The Type of Home That's Right for You, Based on Your MBTI Type

Illustration of different types of houses

The Spruce / Alison Czinkota

While a great deal of focus is often placed on which home decor to choose to make your place feel like yours, the type of home you choose to live in plays a large factor, too! With so many different architectural styles to choose from, the type of home you live in can say just as much about your personality as what you decorate it with.

The Myers-Briggs Personality Test gives a deep dive into who you are and the things you gravitate towards, as well as how you handle making decisions. Check out your MBTI type below and see which type of home is right for you.

ENFP: Tiny Home

You're adventurous and outgoing with a playful spirit. You don't like to be tied down and often have wondered whether you should rent places for the rest of your life so that you don't feel restricted. A Tiny House would fit your personality well! Tiny Homes are loved for their small and functional layout, which allows them to be easily transported and not require much space. They are also extremely customizable to fit your taste and have a unique charm. 

INFP: English Cottage

You're dreamy and idealistic, and you like things to feel quaint and comfy. You don't believe everything has to be perfect, but your daydreams are usually full of expectation. An English Cottage style home makes sense for you! English cottages tend to look like they were plucked straight out of a fairytale, and embody a sense of warmth and kindness that you relate to. With irregularly shaped but cozy rooms and half-timbered style, you can't help but feel swept up in the romanticism and down-to-earth vibe an English Cottage brings.

ENTP: Contemporary Style

You are constantly focusing on the future and exploring new ways to do things, so it makes sense that you're drawn to a contemporary style home. The description of contemporary homes shows that it isn't one particular style, but a focus on creating something new and unconventional. You're seen as a free thinker and entrepreneur of sorts, and you have an interest in understanding how things can be improved. With its love for asymmetry, large and open layouts, and its free-form shapes, it's no wonder you would feel right at home.

INTP: Tudor

You like things to be a bit unconventional, and a challenge doesn't deter you from anything. You're inquisitive, and while you enjoy keeping to yourself, you're still an enigmatic personality. Surprisingly, a Tudor house would suit you! These homes are historical and are rare to find, but they still hold a soft spot for those who enjoy unique architecture. With its elaborate chimney structure, steeply pitched roof, and decorative half-timbering, these homes are easy to spot even if they aren't easy to come across. These homes have a classic elegance to them but do require someone willing to handle the upkeep that comes along with it. Given your love for improvement and your determination to not back down from a challenge, you won't have any issue with it. Plus, these homes are pretty spacious, so you won't have a problem with having plenty of space for yourself to use in whatever way you feel is best!

ESFJ: French Provincial

Sociable and romantic, you have an effortless way of being open and elegant. If you're looking for a home to match, then look no further than the French Provincial style! French Provincial architecture sets the bar for those who want to be approachable with a hint of decadence. With stone or brick exteriors and gravitating towards a tall, sloped presentation, they quickly catch the eye. The interior usually sticks with neutral shades and unfinished wood or stone accents. Add in its love for rounded curves, and its soft line, and you can understand why this style has continued to gain popularity. Your passion for exquisite taste and wanting to invite others over and make them feel comfortable matches this style perfectly!

ISFJ: Victorian

Classic and timeless, you want things to feel traditional without being boring. Victorian architecture has plenty of options that suit you well! Typically two or three stories, boasting steeply pitched roofs and towers that draw your eyes up, it's hard to ignore a Victorian style home when you see it. Inside, the elegance doesn't stop due to its love of grand staircases, hardwood floors, and slightly complex layouts. You tend to stick with what is familiar while also loving things that are beautiful, so if anyone will feel at home in a Victorian style, it's you!

ESTJ: Mid-Century Modern

You like to feel grounded without feeling restrained, which is something often overlooked about you. While you don't mind things being traditional, they must also be functional and look presentable. A Mid-Century Modern house makes perfect sense for you! A few characteristics classify these types: namely, they embrace a minimalist aesthetic, try to bring the outdoors in, and usually incorporate sharp angular structures. These homes aren't striving to be over-the-top, but draw people in with their simple yet functional concepts. You appreciate a space that doesn't make you feel contained and is open for you to get things done while also giving off a put-together, calming vibe. 

ISTJ: Craftsman

You like things to be straightforward, and you don't want something elaborate for no reason. A Craftsman house fits your personality well! These homes are modest-looking but still hold a strong appeal with people searching for a home. They're usually small and easy to care for, which you love since you don't need a ton of space, nor do you want something hard to manage. Plus, while the homes have their little quirks and a pleasing aesthetic, the primary purpose is to prioritize function above looks. They usually contain built-in storage and use mostly natural materials in its construction. Given that you love something practical, this home is a natural fit for you!

ENFJ: Colonial

You are a kind-hearted and loving individual that puts their family and loved ones above anything, and you enjoy making others feel comfortable. Colonial style houses are right up your alley! Colonial homes are usually built with space in mind, given they were initially designed for large families and household staff. Given your love for having others over, you are drawn towards the larger space. Colonial homes are also symmetrical and well proportioned, so they don't look towering or intimidating. They give off a comfortable vibe that has become extremely popular with homeowners over the years. 

INFJ: Log Cabin

You indeed have a bit of a whimsical personality, and you tend to stay within your head. Nonetheless, you also find it beneficial to be connected with nature and the world around you in some way, so it wouldn't shock anyone to see you living in a log cabin! Log cabins can range from smaller versions to more extensive, more complex options, but they've long been associated with getting back to basics and connecting with nature. You tend to overthink and overanalyze, so you benefit from a straightforward style that is not overly complicated. (add more description) 

ESTP: Townhouse

Townhouses may seem like a strange concept that isn't exactly exciting, but this is more about location than anything else. You like to be where the action is, and townhouses are typically located in bustling areas that aren't far from your next adventure. While most might want plenty of space apart from others, you enjoy being sociable and meeting new people, so being in close quarters to neighbors isn't a hassle for you!

ISTP: Modern

You like to keep to yourself, but you also have a spontaneous streak to you. You want the freedom to do what you want, but you enjoy having a little sense of structure to build from. A Modern style home is what you need! Don't let the clean lines fool you; these homes have plenty of opportunities to work with! They tend to favor open layouts and expansive interiors, which works well for someone who doesn't want to feel restrained. These homes are geared towards self-reliance and self-expression, which both speak to your personality! 

ESFP: Mansion

You like to show off at least a little, and you know it. While you don't need to have the most expensive home, you do like to go big with everything you do, so why not live in a mansion? You love to indulge and have an entertaining personality, so when you aren't out exploring places, you love nothing more than inviting people into your space. While mansions tend to have a stereotype about them, the main reason they suit your personality is their ability to indulge and hold space for anything you could want. You like having the freedom to do what you want, and you need plenty of room to make those things happen. Mansions typically are characterized by their large amount of space, their lush outdoor atmosphere, and their entertainment/luxury additions. If anyone can fully enjoy something like this to its potential, it's you.

ISFP: Loft Apartment

You're creative and artistic, and you want a space that gives you full reign to express yourself. Loft apartments resonate well with you if you think about it! These apartments are usually a giant open space, typically originating as an attic or upper level of a building. Creative people used to use lofts in various areas to set up their studios, but nowadays, lofts have become synonymous with those chasing their passion in the big cities! Although having a giant open space can present some challenges, you enjoy putting your spin on things.

ENTJ: City Apartment

You have a no-nonsense attitude. You want to be in an area that inspires you to stay on your grind. City apartments are set in fast-paced environments, and inspire a certain kind of work ethic. They can range from smaller versions to more extravagant options, so you aren't limited in possibilities. While you do care about how things look to an extent, you're more concerned about its practicality and its proximity to your job or job opportunities. As far as housing options go, a city apartment truly fits you best!

INTJ: Art Deco

You're intelligent but reserved, and you love to analyze the future possibilities to see what suits you best. You have a bit of a creative side that is often overlooked, but your heart fixates on having a plan and having structure that is also beautiful in its own right. An Art Deco style home would be a great fit. Though these architecture styles are usually found in office buildings or movie theaters, there are still homes that adapt to this particular aesthetic. Art Deco focuses on geometric shapes and the mathematical fascination behind architecture. While clean and bold lines are present, it's also not uncommon to see zigzag or chevron patterns interwoven. People note that Art Deco styles tend to blur the lines between science and art, and with your love for both of these, it only makes sense that you would feel at home!