How a Shelf Can Transform Corners Into Useful Space

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    A Shelf That Transforms Useless Corners Iinto Useful Space

    The Franklin Shelf by Tronk Design

    Do you need more storage space in your home? The following five shelving ideas will inspire you to make the most of your vertical space. Each unconventional design will help you whip up more room without taking over your living space.

    Corner Shelves

    Corner space typically goes to waste in many homes. But you can convert these empty nooks into useful space with corner shelving.  The 90-degree shelf (shown above) is perfect for storing small items.

    Where can you find space-making corner shelves?

    • Etsy: This is a great resource if you're looking for quality handmade furniture. Here are a few of my favorite Etsy shops: Senkki Furniture, Pipe Line Creations, and Low Fi Modern.
    • AllModern: Looking for the walnut shelf shown above? You'll find it here.
    • Target: The go-to source for corner shelves that are stylish and reasonably priced.
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    A Shelving System That Packs Plenty of Flexibility

    Kerf Wall

    Looking for a flexible shelving solution that's easy to rearrange whenever the mood strikes? You'll love pegboard shelves. At one time, these utilitarian shelving systems could only be found in garages and workshops. But these days there are plenty of practical and stylish options that you'll be proud to display in your living space.

    Where can you find pegboard shelves? You can buy or DIY:

    • Kerf Wall: That's the pegboard shown above. It's a wall-mounted system that's handmade in Seattle, Washington.
    • Lowes: The home improvement store provides instructions on how to build an attractive floor to ceiling pegboard shelving unit
    • Apartment Therapy: They created a tutorial for a small pegboard shelving system.
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    Skinny Shelves Keep Things You Use Daily Within Each Reach

    singular console
    Singular Console

    Skinny shelves, also known as wall ledges, are typically used to display art, photos and small tchotchkes. But they're also great for keeping everyday necessities within easy reach without using a lot of wall space. Like the skinny shelf is shown above. Despite its slender shape, it makes a great bedroom end table.

    Where can you find skinny shelves and wall ledges?

    • They designed the one shown above. They're available in different wood types and lengths.
    • The Container Store: They have an extensive selection of skinny shelves and wall ledges.
    • Umbra: Their "Showcase Shelves" are perfect for storing individual items like your favorite Sriracha sauce or coffee mug.
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    A Wall Mounted Idea That Creates Space When Needed

    wall-mounted drop leaf table

    A small wall-mounted drop leaf table creates temporary shelf space when needed. The one shown here when folded down has a trim ledge where you can store small items.

    Where can you find items like these?

    • Ikea: They made the wall-mounted table shown above. It's called NORBERG.
    • West Elm: Their "Mid-Century Shelf" folds out to reveal a storage compartment.
    • Martha Stewart has a smart idea you can DIY.
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    Spacious and Practical Staircase Storage

    Spacious and Practical Staircase Storage

    It's no wonder that staircase storage has become a popular tiny house feature. It's the one storage solution that creates more room for stuff without sacrificing additional floor or wall space. The double duty steps are shown here also function as built-in shelving. Staircase steps can also be converted into dresser like drawers.

    Want more staircase storage ideas? Visit my Staircase Pinterest board.