10 Unbelievably Stylish Pillows For Outdoor Living

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    10 Unbelievably Stylish Pillows For Outdoor Living

    Angela Belt is a Connecticut-based stylist and designer. Her work has been featured in The Washington Post, Rue Magazine, Redbook and EBONY. She was the stylist for the interior design book, REMIX: Decorating with Culture, Objects and Soul. 

    For years, outdoor pillows have been nothing special. You could look for hours and never find something worth a second look. But now, all that's changed. Outdoor pillows have seen a revolution in design, pattern, and texture over the past ten years. We’ve moved from the predictable solid colors and stripes in polyester fabric to a new kind of accent pillow that is durable enough to withstand the outdoor elements (or your kids and pets) in an array of fabrics like Sunbrella acrylic, linen, and polypropylene. So while we're all enjoying the outdoor time of year, I'm dedicating this article to highlighting the 10 outdoor pillows that made me do a double take. At first glance they all look like they are only for interior spaces. But every one is resistant to water, stain, and mildew, and has UV protection against fading built into the fabric making them as ideal for high traffic indoor spaces as for staying outside with the elements.

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    Dransfield & Ross Ostrich Pillow

    Our first entry is this unique piece created by Dransfield & Ross. The material is 100% Sunbrella solution-dyed fabric, which means that the UV-resistant pigments are mixed in before it even becomes a fiber. The fiber is then cut, baled, blended, spun into yarn and woven into fabric.

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    Surya Tie-Dye Pillow

    10 Unbelievably Stylish Pillows For Outdoor Living
    One Kings Lane

    Another benefit of the outdoor pillow revolution is how inexpensive these pillows are in comparison to their indoor counterparts. This tie dye pillow by Surya retails for only $35 from One Kings Lane. Not only is the design unique, this pillow is designed to withstand 100 hours of direct sunlight to help prevent fading.

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    World Market Green Pouf

    I see these types of poufs all the time, but rarely do I get the chance to use this type of piece in an outdoor space. This particular pouf from World Market is made of polypropylene, a thermal plastic polymer which is highly malleable and very durable.

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    John Robshaw Jahan Pillow

    This outdoor pillow named, "Jahan," designed by John Robshaw, is one of my favorites. The color palette of this pillow is light and playful compared to Robshaw’s normal collection of prints. Nevertheless it remains a sophisticated choice for your outdoor space.

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    Fresh American Fuchsia Pillow

    This indoor/outdoor pillow is a part of interior designer Annie Selke’s Fresh American accessory collection. This pillow comes in 10 different hues, and it's well suited for styling in a range of home decor spaces. This is exactly the type of pillow that so many outdoor spaces need, but I am usually disappointed when I look to shop for one because it is not an option. So I'm happy to report for all of us that our days of disappointment are over.

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    Grandin Road Bailey Stripe Outdoor Pillow

    The Bailey Stripe Outdoor Pillow is made by the company Grandin Road. While this pillow looks like your everyday wool pillow, the surprise is that its not wool at all. Instead it's made from 100% polyester using a textured stitching technique. There are three different color combinations for this pillow. I chose the palette above because it is another unexpected look for an outdoor space. Without a doubt, this pillow is a versatile piece that can be lifestyled into any indoor or outdoor room your home.

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    Elaine Smith American Summer Tile Pillow

    This American-made pillow is designed by Elaine Smith. The basketweave texture that distinguishes it is completely unexpected for an outdoor pillow. To ensure durability under any conditions, this pillow is made with an excellent Sunbrella acrylic fabric.

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    Maziiz Muse Gray Mauve Outdoor Pillow

    10 Unbelievably Stylish Pillows For Outdoor Living
    Maziiz Muse

    Another piece made with Sunbrella, this fabric kidney pillow has just the right amount of sophistication with its grey and mauve color combo. This outdoor pillow is from the ETSY shop Maziiz Muse, and free swatches are available upon request from this shop.


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    Magnolia Casual Batik Pillow

    This outdoor pillow, made by Magnolia Casual, is sold at Nordstrom. For just under $40 this batik pillow is a must have for any backyard or patio space. Constructed from 100% polyester, this pillow is so stylish that I can’t really think of anywhere that I couldn't use it. An accent chair, a sofa, a hammock -- the list of places goes on and on in my mind.