10 Under-Deck Storage Ideas

Doors leading under the deck


These under deck storage ideas will give you the inspiration you need to create some extra storage in that unused space under your deck. You may be looking to store patio cushions, outdoor toys, gardening tools, or even a lawnmower. Whatever you want to store, putting it on the deck will keep it at hand while you're out in the yard. These under deck storage solutions will keep your stuff dry and protected from the elements. Whether rain or snow, you'll know that your items are protected until sunnier days. As an added bonus, many of these ideas will help you cover up any eyesores you might have going on under your deck.

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    How to Waterproof Under Your Deck

    A deck with under deck storage

    Craving Some Creativity

    This tutorial takes you through the process of waterproofing the underside of the deck so nothing gets wet and damaged. Then an enclosure around the bottom of the deck is built, creating a nice large storage section. When you're finished you'll have a great place to store the lawnmower, gardening tools, and more.

    How to Waterproof Under Your Deck from Craving Some Creativity

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    Under Deck Storage with Removable Fence Panel

    An opening under a deck

    The Handyman's Daughter

    Under deck storage solutions can also be used to hide the area under the deck. Here a removable fence panel is attached to do just that. This project takes you through the whole process of building the storage spot and shares with you all the detailed instructions for doing so.

    Under Deck Storage with Removable Fence Panel from The Handyman's Daughter

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    Deck Storage Drawer

    A drawer being pulled out from under a deck


    Turn the unused space under your deck into a storage solution with these deck storage drawers. They hold up to 250 pounds, meaning you can really load these drawers up with whatever you have to store. You can cover the front of the drawer to match your deck covering for a truly seamless look.

    Deck Storage Drawer from Amazon

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    Deck Stair Storage

    A dog in front of a back deck


    The bottom of the deck and deck stairs have been enclosed here and then a door has been added that leads to extra storage space. You could store all kinds of things in this storage area including all the toys that Fido can handle.

    Deck Stair Storage from @outdoor_graber/Instagram

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    Under Deck Storage Box

    A green and black storage bag


    This under deck storage box is heavy duty, portable, and waterproof. Patio cushions, garden tools, and more can fit inside of this storage box. This box can really stand up to the elements so you can rest easy that you're items are being kept safe and dry. There are two sizes available so you can get the one that best fits under your deck.

    Under Deck Storage Box from Amazon

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    Deck Storage Compartment

    A cabinet on the side of a deck


    A compartment has been added under this deck, giving you lots of room to store everything. There is plenty of room in here for oddly shaped items as well. The compartment is finished off with some beautiful hardware that doesn't try to blend it, but instead embraces what it is.

    Deck Storage Compartment from @cgc_services/Instagram

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    Under Deck Storage Solution

    A door under a deck


    The before and after pictures of this under deck storage solution are inspiring. It takes the unattractive area under the deck and turns it into a useable space. The area is enclosed so it looks great while protecting whatever it is your storing.

    Under Deck Storage Solution from @sinza.services/Instagram

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    Under Deck Bike Tent

    A bike in a green bike tent


    If you have bikes you want to store under your deck, you'll want to check out this bike tent. Not only do two bikes fit in this tent, it can also hold long-handled garden tools and pool tools. It's easy to sit up and just needs to be filled and zipped up for some immediate and dry storage.

    Under Deck Bike Tent from Amazon

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    Wrap Around Deck Storage

    Doors underneath a deck


    This cedar wrap-around deck is stunning. To make it even better, it has some built-in under deck storage tucked away over to the side. Two doors give you access to the space where you can store everything from gardening tools to patio cushions.

    Wrap Around Deck Storage from @ccc_construction/Instagram

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    Deck Storage Box

    A brown deck storage box


    A deck storage box doesn't have to sit on the deck, it can sit under your deck and act as a place to hold outdoor toys and games or whatever else you need to store. Deck boxes vary in size so be sure to measure beneath your deck to see which one would fit the best.

    Deck Storage Box from Amazon