Best DIY Shoe Storage Ideas

Shoes bench
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Do you love shoes but hate to see them scattered around your floor or piling up by the front door? Luckily, there are many convenient and attractive ways to store shoes and boots. Whether you prefer traditional methods of storage, such as a hanging shoe bag, or creative alternatives, like a shoe ladder or repurposed cabinet, there are several options to fit your style.

Here are eight shoe storage ideas to help you put your best foot forward.

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    Repurpose a Ladder

    diy shoe ladder
    A Pair & a Spare

    A DIY shoe ladder is an excellent way to help you stop tripping over your shoes on the floor while still allowing them to be easily accessible. This ladder is incredibly easy to put together. All you need are a basic wooden ladder and some planks cut to fit from one side of the ladder rungs to the other. Attach the planks to the ladder with L-brackets, and you’re all set to use this creative shelving. You even can paint or stain it to match your decor.

    DIY Shoe Ladder from A Pair and a Spare

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    Glam Up Your Shoe Boxes

    Glam Shoe Boxes
    My Dear Irene

    Boxes are ideal for storing footwear—shoe stores know this well! But the boxes that shoes come in aren’t always the best option. Some of them are easily ripped and dented, and they’re just not that pretty to look at. Canvas or plastic shoe boxes are a practical and attractive way to store your shoe collection, and these sturdy boxes usually come in multiple sizes. Alternately, if you love to DIY, you can add some pretty paper to the boxes your shoes came in to customize the look.

    Glam Shoe Boxes from My Dear Irene

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    Use Vertical Space

    Crown Molding as a Shoe Rack
    Home Stories

    When you don’t have a lot of space, sometimes the only place to go is up. Using that often overlooked wall space above your head is a great way to make the most of a small apartment or closet. That’s also true when it comes to storing shoes. Crown molding can be repurposed as a place for heels. And any type of floating shelf can help you turn unused bits of closet or wall space into a spot for shoes.

    Crown Molding Shoe Rack from Home Stories A to Z

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    Organize With Cubbies

    DIY Shoe Cubby
    Shanty 2 Chic

    Cubbies are cute and often associated with early childhood. But there’s a practical reason this type of storage is used in kindergarten classrooms: It works! If you want to organize your shoes in the simplest way, just stick them in their own little cubby cubes. A tall unit is great for families with kids—little ones get the cubbies close to the floor while adults take the top rows—but you can find this type of storage in any size. And if the basic cube isn’t your style, there are many sophisticated options utilizing the same principle of open, organized shelving.

    Cubby Storage Unit from Shanty 2 Chic

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    Make a Wall Display

    DIY Wall Shoe Display
    Jenna McArthur

    If your shoes are too nice to stash behind a closet door or inside a cubby or cabinet, flaunt them with a wall display. First, install narrow shelves with strips of molding or dowels in as many rows as you need on your wall. Then, sit shoes on top of the shelves or hang them from their heels, and you have an instant eye-catching shoe storage solution.

    Wall Shoe Display from Jenna McArthur

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    Shake Up Your Hanging Shoe Bag

    Hanging Shoe Bag
    I Heart Organizing

    The humble and affordable hanging shoe bag is both a space-saver and an easy way to get your footwear off the floor and organized. With this method, you are able to see all your shoes at a glance and can grab and return any pair in seconds. If you’ve never tried a hanging shoe bag because you don’t own enough shoes to fill all the slots, keep in mind that these bags don’t have to be used for shoes alone. Fill empty spaces with belts, hats, jewelry, and other accessories.

    Hanging Shoe Bag from IHeart Organizing

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    Revamp an Old Bookcase or Cabinet

    Shoe Cabinet
    The Gathered Home

    A vintage cabinet with a glass door lets you show off your shoes and your taste in furniture at the same time. This cabinet keeps shoes visible and easily accessible while protecting them from dust. And it acts as an art piece in the room. A bookcase or shelving unit originally intended for other items can be interpreted in endless ways, regardless of your design style.

    Glass-fronted Cabinet from The Gathered Home

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    Make Your Own Boot Rack

    boot rack
    Mama UK

    If many of your shoes are boots, all you need to store them are a few boards with pegs attached. This type of simple boot rack can be found at some home stores, or you can make your own as a DIY project to customize the size and shape. Place your boot rack on the porch or in the mudroom to hold wet Wellingtons. Or keep one in your closet to organize all types of boots. Plus, you can stain or paint this DIY rack to fit practically any decor style.