Unconventional Thank You Letters

Show Appreciation to People Who Do Not Expect a Thank You Letter

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There are people in your life who typically go unnoticed because they do things when you're not looking. They could be people who work for you, your next door neighbor, a server who makes sure your toddler is happy, or the person behind the cash register at a store you frequent.

They might be doing their jobs that seem mundane, but without them, your life wouldn't be as good. Perhaps you should take a little time to think about these people and find ways to let them know you appreciate what they do. They probably don't expect a show of gratitude, but if you thank them, you're showing your own kindness.

Invisible Jobs

Have you ever written a thank you note to your mail carrier? How about your hairdresser? If not, you're in the majority because these people become invisible as long as they do their jobs. An occasional unexpected thank you note is good, and you never know how it might impact them. It might turn a dreary day into one they'll always remember.

People in Your Life

What types of situations may call for an unexpected thank you letter? Almost anything where you received a service, product, or special favor from someone. Even if you don't send a note, a verbal thank you is always in order.

Here are some examples:

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    A man having his hair washed at a hair salon
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    If your hairdresser spends extra time working with you, getting the color or cut exactly how you want it, you may want to send her a thank you letter to show how much you appreciate this attention to detail. Of course, it's important to tip generously, but the thank you note might be handy for a job reference, to show prospective clients, or even put in her scrapbook to show her grandkids later.

    Example of a thank you note to a hairdresser:
    Dear Joan,
    When I showed you the photo in the celebrity magazine, I hoped to get something close. You not only gave me more than what I asked for, you provided the extra time showing me the different ways to style my new hairdo. Thank you so much for your caring and personal touch. I'm definitely a satisfied client, and you can count on seeing me again when it's time for a new cut.
    Loving my hair,

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    Woman writing check at bank counter, rear view
    Show appreciation to your bank teller. Steve Smith / Getty Images

    You may be one of those people who still visit the bank regularly enough to be on a first name basis with the tellers and other bankers. They'll certainly enjoy receiving a thank you note, letting them know you are aware that they're going the extra mile for you.

    Example of a thank you note to your banker:
    Dear Brad,
    As a satisfied customer of First Trust Bank, I want you to know how much I appreciate the attention and advice you've provided, regarding my account. I feel secure knowing that my hard-earned money is in the hands of professionals like you and the rest of your associates.
    Looking forward to many more years with you and First Trust Bank,

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    Hotel Staff

    Couple checking into a hotel
    Hotel employees work hard. Blend Images/ErikIsakson/Getty Images

    Whether your stay at a hotel is for business or pleasure, you like to know that you can count on the employees to provide the services they promise. It's always a nice touch to send a thank you note to the concierge, hotel manager, restaurant manager, or housekeeping staff to let them know how much you appreciate the hard work they do.

    You may leave a note at the front desk during checkout, place a note with your tip for housekeeping, or send your message later either via USPS or email. Also let the employee's supervisor know that you were a satisfied customer.

    Example of a thank you note to housekeeping:
    Thank you so much for keeping my room clean during my stay. I had a wonderful time and was able to relax at night, knowing that everything would be clean and orderly. Please accept the tip that I've left beside the lamp.

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    Grocery Store Clerk

    Grocery cashier
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    Have you ever found yourself looking for certain checkout clerks at the grocery store? Are you willing to stand in line a little bit longer so you can be checked out by the one who is the most efficient, friendly, and polite? Consider letting them know how you feel. Jot a thank you note on pretty stationery and tuck the note into your pocket or handbag to personally deliver to the recipient. You'll likely make his or her day.

    Example of a thank you note to the grocery store clerk:
    Dear Sophia,
    I always enjoy seeing you at the end of my grocery shopping trips. You not only greet me with a welcoming smile, you do an excellent job of checking me out and making sure I get the best deals with coupons and sales. Thank you for being so efficient and having such a positive attitude. It's also fun to share recipes when there isn't a long line behind me. As long as you are there, I know that grocery shopping will be a pleasure.
    Your grateful customer,

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    Pastor greeting church visitor
    Make visitors feel welcome at church, and they are likely to return. Walter Jimenez/Hill Street Studios/Getty Images

    When you enjoy your church services, mass, or other religious ceremony, and you feel that you are being spiritually fed, why not let your pastor or priest know? Jot a short note and let him or her know how much you appreciate the time and dedication it takes to lead the congregation.

    Example of a thank you note to clergy:
    Dear Pastor Jones,
    As you know, my family has been a member of your congregation for almost ten years, and I thought it was time to let you know how much I appreciate what you do. Through your sermons and love for the members, my family has seen the work of God in action. I'll continue to pray for you and your ministry. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.
    Many continued blessings,
    The Mason Family

Thank you notes take very little time to write, but they can make the recipient's day a much brighter one. Consider jotting some kind words to let others know you're aware of them and you appreciate what they do.