Tyler Cameron and HomeGoods Are Making Your Dream Home a Reality

Your Bachelor favorite turned his dream into design.

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Tyler Cameron in his newly redecorated bedroom with his dog and cat.

HomeGoods / Illustration: The Spruce

Picture your dream home, complete with all the furnishings and decor your heart desires. What does the vibe feel like? Maybe it's cozy and comfortable, complete with textural throws and pillows galore, or maybe it's bright and energetic, with pops of color all throughout the space.

For our favorite Bachelor alumni, Tyler Cameron, his dream vibe can be described as "Popcorn and PJs, Please"—a cool and collected space perfect for entertaining. And with the help of HomeGoods' new virtual experience, HomeGoods Dream Vibes, he created just that at his sunny Jupiter, Florida home.

“I've neglected my house for a little while," Cameron admits. "It's a little bare-bones and not much to it, so I wanted to up my game here. I wanted to take it to a whole new level, and teaming up with HomeGoods did just that."

Tyler Cameron on his sofa in coastal inspired living room.

Courtesy of HomeGoods

The new Dream Vibes experience is simple to use—type out your dream, and HomeGoods will do the rest. After describing how the dream makes you feel, HomeGoods selects custom decor choices to fit your vibe and provide easy interior design inspiration. This is exactly how Cameron got to sprucing up his home, which is now complete with coastal, cool accents—not to mention a stocked bar cart, arguably Cameron's favorite piece.

With the help of HomeGoods, Cameron created a custom space perfect for his lifestyle. Ahead, we spoke with Cameron about his design inspiration, how his experience building homes as a contractor helps him find a vision for design, and how he plans to use his new space for entertaining all year long.

Why Home Is Such a Special Place for Cameron

Home is a retreat for Cameron, who has been splitting time between his NYC apartment and hometown in Florida. With prolonged time spent at home the past few years, Cameron knew it was time to invest in his humble abode.

"One of the silver linings of these last two years was being around family and friends." Cameron shares. "It made me realize that this is where I need to be, spending time with the people I love—this is where I'm happiest. And now, my spaces are even better equipped for me to be my happiest."

This is where I need to be, spending time with the people I love—this is where I'm happiest. And now, my spaces are even better equipped for me to be my happiest.

HomeGoods assisted in giving Cameron's living room, bedroom, and outdoor space the makeover of his dreams. His dream vibe features a soothing palette of deep blues alongside mixed metals and warm leather accents for a seamless blend of modern and coastal style.

Cameron is thrilled with the makeover, complete with the goal of bringing the people he loves together.

"I have this beautiful outdoor space now, so we'll be out there grilling and chilling all the time," Cameron shares. "We'll definitely be having squad dinners on the outdoor dining table, we have all the nice chairs now too. It's a great entertainment space, it's a great vibe."

Tyler Cameron's living room before and after.

Courtesy of HomeGoods / Illustration: The Spruce

Cameron's Design Inspiration and Essentials

After choosing a vibe, HomeGoods gave Cameron the inspiration and mood board he needed to transform his space. As aforementioned, his inspiration came heavily from his "Popcorn and PJs, Please" dream—and the result was an adaptable space that was fun, playful, and made to share with others.

"I have great decor all around now, all things I would typically look past and not know how to put together," he notes. "The vision boards allow you to build out what you want, create this whole design, and do it it really easily. I now have this great entertaining space, and I really transformed my space." 

There are a few touches across Cameron's home that are absolute favorites—and new pieces that are now everyday essentials, starting with the outdoor couch.

"I love the new outdoor couch," he shares. "Before, I wasn't really out there and never put any effort into my backyard. But now, I have this beautiful setup back there: a blue outdoor couch and these bright yellow chairs that really pop. They give so much color and flavor to the space out there."

Cameron's favorite way to utilize his new outdoor space? "You can catch me out there during the sunny days on my computer now just working away—then catching some sun, hanging out, and relaxing," he shares.

Tyler Cameron in his backyard with bright yellow chairs and blue outdoor couch.

Courtesy of HomeGoods

Another essential in Cameron's living room is his bar cart, of course, which is now stocked with cocktail-mixing essentials and complete with an adorable neon "Cheers" sign.

"With entertaining as my goal, I knew I wanted a great bar cart moment," Cameron says. "I can make drinks here and there when my friends and I hang out—it’ll get the entertainment going and it makes conversation fun."

Bar cart with neon "Cheers" sign.

Courtesy of HomeGoods

The upgrades didn't stop there. In his bedroom, Cameron implemented some stylish finds that really fit his personality, from new luxe bedding to meaningful decor scattered throughout the space.

"I found these shelves that I thought were amazing, I had to have them," Cameron says. "I came up with the idea to put them together and make a faux headboard, so now it's a headboard and shelf, it looks so cool. It really gives a Key West, coastal vibe to the room."

In keeping with the theme of luxe leather furniture, Cameron also added a leather bench at the foot of his bed—a spot now beloved by his cat, Phoebe.

Tyler Cameron's bedroom before and after.

Courtesy of HomeGoods / Illustration: The Spruce

Cameron On His Passion for Building Homes

As a general contractor, crafting a custom home is close to Cameron's heart. He's working on his first solo project now, and with this makeover under his belt, he can be more ready than ever to get designing.

"When I'm focused on construction and building a house, I don't really get into the nitty-gritty details of interior design," he explains. "It's not something I've tried to learn more about in the past. I feel like I'm way better at building a house, but this experience taught me how to tie a whole room together."

How to Get the Look

Beginning today, the HomeGoods Dream Vibes experience is open for business and can provide a new way to refresh your surroundings. If you're on board with Cameron's cozy coastal home, here are a few pieces you can snag to get the look.

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