Unbelievable Laundry Room Transformation

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    Laundry Room Transformation

    If Ronda of Batchelors Way ever decides to launch a business, I'm hoping it will be as a general contractor goddess. Here is a self-professed "design freak" that is willing and able to tackle much more than just a new coat of paint and some accessories when redoing a space.

    Her laundry room transformation is unbelievable. The innovative techniques will inspire you to get your hands dirty and create a great laundry room.

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    Tiny Laundry Space Transformed With Fabulous Storage

    By removing the standard door (more about that on the next slide) and recessing storage systems into walls, Ronda created a laundry room that offers the illusion of a much larger room and much needed storage for supplies and laundry activities.

    As you watch the transformation remember, the room is 7 feet by 6 1/2 feet with only 3 1/2 feet by 7 feet of floor space. Those numbers make Ronda's renovation work even more impressive. But as you can see, even a tiny laundry space can be both functional and stylish.

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    A Barn Door For The Laundry Room

    In the before pictures you can see that the standard door, when open, took up much of the wall space in the laundry room. I had the same issue in my laundry room and solved it with a pocket door.

    Ronda solved her door problem by using barn door hardware to install a re-purposed old door that she sanded and painted. She added the word Laundry with frosted glass vinyl for a clean, simple look. The window in the door allows extra light inside and looks great whether the door is open or closed.

    You can purchase the hardware separately and create your own sliding door. Just be sure to measure twice!

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    A Custom Made Ironing Board Cabinet

    There are off-the-shelf built-in ironing board cabinets on the market that look nice and save space. But most of them don't offer the extra storage or great looks of this custom one that Ronda designed. Note that the room for this cabinet was achieved by recessing the cabinet into the wall and getting rid of the swinging standard door and installing the sliding barn door.

    She found a used cabinet at a resale store, cut it down and recessed it into the laundry room wall (other used cabinets also found a home on the other side of the room). Paint and trim were added later.

    Next, came the creation of the ironing board. The key is careful measuring and the right hardware to make the board fold down and swivel. Next, she created the insulated pad and fabric cover for a truly custom ironing board.

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    Versatile Laundry Room Storage

    This custom built-in offers room for storage baskets to hold clean, folded clothes as well as hidden dryer racks in the narrow drawers. They pull out for easy drying of sweaters or delicate items.

    Ronda made it all custom with labels and trim. Each child has a basket that they can take to their room to put away clean clothes. There was a bit of space sacrificed from an adjoining bedroom but I think you'll agree that it was worth it.

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    A Laundry Room With All the Extras

    As you look at these photos showcasing each side of this laundry room, remember that it is only 7 feet X 6 1/2 feet. Ronda gained space by stacking her appliances to allow space for a folding counter and easily accessed hanging rod. She also added LED recessed lighting to brighten the space which is so important when checking for stains.

    The mismatched cabinets were unified with paint and trim and the exposed walls were covered with a fabric/resin material.

    Under the counter is a rolling laundry sorter for dirty clothes that can be pulled out for easy emptying. Each section is labeled so the family can make sure that only similar items are washed together.

    Take all or some of these ideas and you can have an unbelievable laundry room that you'll be proud to showcase.