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New Twister Game. Hasbro

For 50 years people have been tying themselves up in knots together while playing the Twister board game. Players have been laughing, reaching, twisting and turning their bodies on a plastic dotted mat, following commands from a spinner. "Place your right foot on red." "Place your left foot on blue." Everyone is hoping they are not the first weakling to lose by dropping a knee, elbow or bottom to the ground.

Families have been enjoying the Twister game at birthday parties, slumber parties, and family game nights. Before video games took over, families enjoyed playing this classic party game together. 

Here's a little history of Twister, the popular family game.

The idea for the game, which we know as Twister today, was invented by Reyn Guyer in 1964.  Before being known as Twister, the game's first name was "King's Footsie." "King's Footsie" was later replaced by "Pretzel." After Milton Bradley bought the license to the game in 1966, it was renamed as "Twister."

Initially the Twister game had a very hard time selling.  It was considered to be socially unacceptable for the time. So, Twister was actually taken off the shelves! The public inspired the re-launch of the game after Johnny Carson challenged a guest to game of Twister on May 3, 1966 on .  The day after the show aired, viewers began lining up at stores to buy the game.

The original game has led to the development of many Twister-inspired games, like Twister Dance DVD, Twister Scram, Twister Dodge Ball, Twister Take Out, Twister Hopscotch and Twister Hoopla. 

Twister was officially inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2015, along with Puppets and another Hasbro rockstar, those infamous water blasters, NERF Super Soakers.

The latest version of the Twister board game has new updated rules.

The large, plastic mat with colored dots in rows is still the same. The spinner has undergone a re-design, in order to make game play a lot more fun and exciting.

The concept is still the same. Spin the spinner and follow the instructions, placing your right hand, left hand, right foot or left foot on the corresponding colored dot. On the new spinner there are 2 new pictures. One is a picture of "Air", and the other indicates "Spinners Choice." 

If the spinner lands on the "Air, "raise a right or left hand or foot up in the air.

With "Spinners Choice" it provides an option for the player to decide what the participants do. Raise the left hand and quack like a duck? Tap your head with the right hand and fake burp. The possibilities are endless. Not creative? The back of the spinner board is full of ideas to give players something fun to try, as long as kids can read them.

The game still may need to be modified for younger players, or for those playing with a timeframe.  Do not be afraid to adopt the "spin and slap" method. The game happens faster by not needing to wait for several seconds until the spinner stops. 

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