8 Ugly Sweater Party Games to Delight Your Guests

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The ugly Christmas sweater party is hip, happening, and hilarious, and these ugly Christmas sweater party games are a great way to let the kids get in on the fun.

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    Fashion Show

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    Have kids strut their stuff and show off their ugly sweaters to a panel of judges, such as parents or other party guests. Let everyone vote for their favorites in a selection of categories—ugliest, tackiest, brightest, funniest, etc.— and award trinket prizes to the winners. 

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    Make Your Own Ugly Christmas Sweater

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    Divide kids into groups and give each group a plain sweater and a stockpile of tacky embellishments, such as tinsel, bows, garland, ornaments, foam stickers and holiday pins. Set a timer and tell them to create the ugliest sweater they can before time runs out. 

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    Pin the Ornament on the Sweater

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    Hang an ugly Christmas sweater on the wall. Choose a spot on the sweater where the ornament should be hung. Blindfold kids and see who can hang it the closest to the chosen place. 

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    Ugly Christmas Karaoke

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    Have party guests don their ugly duds “on stage” and show off the kind of musical talent that matches their fashion sense. In other words, crank up the karaoke and encourage them to sing bad renditions of their favorite holiday tunes.

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    Ugly Christmas Cookie Decorating

    Ugly Christmas Sweater Cookies Background
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    You can purchase ugly sweater cookie kits at the craft store, or make your own sugar cookies in the shapes of sweaters. Give kids a variety of icing and candy embellishments to decorate their own edible, ugly sweaters. You can also play this with regular gingerbread men cookies. Just have the kids “draw” ugly sweaters on the gingerbread people using icing and cake decorations.

    Don’t want to use cookies? You can still let them decorate a miniature holiday sweater as a party craft. Simply cut the shapes of sweaters out of cardstock and use crayons, glitter and craft items to decorate them in ugly Christmas style.

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    Sweater Unraveling Race

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    Divide players into two teams. Have one kid from each team put on an ugly Christmas sweater that you have already cut a part loose from the bottom.

    Set a timer and have kids start pulling to unravel the sweaters. When time is up, the team with the longest string wins—or forget the timer and just see who is the first to completely unravel the ugly Christmas sweater.

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    Ugly Mitten Gift Grab

    mittens on the line
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    The ugly doesn't have to stop with the sweaters. To play this game, give each kid a pair of ugly mittens and a pile of wrapped gifts. Players must unwrap the gifts as quickly as possible while wearing the mittens. The first one to finish unwrapping his pile wins. 

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    Ugly Sweater Musical Chairs

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    Musical chairs is always a fun game at parties. To make this game fit the ugly sweater theme, simply set up as usual, but place an ugly sweater over the back of each of the chairs.