15 Types of Vases and How to Choose One

Flower stems in a glass vase on a small table

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There's nothing like a bouquet of fresh flowers to brighten a room and cheer you up. When it comes to displaying your floral arrangement at home, some vases are better suited for one type of flower over another. Besides the occasion and the size of the bouquet, the flowers' style plays a role, too. Keep reading to learn about 15 types of vases and learn how to choose the right one to enjoy your blooms to their fullest.

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    Mason Jar

    Floral arrangements in mason jars

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    Best for: small, casual flower arrangement

    A mason jar is one of the most versatile little containers you'll ever find around your house—besides its obvious function as a canning jar or a drinking glass, it makes for a great flower vase. It's the perfect vessel for a small, casual arrangement to add a touch of rustic charm to your home.

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    Bud Vase

    Pink flower in a blue bud vase

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    Best for: a single flower stem

    One of the smallest types of vases, a bud vase is designed to hold a single flower stem, such as a bud stem, hence its name. It's often made from glass, but you'll also see ceramic versions. It doesn't take up too much space, which makes it a great choice for a nightstand, desk, or bookshelf.

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    Cylinder Vase

    Glass cylinder vase with orange flowers in it

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    Best for: a modern flower arrangement

    A cylinder vase is named after its shape and is a modern, versatile flower container well-suited for a variety of arrangements. It varies in height and diameter and the sleek shape makes it a good choice for a centerpiece on your coffee or dining table.

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    Ceramic Vase

    Four blue ceramic vases with pink flowers on a window sill

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    Best for: any flowers

    If you're looking for a floral vessel that's made from something other than glass, a ceramic vase is a nice way to bring in a color that complements both the room and the flowers. When placing flowers inside one, however, make sure that the interior of the vase is glazed, because if it's not, the vase will not be waterproof.

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    Cube Vase

    Pink and white peonies in a glass vase

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    Best for: a low-sitting, contemporary-style arrangement

    For a contemporary arrangement, use a cube-shaped vase that'll give your flowers a modern edge. The wide mouth makes it suitable for a low arrangement with larger flowers such as peonies or hydrangeas.

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    Pitcher Vase

    Pink flowers in a white pitcher

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    Best for: an unfussy bouquet for the kitchen

    For a casual, farmhouse-style bouquet of flowers from the market, you can't go wrong with a pitcher. Whether it's ceramic or glass, arrange the flowers in it in an organic way and place them on your kitchen table or island for a homey, inviting feel.

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    Pedestal Vase

    Fall floral arrangement in a gray vase

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    Best for: a dramatic floral arrangement for an event or holiday gathering

    Create a dramatic event or holiday-worthy floral arrangement by using a pedestal vase as a vessel. The vase is elevated on top of a pedestal that forms its base, whether round or square—it's perfect for a formal centerpiece.

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    Sculptural vase

    Colorful flowers in a sculptural vase

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    Best for: a decorative accent that can be used without flowers

    Add some personality to your room with a sculptural vase that doubles as a decorative accent, whether it's filled with flowers or it's empty. If you're looking for a unique flower holder that'll make a statement, this is an alternative to a classic glass vase.

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    Bouquet Vase

    Colorful tulips in a glass vase

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    Best for: any flower bouquet

    The most classic, typical, and frequently used, a bouquet vase is large enough to hold an average-sized bouquet of flowers. It often features an hourglass shape which means that it's wider at the bottom than it is at the top but has a mouth wide enough to hold lots of flower stems.

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    Glass Bowl Vase

    Floral arrangement in a glass bowl vase

    Robert Kirk / Getty Images

    Best for: a simple and elegant low-sitting arrangement

    Put together a luscious flower arrangement in a glass bowl vase that sits low to make it the right choice for a centerpiece on a dining or coffee table. Go with a rose-only arrangement for a modern and elegant centerpiece, or create a casual look with greenery and hydrangeas.

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    Antique Vase

    Flowers in a blue and white Wedgewood vase

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    Best for: a decorative accent or to hold occasional flowers

    An antique vase is a lovely addition to your decor whether it's filled with flowers or sits empty adorning a console in the living room. Make sure there are no cracks and that its interior is fully glazed to prevent leaks.

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    Bulb Vase

    Three hyacinth bulbs in glass vases

    Ahlin, Ewa / Getty Images

    Best for: individual flower bulbs

    Bulb vases are made of glass so the flower roots are visible and you can see when it's time to add water. They only hold one bulb and have an hourglass shape that holds it securely in place.

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    Urn Vase

    White flowers in a gray urn vase

    Rixipix / Getty Images

    Best for: dried or faux flowers, stems, or branches

    The word urn actually refers to a vase that often has a pedestal and one or two handles that serve both a decorative and practical purpose. One way to use an unglazed ceramic urn is to display dried or faux flowers and greenery that don't require water.

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    Narrow Neck Vase

    Flower stems in a glass vase on a small table

    Nina Vartanava / EyeEm / Getty Images

    Best for: a small number of stems

    If you only have a couple of flower stems, a narrow neck vase is the way to go, as it'll prop them upright and make the vase look full even with just two or three stems.

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    Fluted Vase

    Pink and yellow flowers in a fluted blue vase

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    Best for: any flowers

    A fluted design on a vase refers to the grooved texture that's created through a series of evenly spaced vertical ridges on its surface. It adds dimension and a nice decorative detail to a vase, elongating its shape.

Choosing the Right Vase

First, choose the flowers—are they a formal arrangement for a holiday party or a "treat yourself" bouquet that'll sit in your kitchen? Consider the size of the individual blooms and the entire bouquet to determine the size of the vase. Don't forget to keep in mind where the vase will sit, too—you don't want an extra tall flower arrangement to block a dinner conversation.