ll be surprised how much your little duo can share. That said, with space at a premium, keeping your design fairly simple and clean-cut is a must.

    Focus on function. With two babies to look after, it’s extra important to be able to lay your hands on what you need, when you need it. Easy-to-access storage, extra seating, and multi-functional furnishings make a world of difference to your daily life.

    Designing a nursery for mix-gender twins doesn’t have to be limiting. There are plenty of wonderful gender-neutral themes and color schemes to choose from!

    Need a little inspiration? These beautiful twin nurseries will take you from overwhelmed to overjoyed in moments!

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    Modern Duo

    Modern, black and white twin room
    Photo: Style Me Pretty.

    This gender-neutral twin nursery, featured on Style Me Pretty, boasts a double dose of modern midcentury chic!

    Straight lines, sparse accessories, and an emphasis on balance and symmetry give the space its clean, contemporary appeal while a dynamic duo of bold prints and gold accents provide plenty of pop.

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    Chic and Neutral

    Neutral twin nursery
    Photo: Finnian's Moon Interiors

    A neutral palette is a smart choice for twin nurseries, especially for parents of mixed-gender twins. Think neutral nurseries are boring? Think again! When done well, a neutral palette can provide a beautiful backdrop for a rich and complex space, allowing more subtle design elements, such as pattern and texture, to edge out color and take center stage.

    In this sweet and neutral twin nursery from Finnian’s Moon Interiors, texture is king. From the embossed carpet to the hand-crocheted pendant covers, the design offers an understated yet visual-stimulating alternative to the traditional colorful nursery palette.

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    Pop of Color

    Neutral twin nursery with painted ceiling
    Photo: Disc Interiors via Houzz.

    Like the idea of a neutral nursery, but find yourself craving a little more color? Try painting the ceiling!

    A coat of sunny orange makes a dramatic difference in this otherwise neutral space by DISC Interiors, making the space feel extra warm and cozy.

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    Colorful Co-hab

    Colorful, South African-Themed Twin Nursery
    Photo: Style Me Pretty.

    Neutrals just not your thing? Trade in beige and brown for bold and beautiful with a color-centric nursery for two!

    Vibrant hues pop off the clean grey walls in this South African-inspired twin room spotted on Style Me Pretty.  The primary palette keeps things gender neutral while infusing the space with energy and warmth.

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    Signature Colors

    This bright and cheery attic space, featured on Project Nursery, pulls signature shades of pink and blue from a rainbow-colored accent wall, identifying each child’s personal space while maintaining one, cohesive design.

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    All Girl

    With its lacy flounces, floral accessories, and pink and gold accents, this vintage-inspired space, designed by Emilee Stucky, couldn’t be a better fit for a pair of little princesses!

    The crown jewel? The rose-gold cribs by Incy Interiors, which make a big statement, despite their small footprint.

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    Vintage Carnival

    Looking for the perfect gender-neutral theme for your twin nursery? Well, step right up because this vintage carnival-themed nursery space by Elle T Interior Design is a guaranteed winner. The muted palette and animal accents are a great fit for a boy or a girl, and the imaginative details are just too adorable!

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    Boho Chic

    Boho chic twin nursery with nature theme
    Photo: Nash Styling via Instagram

    Nature-themed nurseries are another excellent, gender-neutral option for twin rooms.

    This woodland-inspired twin nursery from Nashstyling is rocking ​the new Boho—a cleaner, more casual take on traditional bohemian style that emphasizes natural lighting, woven textiles, plants, and other earthy goodness.

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    Geometric Balance

    Simple, neutral twin room with geometric motif
    Photo: Stouijer via Instagram

    There is something deeply satisfying about a perfectly balanced space, and this beautiful twin nursery, spotted on Instagram, is no exception. Soft neutrals, soothing shapes, and near-perfect symmetry make the room feel utterly dreamy, and the geometric motif is perfect for a boy or a girl.

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    Must-Have Mini-Cribs

    Working with a tight space for two? A pair of “mini cribs” are a must have, offering all the style and comfort of a full-sized cot without the bulk.

    Unlike a bassinet, a mini crib is built to last, taking your little ones from infancy to toddlerhood. Some models, like the Stokke Mini featured in this tiny urban twin nursery by The Little Design Corner, even convert into streamlined toddler beds, making them a perfect long-term solution for your tiny twin space.

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    Twin Alley

    Setting furniture on opposite walls can really crowd your space, making the room resemble an alleyway. Need a quick fix? Pick up a paintbrush!

    The bold, striped accent wall in this neutral twin nursery, featured by Noelle Gray Creative, instantly draws the eye away from the space between the cribs, opening up the room by giving the illusion of spaciousness.

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    Caddy Corner Cribs

    Having trouble squeezing two cribs into one nursery space? Try a caddy-corner layout.

    A pair of low-profile cribs, like these Walmart beauties spotted on Calmly Chaotic, actually fit together well and making use of corners is a great way to save space. Just make sure to choose a frame with a small footprint and equal sides.

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    Double Up

    Space-saving twin nursery crib placement
    Photo: Bean in Love

    Another option? Set those low-profile, squared-off cribs side-by-side, as if they were a standard, single queen-sized bed.

    “Doubling up,” as demonstrated in this pretty, dusty-gold girl’s room by Bean in Love, is a great space saver for twin nurseries, especially when wall space is limited. Prefer a high-backed crib? Try placing your cribs back-to-back to create the illusion of one freestanding piece of furniture.

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    Tiny Twin Station

    Need to squeeze a family of four into your small urban space? Take a cue from Lauren of Side by Side Design, who transformed the master bedroom in her small Los Angeles condo into a comfy space for the whole family. You have to see it to believe it.

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    Sweet and Simple

    This chic yet understated twin/guestroom nursery combo proves that “functional” doesn’t have to be “synonymous” with ugly. With four kiddos on her hands, style maven Abby Smith of Twist Me Pretty knows all about getting things done and looking great doing it. The key? Keep the look fresh and simple. A few bold pieces will go a long way without making the space look cluttered.

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    Nordic Nursery for Two

    Black, white, and grey twin nursery with pops of yellow and nordic style
    Photo: Idealista

    When designing a functional twin nursery, it’s hard to beat the elegant simplicity of Scandinavian design. This Nordic nursery for two, featured on Idealista, boasts a clean, gender-neutral palette punctuated bold, graphic pattern and pops of sunny yellow. Simple furnishings help keep things from getting cramped while an assortment of soft textiles and whimsical accessories keep things feeling cozy.

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    Seeing Double

    Good things come in pairs. Just ask Natalie of Nat Your Average Girl, who designed this stunning, mirror-image nursery for her gorgeous twin boys, featuring two of just about everything. Her dynamic duo may not always live in perfect harmony, but near-perfect symmetry is guaranteed.

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    Eclectic Look

    Eclectic twin nursery with nordic style
    Photo: Ninainvorm

    Still, a matching pair of kiddos shouldn’t mean your nursery has to be all matchy-matchy! With its pretty painted cribs, colorful textiles, and unique accessories, this sweet and eclectic little nursery, seen on Ninainvorm, has more than enough personality for two.