US 11 Antique Alley and Yard Sale (aka Hwy 11 Yard Sale)

Hwy 11 Yard Sale Shopping and Selling Info

young couple looking at glassware at yard sale
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Treasure hunt along the back roads of Appalachia each May at the US 11 Antique Alley and Yard Sale, which is often just called the Hwy 11 Yard Sale. The annual yard sale event began in 1997. It runs along more than 500 miles of U.S. Highway 11, from Meridian, Mississippi to Bristol, Virginia.

The Route:

  • Meridian, Mississippi to Bristol, Virginia
  • More than 500 miles along the U.S. Highway 11
  • Route spans five states and includes 80 cites and towns

Dates and Times:

  • Takes place each May, on the Thursday through Sunday after Mother's Day
  • 2017 Dates: May 18 - 21
  • 2018 Dates: May 17 - 20
  • 2019 Dates: May 16 - 19

Along the Way:

  • Print a copy of the route map before you go.
  • Stop to enjoy the community events along the way. In conjunction with the sale, many communities host flea markets, carnivals, and festivals.

U.S. 11 Antique Alley & Yard Sale Shopping Tips:

  • As you pass through cities, watch for signs pointing the way to off-highways sales and local flea markets.
  • Watch for tent and group sales in fields and parking lots. In addition to individual sellers with yard sale goods, the event attracts flea market and antique vendors.
  • Load your treasure hunting tool kit in your biggest truck, car or van, and brush up on the Top 10 Yard Sale Shopping Tips before you go.

Selling at the US 11 Antique Alley & Yard Sale:

If you want to sell your stuff at the US 11 Antique Alley & Yard Sale but don't live on the route, you can rent space at numerous points along the way, including parking lots, empty lots, and even private lawns.

Go to the US 11 Antique Alley homepage and scroll down the column on the left. Find the county and city where you'd like to set up, and then click on it for selling space information. Prices vary by location and property owner.

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