20 Under Desk Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Workspace

Desk with a folding basket under it

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A home office has become an essential part of our living spaces. Whether you have an actual room that's solely used as a home office or you have designated a corner of the living room as a workspace, keeping it well organized is key.

Maximize your workspace with these clever under desk storage ideas that'll help you stay organized, create additional space, and keep clutter out of sight.

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    Add Lidded Boxes

    Closet turned into a desk space

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    Pretty lidded boxes are a great way to add some extra under desk storage space for several reasons; you can stack them on the floor and they won't topple over and they are easily movable. Their lids keep their contents neatly hidden as well as protected, and you can also add cute labels to stay organized.

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    Opt for an Ottoman With Storage

    Small desk with a storage ottoman under it

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    If you're working with minimal square footage and your workspace consists of a small corner in your living room, using things that serve more than one purpose is key.

    An ottoman is a valuable and multi-purpose piece of furniture that also maximizes your workspace. It's a compact seat with interiors that double as storage space and extra seating for guests. It's a great way to bring in a splash of color and pattern or introduce a new texture and material.

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    Use Wicker Baskets

    Home office with wallpaper, open shelves and a white desk

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    Bring in a decorative, textural element and add additional storage space under your desk with a wicker basket. Wicker is a sturdy, durable material that isn't easily damaged, so it's a vessel that will last you for years to come. Use it to hold extra office supplies, computer cables and chargers, or paperwork that would otherwise clutter your desktop.

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    Roll a Tiered Cart Underneath

    Rolling cart filled with markers

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    If the height of your desk allows, get a rolling tiered cart. This is an inexpensive storage solution that's a functional and visually uncluttered way to add lots of extra space, whether in your pantry, bathroom, or home office. It's easy to move around thanks to its wheels but typically has a locking mechanism to keep it in place.

    The open shelves keep office supplies on hand and easily accessible. To prevent them from getting messy, organize them with caddies and other small storage containers.

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    Bring in a Filing Cabinet

    Desk with a rolling filing cabinet under it

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    A small filing cabinet with pull-out drawers is a good spot to file paperwork in a neat and organized fashion in your home office. Use dividers inside each drawer to keep documents easy to find and choose a filing cabinet that blends in with your desk's style, color, and material for a seamless and intentional look. This small piece of furniture usually has small casters so you can easily move it if needed.

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    Repurpose a Nightstand

    Home office with a white desk and white storage cabinet underneath it

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    Similar to a small filing cabinet, you can repurpose a nightstand as extra under desk storage space. If you have a Parsons-style or other desk type that doesn't have much drawer space, adding freestanding drawers is an option. Measure your desk and the nightstand to ensure it's a good fit and go with one that matches or complements the desk in color, style, and material.

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    Place a Collapsible Basket

    Desk with a folding basket under it

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    If you need some storage to place some miscellaneous items, place a collapsible basket underneath your desk. They'll add some texture to your space and give you a place to throw things in throughout the week, so you can organize them back into their original spots.

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    Install a Wooden Organizer

    Desk surrounded by filing cabinets with a pegboard hanging above it

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    Organize small items such as paper clips and Post-it notes inside a wooden organizer with compartments such as this one. Instead of items getting tangled and making it hard to find what you need, designate a drawer for each small office supply to keep them from getting mixed up and damaged.

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    Shelf a Small Bookshelf

    Books on a shelf

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    If space permits, place a small bookshelf under your desk. Depending on its shape and size as well as the position of your desk within the room, place it on the side of the desk or against the wall, for added shelf space.

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    Make Use of a Magazine Rack

    White magazine rack by white desk

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    Use a magazine rack under your desk to hold filed paperwork, magazines, and documents. This is a budget-friendly and easily movable storage solution that you can easily slide under your desk. Quickly pull it out when you need it. Its shape is perfect for paperwork and the inexpensive holder is available in lots of different styles and materials, from coastal-style rattan to modern and streamlined metal.

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    Build a Drawer System

    Desk with drawer system underneath

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    Add a set of sliding drawers under your desk to maximize your workspace. Whether you have a desk without any drawers or you've created a floating desk in a closet or small hallway, this is an excellent hack for increasing storage space. Retailers with office and organizational supplies offer a variety of drawer systems in a range of price points and you can easily install them under your desk to create additional space.

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    Get a Basket With Handles

    Desk with a rattan basket under it

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    A basket with handles is a useful catch-all that will keep your home office and desktop clutter-free and clean. If it's in plain view, choose a more decorative style of basket that doubles as a room accent. The handles make it easy to carry from one spot to another and the open top means you can quickly throw items in or retrieve them without having to take off a lid or opening a drawer.

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    Add a Locked Cabinet

    Desk with a small cabinet under it with wire paper tray

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    Keep important documents and sensitive paperwork safely filed away in a locked cabinet in your home office. Similar to a classic filing cabinet, it's a small piece of furniture, typically made of metal that has two or more drawers and a locking feature for extra security.

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    Label Storage Boxes

    Closet turned into a home office

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    When using multiple storage boxes under your desk, use ones with labels so you can quickly locate what you need. While it may seem like a simple thing, the labels will save you time searching through each box and potentially creating a mess. They'll give the boxes a uniform, professional organizer-level look.

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    Display a Clear Document Case

    Built-in desk and shelves

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    Protect paperwork in a closed plastic document case instead of leaving it out on your desk where it can get stained, torn, or lost. Piles of paper can form at record speed, cluttering your workspace and making the room look messy, which will make this portable and inexpensive case a great solution.

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    Stack Fabric Baskets

    Wood desk with felt baskets with handles under it

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    If your desk has open shelving, maximize its storage potential by placing open fabric baskets on each shelf. This way, you can corral things in each basket which will prevent piles of paper and other supplies from falling over the floor and they'll be neatly hidden.

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    Install Hanging Hooks

    Silver hanging hooks

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    Install hanging hooks on the wall under your desk, on the back, or side interior of the desk to hang organized cables to keep them off the floor. The floor under your desk is prone to getting messy and disorganized with lots of tangled cables that can turn into a tripping hazard, so make sure consider getting any clutter off the floor.

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    Organize Compartments

    She Shed with a high-top desk and gold bar stools

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    In a craft or sewing room, maximize your workspace by keeping a craft organizer under the desk. This type of organizer is typically made of plastic and features multiple tiers with individual compartments for various crafting supplies. Instead of storing boxes and small containers with beads or ribbons on your work surface, store them neatly in the organizer under the desk.

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    Roll in Freestanding Drawers

    Freestanding drawers with labels

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    Freestanding drawers give you flexibility since you can move them around as needed and provide individual drawers for a variety of home office supplies to maximize your under desk storage space. Label each drawer and keep the most frequently used items in the top drawers to make them easy to reach.

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    Sort Magazine Holders

    White magazine holders in front of green geometric wallpaper

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    Create storage space for files, documents, and paperwork with a couple of magazine holders. Sort paperwork as needed and use each holder for a different category, adding a label so you can quickly locate what you need. This is a great way to keep things such as insurance and tax information well organized and accessible, yet neatly tucked away.