98 Clutter Hacks for Your Home

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Stuck in a decluttering slump? There really is something for everyone and every household in these 99 clutter hacks for your home. We go through each room in your house and give you the best hacks to declutter your spaces. 

These 99 clutter hacks offer helpful cleaning and organizing inspiration.

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    Keep a Junk Bowl Handy

    a junk tray on an entry table

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    Limit yourself to one small space, in this case, a junk bowl," where you can keep those odds and ends that don’t fit anywhere else. What’s in The Nife En L’Air’s junk bowl: “accessories from parties, receipts, business cards, hair pins, Totoro mini plushes from Japan... And it is fine, since this is after all, a Junk Bowl.”

    Another option is a tray. West Elm makes beautiful, affordable trays to collect all of your small stuff. 

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    Figure Out Why You're Hanging Onto Clutter

    How to Organize Your Storage Unit (So You Can Actually Find Your Stuff)
    Ali Edwards

    Ask yourself why you’re holding on to stuff. You may be surprised the amount of times you answer "I don't know." That makes it easier to let stuff go. 

    In addition to asking yourself these seven key questions when decluttering, have you thought about why you’re holding onto something on a deeper level?

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    Realize That It's OK to Be Emotional About Clutter

    99 clutter hacks


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     It’s hard to get rid of things. Especially if you purchased with them expectations of loving them, so be prepared to accept getting emotional about decluttering.

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    Use Magnetic Desk Organizers

    DIY Magnetic Desk Organizers

    Make magnetic desk accessories to corral clips. If you can make something magnetic, it can hold onto to more of you “smalls” for you.

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    Identify a Donation Center

    How to donate clothing


    Sadeugra / Getty Images

    I find having a place I can donate old clothing, shoes and accessories to before I begin decluttering makes a difference. Find a local donation center or charity that you can easily leave lightly used items with.

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    Go at Your Own Pace

    Interior Of Messy Bedroom
    Chih-Yuan Ronnie Wu / EyeEm / Getty Images

    You can declutter at your own pace. You don’t have to go crazy and do it all in one week or one weekend. Going at your own pace increases the chances you’re keep it up and develop a good routine.

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    Beware of Clutter Creep

    Shopping Bags On Sofa At Home
    Kittiphan Teerawattanakul / EyeEm / Getty Images

    Look for quality objects with a purpose to avoid “clutter creep” in a new home.  If you only bring in high-quality objects that serve a purpose, then you’re less likely to buy something on the fly, not use it and call it “clutter” six months later. Have some standards for what you bring into your home.

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    Hangs Kids Artwork

    Hang kids artwork

    JGI/Jamie Grill / Getty Images

    Hang kids’ artwork from clips to avoid fridge clutter. You have to display your kids’ artwork, but not forever and you can make it look more interesting than just hanging it on the fridge with magnets. Get crafty.

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    Use Shower Curtain Rings to Hold Just About Everything

    Clear shower curtain with a white tile shower
    Jamesmcq24 / Getty Images

     They’re surprisingly useful.

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    Figure Out Your Clutter Personality Type

    Wall Mounted Coat Rack from Pottery Barn

    Pottery Barn

    If you already know why you keep clutter, then you’re more likely to spot it and (possibly) stop yourself the next time you decide to hold onto something past its prime.

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    Build a Clutter-Free Mudroom With Hooks and Bins

    Boot Storage in the Mudroom

    Wall Street Journal

    This mudroom moves stuff off the floor/hard surfaces and onto hooks for easy retrieval and it just looks better! 

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    Take a Picture of It

    Living room mantelpiece with travel souvenirs
    David Cleveland / Getty Images

    Save photos of nostalgic items, rather than the items themselves.

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    Own Fewer Hangers

    Clothing Hanging On Rack In Store
    Panpreeda Mahaly / EyeEm / Getty Images

    Downsize your wardrobe by limiting the number of hangers in your closet.

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    Be Prepared With Baskets

    Stylish living room interior with wooden coffee table, plant tow empty frames and elegant accessories. Stock photo
    Lilas Gh / Getty Images

    Use attractive baskets for quick living room decluttering.

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    Set the Goal to Keep a Peaceful Home

    Cozy flat with balcony
    in4mal / Getty Images

    Incorporate some practical aspects of Feng Shui decluttering, like opening the windows and dressing comfortably.

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    Set Standards for Your Spaces

    Modern Living Room, Smart Tv and Dining Room
    onurdongel / Getty Images

     Make your own decluttering rules that work for you.

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    Make Decluttering a Habit

    Work at home concept still life image.
    twomeows / Getty Images

    Don’t wait until your whole office/house is a mess: Develop daily decluttering habits.

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    Get in the Right Mindset to Declutter

    Business woman working at office with documents on his desk, Business woman holding pens and papers making notes in documents on the table, Hands of financial manager taking notes
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    Don’t forget to declutter your mind. You can write down what’s bothering, good ideas that come to you at random times (this is what I use my Arc Planner for) and lists.

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    Use Caddies

    Organize and store remote controls


    Image Source / Getty Images

    Store remote controls in a kitchen caddy--or any caddy, really. It’s amazing how much a caddy or tray can transform a pile of clutter into something useful.

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    Create a Clutter Cabinet for Home Accessories

    Kallax bookcases with storage
    Elizabeth Larkin

    The clutter cabinet can store home accessories like:

    • tchotkes
    • entertaining supplies like picnic gear and your outdoor glasses, table top items like candlesticks  and centerpieces
    • decor items you sometimes display but not always: picture frames, mementos, vases, seasonal items

    These can be stored in a Accessories Cabinet per IHeartOrganizing or, store them like Elizabeth does in Project Bins. This way when you want to change up your decor or entertain, you know exactly where to retrieve these items.

    Better yet: when it’s time to store them, you know exactly where to put them!

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    Have a System for Project Magazines

    Vinea Magazine File
    Vinea Magazine File from Franklin Covey

    Don’t save a magazine for one recipe in it. Have a system for managing the content in magazines you actually want to keep. Store recipes in your recipe file, store DIY project ideas on your DIY project file.

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    Invest in a Shredder

    Overflowing shredded paper in paper shredder basket
    Dan Brownsword / Getty Images

    Lots of paper clutter? Keep a shredder handy.

    TIP: This one even fits right under your desk

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    Save Space on the Countertop

    Store knives on the wall

    Felix Oberhage / Getty Images

    Get rid of the knife block and store knives on the wall or in drawers.

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    Use Storage-Friendly Furniture

    Kids bed with storage. Classic children's furniture in white color close-up
    timltv / Getty Images

    A bed can double as a storage unit.

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    Use Trays to Collect Clutter

    Tulips In Vase With Dog Sleeping On Sofa At Home
    Helena Brachova / EyeEm / Getty Images

    Use a cute tray for “in-front-of-TV clutter.” A tray can really make odds and ends that don’t really go together--like remote controls and magazines--look better together if stored in a tray.

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    Use Built-in Storage in the Mudroom

    Mudroom with built in shelves and cubbies
    PC Photography / Getty Images

    Built in storage can unclutter a mud room. This is a biggie. The mudroom or entry tends to be a dumping ground. Take the time to either DIY or build proper storage for things like umbrellas, winter gear, bags and shoes.

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    Create Clutter Hub Spots

    Property Interiors
    John Keeble / Getty Images

    Create a “hallway hub” to keep halls clear. I like to call these “way stations” as in, “a place to dump clutter that belongs in another room in a spot where I’ll actually carry it out of that room and back into it's proper storage room.”

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    Don’t Overdecorate Your Bathroom

    How to declutter your bathroom


    Image Source / Getty Images

    Go easy on decorative bathroom items. Keep your bathroom minimalist.

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    Hey Siri, Set a Timer for 15 Minutes

    Woman horrified by mess left after party in her apartment, cleaning service
    Motortion / Getty Images

    I hate cleaning just as much as everyone else, but I can commit to cleaning for 15 minutes at a time. I set the timer on my iphone and work for 15 (while listening to a podcast). Try it out for decluttering.

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    Treat Every Item in Your Home the Way You’d Treat a Fork

    kitchen drawer storage

    Image Source / Getty Images

    Why? Because when you find a fork in the bathroom, you know it doesn't go there. You know it goes in the kitchen in a drawer in the utensil holder with the other forks. Everything in your home should have a storage space like that.

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    Get to the Bottom of Why

    document shelves in teachers room
    Yurdakul / Getty Images

    Investigate  the reasons you keep clutter. if you know why you're hoarding clutter, then you will be able to let it go more easily. apply logic. 

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    Make Use of 10 Minutes

    Under the kitchen sink

    Thomas Northcut / Getty Images

    Tidy the kitchen while you’re waiting for water to boil.

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    Use Your Smartphone

    Top View of trendy wooden Office Desk with keyboard, white earphones and office supplies
    Fototocam / Getty Images

    Take photos of paper menus and schedules to avoid extra paper clutter.

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    Know Where Your Trouble Spots Are

    Define clutter trouble spots

    Define the clutter trouble spots in your office, or any room.

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    Use Hanging Storage

    Shoe rack hanging on a wooden door, storage for shoes
    cerro_photography / Getty Images

    Use a hanging shoe organizer for items other than shoes. 

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    Get Familiar With the Box Method

    Clothes in bin marked for donation
    Jamie Grill / Getty Images

    The “the box method" uses three boxes and a trash can: put away,” “donate/sell,” and “storage.  

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    Try to Declutter Once You've Had a Good Night's Sleep

    Marie Kondo tidying concept - folded kitchen linens in white basket
    a_namenko / Getty Images

    Decluttering is tiring; get some sleep first. Willpower decreases throughout the day, so if you're looking to do some real decluttering, do it when your willpower is at it's highest level.

    The best option is to declutter slowly, doing a little bit on weekend mornings over a couple months. 

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    Don't Buy Something Just Because It's Cheap

    Clothing on sale


    ake1150sb / Getty Images

    Never buy what you do not want because it is cheap; it will never be dear to you.” - Thomas Jefferson. 

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    Remember Clutter Begets More Clutter

    Clutter to get rid of right now

    Figure8Photos / Getty Images

    Understand that the more stuff you have, the harder it is to throw anything away. 

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    Ask Yourself 2 Decluttering Questions

    Decluttered nightstand from Centsational Girl

    Centsational Girl

    Two decluttering questions:

    1. Where would I look for this item?
    2. Would I know I already have one?

    Asking yourself these two questions while decluttering can be very helpful.  

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    Make Use of Old Things

    This Vintage 60s Ovenex Muffin Tin was upgraded with a black handle for portability.

    Raeraesisters / etsy

    Use a muffin tin for little odds and ends. Small containers in drawers help the separate odds and ends and make them easier to find. WHen you really, really need that rubber band, you’ll be glad you organized your junk drawer.  

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    Use the Internet to Your Advantage

    Utamaru Kido / Getty Images

     Don’t save paperwork that can be easily found online. I'm talking about:

    • User manuals
    • Credit card agreements
    • Take out menus

    You can just Google these, or store papers in your Evernote. 

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    Teach Your Children How to Clean and Declutter

    Messy blocks in child's room
    Cavan Images / Getty Images

    Give kids instructions beyond “Clean your room.” 

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    Declutter Mix-Purpose Rooms in Zones

    DIY Garage Peg Board Wall from the Creativity Exchange

    Creativity Exchange

    Declutter a stuffed garage in small sections. Organizing in zones makes a large or multi purpose room easier to manage. 

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    Think About How Much Clutter Is Costing You

    Messy apartment counter tops covered in clutter
    Justin Lambert / Getty Images

    Consider the . You're probably buying duplicates because you can't find things when you need them. 

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    Don’t Forget Your Furry Family Members

    Close-Up Of A Dog With Toy
    Adriana Duduleanu / EyeEm / Getty Images

    Dedicate specific spots in your home for pet toys and supplies. Having a go-to spot for your furry friends’ supplies makes it easier to care for them, and will help contain their gear into one spot.  

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    Clean as You Declutter

    What is the Mari Kondo method of tidying your home?

    Image Source / Getty Images 

    Combine  decluttering with cleaning. It doesn't really make a lot of sense to separate these activities, does it? If you're already cleaning something you may as well declutter it, and it's easier to clean if you've already decluttered. 

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    Use Natural Clutter Containers Like Clipboards

    Paper on Clipboard, Laptop and Notepad on Work Desk
    Constantine Johnny / Getty Images

     Control paper clutter with clipboards.

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    Know What to Keep and What to Shred

    woman looking for in the Folders and File
    Miguel Sanz / Getty Images

    Find out whether you need to store papers for legal or tax purposes before you decide to store then, if not you can recycle or shred. 

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    Store Plastic Bags for Later Use

    Store plastic bags in a tube

     Store extra plastic bags in a paper towel tube to keep them from ending up in an un-attractive clump.

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    Store Seasonally

    Csondy / Getty Images

    Rotate seasonal items in your front closet so the clothing you wear most often is right up front. 

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    Straighten Up the Linen Closet With Baskets

    Linen closet organization
    Martha Stewart

    Use baskets to separate out different types of linens or even different sizes of linens: King/Queen/Full/Twin. Makes everything easier when guests are staying over.

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    Use Double-Duty Furniture

    Use suitcases under your bed


    In small spaces, use furniture as storage. Think:

    • Ottomans
    • Beds with storage
    • Tall books shelves
    • Nightstands with drawers 
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    Use the Fridge for Storage

    view of inside of refrigerator with healthy food
    Karen Moskowitz / Getty Images

    No pantry space? Use your fridge instead. Many dry goods do just fine in the fridge.  

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    Pare Down Your Beauty Routine

    Makeup drawer

    Image Source / Getty Images

     Downsize beauty products with a bin.

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    Ask for Gifts That Won’t Clutter Up Your Home

    Bouquet of bright colorful autumn flowers on a bright table in a cozy light kitchen. Copy space, flat lay
    OksanaKiian / Getty Images

    Experience gifts, flowers, food--these gifts won’t clutter up your home and are guaranteed to please.  

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    Think Thin

    Decluttering can make you skinnier

    Westend61 / Getty Images

     Motivated by fitness? Clutter could be linked to extra weight.

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    Think Happier

    Woman sitting in chair at home, using laptop
    Westend61 / Getty Images

     Motivated by happiness? Clutter can affect your mood.

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    Think Savings

    Decluttering the kitchen with daughter's help
    kate_sept2004 / Getty Images

     Motivated by money?

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    Store Office Equipment on Shelving or on the Floor



    Roberto Westbrook / Getty Images

    Keep your desk as clear as possible. Move your office equipment off your desk for more workspace. 

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    Pare Down Your Clothing

    Hanging shirts on open wardrove
    Omar Shamsuddin / Getty Images

    Move towards a minimalist wardrobe. You will find once you start decluttering your clothing that you no longer need all those scarves/sweaters/jeans and gasp--shoes!--that you thought you did. You’ll have less clothing to take care of, and more room in your closet.  

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    Have as Many Linens as You Need and No More

    White Linens


    Assembly / Getty Images

     Fight “panic clutter” in your linen closet. A good rule of thumb is double sets for each bed.

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    Cancel Your Catalog Subscriptions

    Stack of magazines
    Photoevent / Getty Images

    Spend an hour canceling your junk mail. means ways less junk mail.

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    Separate Out Items by Individual

    Entryway storage

    Lina stling / Folio / Getty Images

    Big family? Give everyone a shoe bin. Creating storage spaces by individual may get your kids to help you keep the house tidy as well ("this is MY storage space"). 

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    Quickly Declutter a Bag

    Fashion concept : Flat lay of brown leather woman bag open out with cosmetics, accessories and smartphone on pink background
    Natalia Shabasheva / Getty Images

    Short on time? Declutter your bag in five minutes.

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    Get Control of Your Email Clutter

    Woman using her laptop
    eclipse_images / Getty Images

    Cut email clutter by setting up filters, unsubscribing to spam, and clearing out your inbox. I have two email addresses: one for things I have the subscribe to and one I only give to friends and family. This way when I check my gmail account, I know it’s going to be email I really want to read. When I check my Yahoo account, I’m surgical about deleting.

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    Make Organizers Work for You

    Modern eat-in kitchen

    Westend61 / Getty Images


    Choose  kitchen organizers that help cut clutter. They shouldn’t just serve one purpose; anything you buy to help you organize your kitchen should also help you cut down on clutter.

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    Use Your Money to Travel

    Three girls on a day hike.
    Jordan Siemens / Getty Images

    Every expert on happiness and well-being agrees: invest in experiences, not things.

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    Buy Less While Traveling

    Car with boot open and beach equipment and cases
    Flying Colours Ltd / Getty Images

    Don't bring a bunch of crap home that you're just going to end up putting into storage. If you must buy souvenirs, make them useful ones.

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    Don’t Forget That Junk in Your Car

    Minimalist car

     Keep a trash bag in your car for coffee cups, old receipts and other odds and ends that accumulate on the passenger seat, under the driver's seat and in the trunk.

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    Pare Down Your Products

    Bathroom toiletries on marble shelf
    JulyProkopiv / Getty Images

     Don’t forget to declutter your shower. You don’t need 5 shampoos.

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    Use the 5 Things a Day Rule

    Minimalist nightstands and side tables


    Robert Nicholas / Getty Images

     Pick up five things and find places for them.

    I like to use this in combo with the Weekly Organizing Routine

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    Set Your Own Ground Rules for 'Stuff'

    Dressing room
    onurdongel / Getty Images

     Cut clutter in every closet with simple rules. Be strict about what you will and will not keep. Set standards for your closets.

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    Every Day Fill a Bag

    Recyclable waste
    STOCK4B-RF / Getty Images

    Try to fill one trash bag with clutter.  You can commit to one bag a day! 

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    Start Early for Event-Driven Decluttering

    Unpacked boxes on wooden floor in the new apartment
    zoranm / Getty Images

    If you’re moving, start early. It makes no sense to pack and move clutter you’re going to toss anyway. BUT, start early. Even though decluttering can be fast, some items like keepsakes and old clothing can take time to declutter.

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    Have a Good Idea of Expiration Dates on Food Items

    Food products in the kitchen. Woman taking jar of rice
    Valeriy_G / Getty Images

     Know what to toss in your pantry each week and schedule time to give it a good once-over. 

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    Keep Your Recipes Organized 10 Minutes at a Time

    Close up of Recipe Cards
    ChickiBam / Getty Images

     Take ten minutes to declutter your recipes. This is a big project so breaking it up into small, manageable spurts is smart. 

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    Toss Items You Can’t Identify

    Fodo in Containers Inside a Home Freezer
    wwing / Getty Images

    Clean out any mystery food from your freezer. You're *never* going to eat that. Next time, label it. 

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    Don’t Get Overwhelmed

    Messy bedroom
    Justin Paget / Getty Images

    "The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”

    Slow down to avoid decluttering burnout.

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    Take the Time to Unsubscribe

    Jam-packed with the post
    PeopleImages / Getty Images

    It sounds like a chore, but investing the time in unsubscribing from junk mail (both paper and email) is worth the effort.  Stop junk mail to eliminate paper clutter. I do this every year the day after Thanksgiving. 

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    Use the Traveler's Method of Decluttering

    Items in suitcase on bed.
    Dougal Waters / Getty Images

    Declutter with the “traveler’s method.” Think of decluttering your home they way you would packing a suitcase for travel. Your home is only so big and can only fit so much. 

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    Use Inexpensive Organizers

    Boots in a waterproof box from Folksy
    Boots in a waterproof box from Folksy

     Repurpose ice trays and other common household items.

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    Get a Scanner

    How to organize a to do list

    Pottery Barn

     Office clutter? Invest in a good scanner. You will not miss those piles of paper and you'll find while sorting them that you didn't need most of them anyway. 

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    Tackle the Easiest Spots First

    top view of gift wrapping tapes and packing rope
    Kilito Chan / Getty Images

    Overwhelmed? Start with the easy stuff. I like to start with the junk drawer or a night table drawer. 

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    Or Start With the Toughest Spots

    Garage storage
    Fotosearch / Getty Images

    Get creative to inspire yourself in the toughest spots to declutter (e.g. under the sink.)

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    Declutter for the Holidays

    Christmas gift wrapping materials on a white table
    Carlina Teteris / Getty Images

     Plan a clutter-free Christmas by:

    • Resolving to give non-clutter creep gifts
    • Planning ahead for leftovers after big holiday meals
    • Downsizing and storing your decor properly
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    Pretend You Are Moving

    Moving in
    Westend61 / Getty Images

     Decluttering makes staging your home and packing easier. If you pretend you're moving, you can ask yourself, "would I pack this?" 

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    Set Boundaries for Clutter

    Woman preparing the old clothes she wants to donate for charity.
    Makidotvn / Getty Images

    Choose what to keep, not what to get rid of. Here's a handy list of 7 questions to help you decide what to toss and what to keep

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    Learn the 5 Keys to Decluttering

    Picture OF Family Home During The Day
    Tom Werner / Getty Images

     You can  with these five tips.

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    Resolve to Declutter and Donate Clothing Seasonally

    Cluttered closet


    Fuse / Getty Images 

    Choose a charitable organization and help others by decluttering and donating winter clothes.

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    Organize Your Craft Supplies

    Kids bedroom with wooden, paint and art supplies.
    FamVeld / Getty Images

    Regularly assess your stash of fabrics and other craft supplies.

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    Don't Leave Your Shoes on the Floor

    Working with the spaces you have to store shoes


    Fabian Gehweiler / Getty Images

    Don’t leave footwear in a pile. Get inspired by these creative ways to store your shoes.

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    Create Order

    young man with a pile of folded clothes
    nito100 / Getty Images

    Remember: "Order is Heaven’s first law." - Alexander Pope

    Your brains like order so work on decluttering your home and workspaces every day.

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    Designate Specific Areas for Toys

    Organizing kids toys


    Anda Stavri Photography / Getty Images

    Get your kids in the habit of storing items in the same place by designating specific spaces for toys. 

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    Use Peg Boards to Organize Visually

    Reminders on pegboard in home office
    Maskot / Getty Images

     Use a peg board to fight closet clutter. The more you can see, the easier it is to keep track of what you’re wearing and what you’re just permanently storing.

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    Declutter While You Clean

    Full length of man cleaning bedroom with vacuum cleaner
    Maskot / Getty Images

    Get rid of five items every time you clean. This is genius, because each time you clean, you’re most likely already handling this clutter, to move it out of the way, or cleaning around it, so why not just toss it?

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    Realize That 1 Size Does Not Fit All

    A modern, stylish and bright bedroom with plants
    Oscar Wong / Getty Images

     Know that “There’s one right way to be organized” is a lie. Some people will love the konmari method, and some will like to declutter their home going room-by-room.

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    Tackle the Low-Hanging Fruit

    11 clutter hot spots


    no_limit_pictures / Getty Images

    Get rid of these 35 items right now. You won’t miss them at all.